Hanging with Britney and some truckers.

Let me start out by saying this post is not about politics, though it does involve a politician. Its about creepiness. Its about bad taste. Its about a really lousy story to cover a bad choice. It is about a man in his late 40’s going to a Britney Spears concert.

Congressman Eric Cantor was seen attending a Britney Spears concert. Now some folks took issue with the fact that he attended this event while the President made a major speech. I don’t.  Lets face it, everyone needs their down time. I can’t fault the guy for protecting his time off. I work for a municipal government; I don’t cancel my plans every time the mayor decides he has something to say.

On the other hand, I don’t ever plan to be at a Britney Spears show.

Let’s face it, there is only one sentence that exonerates a 40 something man from being looked at askance when the word gets out that he was seen at this sort of event. “I took my daughter”. That sentence moves the man in question from potentially creepy to super dad. Mr. Cantor didn’t bring his daughter. If his daughter is a fan of Ms. Spears, his attendance without her places him in the lousy dad category as well as the potentially creepy one.

No non “I took my daughter” excuse is remotely close to acceptable.

Now, in the absence of the only legit reason to be at this show, Mr. Cantor points out that he was at a fundraiser for his political action committee put on by The Truckers Association. I recognize one doesn’t look a gift horse in the mouth, but in this case I’m thinking maybe he could walk the gift horse a couple days in either direction and do the event at a Washington Capitals game? “I was hanging out in a box with a bunch of truckers watching Britney Spears cavort.” The creepiness factor rises exponentially.

Perhaps there was a good reason for him to be there entertainment wise. Lets talk a little about Spears and her talent.

Well, that talent discussion didn’t take up much space, did it?

Is that some helmet hair or what?

This is Mr. Cantor, who went to a Britney Spears concert without his daughter, to hang out in a box full of truckers. Look at him. If I had a daughter and a  guy that looked like him was looking at her, I’d have to notify the authorities.

Let me sum up my position. Saying you did something of truly questionable taste (like going to watch Britney)  that made you look like a perv because thats what a bunch of guys who spend days living alone inside their trucks and showering in truck stops wanted to do is  generally not good policy, whether it is true or not.


2 Comments on “Hanging with Britney and some truckers.”

  1. Nice site but i have one problem.

    Please stop the nonsense negative comments about truck drivers. I know that most people want to believe that truckers deserves negativity alluded to with your comments but truth is there are millions of truckers and there is only a fraction that deserve to be put in the category that most people put all truckers in.

    The same category of scum fits in all other occupations including but not limited to, laywers, doctors, writers, teachers, cops, actors, news media, on and on.

    Except our good work does not make news to shine over those few bad apples. On the other hand in other professions have good stories that are publicized or recognized or celebrated.

    So everything that the public hears about truckers is negative and then reinforced by slight of tongue comments that senslessly puts all us the truckers down. This makes the negative perception of truckers feel like reality to the mind.

    If any of you want to see what real truckers are like you are welcome to visit my site or visit or google trucking life and see how many guys are trying to steerr new drivers in the right direction.

    Watch the interviews on my site where the drivers talk about family and relationships.

    Please stop acting like all drivers deserve to be viewed as your comments reflect.

    Thanks for reading this and i hope you will post it so that other realice that all truckers arent they way they currently have them engraved in their minds.

    Our profession has as wide a variety of personalities as another profession orjob.

    Thans so much.

    11 years proud trucker who is loved and respected by family and friends.

    But i am one of many.

  2. omawarisan says:

    I did read it and absolutely am posting it. Please count me in on the list of those who respect your occupation. I certainly am not ready to take on the challenges it presents.

    Your point is really well taken, and I agree that it is frustrating to be lumped in with a misperceived cartoonish stereotype of your chosen occupation. Trust me, I am in a position to know!

    Your well reasoned objection and my own experiences with drivers tell me that the stereotype I’m using here is not representative.

    I guess in this case, I’d have given the same treatment to whatever group had put this “fundraiser” on. If it had been police officers, Mr. Cantor would have been gorging on donuts. Attorneys? He would have lost money because they all considered the time spent ogling Ms. Spears as billable hours. You have to admit, it is a really odd choice of a fund raising event.

    The point remains, Cantor is an odd dude whose choice of leisure activity and musical taste is kind of suspect.

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