Say it with me and learn…”yes ma’am.”

Going slightly political here.

I spotted on the news that Rush Limbaugh responded to a statement made by John McCain’s 97 year old mother. Apparently Mrs. McCain dared make a remark that indicated essentially she and Limbaugh did not agree.

The response  on his part was shameful. Whether she is right, Limbaugh is right, or a completely different side is right in this or any other discussion, there is but one proper response for a gentleman in a disagreement with a 97 year old woman.

That response is a simple “yes ma’am.” Any lesser response is beneath the dignity of the soul and the contributions to the world of someone of that age. For a grown man to respond otherwise is just not acceptable.

While I can’t say I’ve ever agreed with the positions of the gentleman in question here, I can say I recognize his right to express those positions. I still recognize that right. Rights come with responsibilities, including the responsibility to moderate one’s tone now and again.

As to Limbaugh being a gentleman…

…well, Pluto’s not a planet anymore either.  – Randy Newman, A Few Words In Defense of Our Country


2 Comments on “Say it with me and learn…”yes ma’am.””

  1. darqsied says:

    Well, I agree with your implication, Rush is not a gentlemen anymore.

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