I ran across an story on CNN about two high school football teams who tied in a rivalry game in 1993. Apparently the players are going to replay the game, 16 years later. It seems to be a marketing deal for Gatorade, but all the same, these guys are getting an unusual opportunity.

People don’t often get a second chance at a given moment in their lives. I guess it happens so infrequently that I never really considered it before.

I wonder what people would choose to do if they got a “do-over”. If  you were contacted and offered a second chance at anything, what would you pick?

I’d have to guess a lot of folks would pick a sports event they were a part of. There are so many people who dropped a pass or missed an easy play years ago who replay that game in their head for years.

Maybe some would choose a time they really shot their mouth off to the wrong person. I really considered this as my choice but, all things considered, I was right the one time I really went over the edge and delivered some really choice thoughts to someone I used to work for.

I had the thought once, after a traffic accident, that if I’d left on my trip a minute earlier or later the accident would never have happened. Luckily I’ve never been in a wreck so awful that I would waste my do over on it.

After a lot of thought, I’ve decided that the the moments I’d really like to have back were ones I wasn’t there for. The ones I wish I could change the outcome on despite my not being there. Sometimes those are the most devastating times.

April 1, 2007. My do over.


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