I think he’s dead, lets go buy a sticker

I don’t know if anyone else is seeing this where they are, but in my part of the world I see more and more cars with stickers on them commemorating the life or death of people who apparently were significant to the cars owner.

Everyone goes through loss in their own way, but come on, is this really the way folks want to be commemorated?

We’ve all got to go sooner or later. I think over the course of the years I’ve done enough good that folks that want to say something about me when I go wont have to go too far back to find something positive to say. I know I’ve done enough that my friends can get together and have a party and laugh their tails off at me. Both of those things are important to me and hopefully would be a help to my family.

I think the same of my friends. We have a lot of good times together. I know enough about you to say without reservation that you’re great folks. I carry enough of you in my heart to make me grin. However, I am putting you all on notice:

No amount of sorrow is going to be enough to drive me to cheapen you and have a sticker made and plastered across the back window of my car saying “In loving memory of…”.

What are people saying with those stickers? What is in memory of that person? Is it the car? Your friend died so you bought a car in their memory? Today I saw some people in a brand new car with a big “in memory of” sticker. I’m certain their loved one appreciates their purchase.

Maybe it is the current trip they are on when you see them. “This trip to Piggly Wiggly to buy some three bean salad for the pot luck dinner at the PTA meeting in loving memory of my Uncle Jim-Bob.”

Does everything you do in the car occur in memory of the person on the sticker? If this is the case, how many of us are glad this wasn’t a trend when there were more drive in theatres?

I’m counting on being around long enough to progress to the point that I’m not allowed to own a car anymore. However, if I am a little old man driving slow in the fast lane after you’re gone, be assured the people behind me wont be cursing me while they read your name on my back window.

Here’s to hoping that we all have more than enough fun together not to reduce each other to stickers on the back of a car.


One Comment on “I think he’s dead, lets go buy a sticker”

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