Medicine, Robot, or my Grandmothers best friend?

I am coming to realize that the names of medicines are becoming more and more interchangeable with other things.

To test my theory, I am asking my world wide audience to answer a few simple poll questions. Yes, I know you haven’t had a chance to study, but I expect answers from all of you. Even you, person from Argentina and you, guy who plagiarized my stuff.

The answers are on the net, but if you don’t know, guess. If you get them wrong I promise not to put it on your permanent record, wherever the hell that is. Clearly this is a very scientific experiment and I don’t want the results tainted by cheating or any scandals involving the topless photos I posed for when I was in college. If you are going to taint my important work in either of these ways, please at least wait until I get published and a few really sweet paying speaking gigs presenting my results at conferences across the country.

Thanks for your help in the most important research I have undertaken in my life.


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