Playing For Change

One Love, One Heart
Let’s get together and feel all right
As it was in the beginning (One Love)
So shall it be in the end (One Heart) – Bob Marley

I have recently caught on to the work of Playing For Change, a non profit using music as a fund raising tool for their work of nurturing the growth and development of musicians all over the planet. The music created by Playing For Change also serves a symbol of the interconnectedness of people across cultures.

The first time I saw the Playing For Change video that I am including at the bottom of this post, it was being projected on giant screens at the intermission of a concert I attended. I loved it, but missed out on what the source of the video was and assumed I would not get the chance to see it again. Luckily, a friend ran across it and reconnected me with the music.

I have loved Bob Marley‘s music for quite some time. I tend to be someone who is critical of recordings of songs I think ought to be held as sacred to the original artist. I’d certainly include much of Marley’s work in the sacred category, but I love this version as both an homage and an enhancement of the message of the original work. I admire how the video layers talented musicians from around the world onto Marley’s simple message in the song, One Love. In a way, they become part of the message.

As to Playing For Change’s work toward improving music education and the lot of musicians around the world, I truly believe it can help us all.

I tend to have a strong cynical streak.  In this case,the fact that people willingly gather with those they might not otherwise be in the company of to enjoy music together is an indicator to me that musicians ought to be nurtured. The cynic in me calls on your inner cynic to consider the times you’ve been in the company of talented musicians in that light while you think of helping out this cause.

Is Playing For Change the solution to the world’s problems? Not by a long shot. It is, at best, a small piece of a big puzzle. Anything that claims to be more than a piece of the puzzle is suspect.

Playing For Change, One Love:

More information on Playing For Change is available at their website, where you can also purchase a CD/DVD of their music as well as digital downloads. The music is also available at iTunes for all the iPod devotees out there like me.


2 Comments on “Playing For Change”

  1. calicobolico says:

    This post is about playing for change, enjoy it!

  2. omawarisan says:

    I did enjoy it! Thanks for the comment. I’m adding a link to your post through Google translate to make it easy on my friends here in the states who want to read your thoughts.

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