Some stuff from this weekend.

Here’s a couple things I ran across on a quick run to Atlanta this weekend. I guess if I put a lot of effort into them I could make full length posts about each. I don’t think that’s going to happen!

— On the way to Atlanta, along I-85 south somewhere in South Carolina, I saw a sign for a psychic/palmreader type of business. It was pretty standard as to style  for what you see advertising that kind of thing, a silhouette of a hand and text painted on a wooden sign. It seemed to be near an old house on the interstate service road.

The text on the sign is what struck me.  It said “Psychic Readings, coming soon.” If you’re in the business of predicting the future, shouldn’t you be able to do better than coming soon? Not exactly the confident eye on the future I’m guessing folks who profess to have these skills ought to have.

I guess eventually that sign will be right. Judging by how weathered it was, it has been waiting to be right for a good bit of time.

You know, if I were a song writer, I could do something with this. I don’t really see that in my future, no matter how weathered I become.

— At work I split my time between my car and my spacious cubicle. I hate that cubicle. I do what I can to make it a little different from the others. I’ve got lots of things hung from the walls and stuck to the file cabinets to make it my place.

Joining my autographed Brooks Robinson photo, the rubber chicken, Gumby & Pokey, The Conch Republic flag and many other important items at my desk are two finger puppet/magnets from The Unemployed Philosophers Guild . I picked up Buddah and Jesus in Atlanta. I’m going to add Mark Twain and Lao Tzu from the website.

I’m not a big puppet guy. I don’t see myself putting on little puppet shows at the office, unless I really need to retire early. These things were just too cool to pass up. How often do you run into finger puppets of really great thinkers. When you do, how do you not get them? Sure, actually possessing Buddah probably isnt very Buddhist of me, but I’m trying.

One more point. I am declaring myself the first person ever to write the sentence “I picked up Buddah and Jesus in Atlanta.” I am going to make that the first sentence in my novel.

I picked up Buddah and Jesus in Atlanta. Buddah was upset that I was late. I reminded him to try to just be in the moment. He got quiet. Jesus didn’t like the convertible. We had to stop to get a ball cap so his hair wouldn’t blow all over the place.

I’m wondering what I got myself into offering these two a ride. I just needed the gas money to get to Florida. Now that they’re in the car I notice neither of them have pockets. I’m pretty certain they don’t have cash…

— There is not an individual person responsible for the invention of the Cuban Mix Sandwich . However, if there was, I would buy a finger puppet of that person and place them right next to Jesus and Buddah. I love the Cuban Mix.

I typically do not even bother trying a Cuban Mix outside of Florida. Imitators in this case are not flattering the originals. The impostors are nothing short of sacriledge (do you hear me Cheeseburger in Paradise restaurant?).

I found a really good Cuban Sandwich at Papi’s in Atlanta. Is it the religious experience that the same sandwich from Five Brothers Grocery or the legendary El Siboney (both in Key West) would be? Close. I’ll definately be eating there again next time I’m in Atlanta.


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