Well, that sort of changes things a bit.

This is another of the posts I created on another site. It was posted originally on August 17, 2008 after it was revealed that Julia Child, TV Chef, had served as a spy in WWII. Rest well Julia.

Television and movie portrayals of peoples occupations are so much different than reality. I guess they have to be that way. Who’d watch the day to day work of most folks jobs, even the ones they love to show so often, if things were portrayed as they really are?

A few years back, there was a movie made about my particular specialty within my occupation. While the story was interesting, I laughed through most of it. I’d guess that you could find people in any profession who’ve had similar experiences. Medical folks arent universally sexy and loaded with free time. Computer professionals aren’t all geeks who only leave the office for a game of Dungeons and Dragons. Heck, I know a computer guy who hardly even goes to the office.

Now the most prized occupational stereotype has been burst. Julia Child, TV chef, was a spy. Weird huh? Not exactly the James Bond image.

She must have been good, no one knew. I don’t spend a lot of time looking for spies. If I did, Julia wouldn’t have been in my top million or so suspects.

I guess no one knowing is kind of the point. In the article I read about this there was mention of a gentleman who only recently told his wife of 62 years that he was a spy in the same era as Julia. Sixty two years. How do you keep a secret like that for that long from someone you see every day? I don’t actually buy Wen’s birthday present until the last minute because I know I’ll tell her what it is before the day.

Now that we know Julia was stuffing her turkeys with microfilm it opens the question, who else is a spy? Julia was a chef who had friends and family who presumably were clueless about her other job. I see whats possible now. Anyone I know really could be into some deep stuff that I don’t know about.

If you hang out with me, chances are there have been times we’ve both looked at each other and thought “people actually pay you?”. The idea that your work as a spy may be the key to the safety of the world is pretty scary. Doubtlessly you reciprocate that thought.

All things considered though, I’d rather know, so if you could drop me a note and let me know youre a spy I’d appreciate it. If you’d rather wait until we can get a beer together I’ll be content with that.

If we wait until we know each other 62 years I really wont be in any condition to enjoy the moment. Guess that idea applies so many other places doesn’t it?


2 Comments on “Well, that sort of changes things a bit.”

  1. Lucky Eye says:

    Ughh. The video of chicken is not my way of entertainment. Then again, I AM vegan.

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