Just say what happened, II

I’ve written in the past about how much simpler things would be if folks would just say what happened. I’m beginning to think that perhaps there’s enough there to run a separate blog on.

So, in this edition of Just Say What Happened, lets discuss Nancy Pelosi and Carrie Prejean.

First, Congresswoman Pelosi, who has been all over the place on whether she knew or didn’t know about the torture policies of the deposed Bush administration. To my recollection, she has said she was not briefed, was briefed, and was briefed but not with the full truth.

Just say what happened!

I’m no political strategist, but I would guess that this sort of varying political positioning does nothing but feed her opposition. I could better respect her if she just said she knew and didn’t have the guts to confront what were embarrassing wrongs committed on our behalf by an administration that was ethically questionable.

On to a less weighty topic, Miss USA.

Carrie Prejean has been in the news because her bid to be Miss USA was supposedly derailed by her answer on the question of gay marriage. Let’s not even go into the fallacy of giving her opinion any more attention or weight than anyone else’s because shes attractive.

What I’m taking about is the fact that in her 15 minutes of fame after the pageant, some topless photos of her surfaced. Her explanation of them is that the wind blew her top open during a photo shoot.

The wind blew her top open and the photographer was Johnny on the spot during the fleeting window of exposure. Yeah, right.

Look, you took some topless photos. You’re a model, right? I’m not, but Im pretty sure youre not the first model to have done something like that. It comes with the job. People can respect that.

Ms. Prejean, please consider spending the last few minutes of your fame just saying what happened. Let’s face it, you’re on your way back to obscurity. Do us all a favor, go with the dignity of one who tells the truth.


2 Comments on “Just say what happened, II”

  1. This country is weird. Its politically correctness-ness is so screwed up. People are always afraid of offending someone, or god forbid, ending up in a confrontational, outspoken debate about something they said that started a fire.
    This generation of Americans has gotten used to everyone telling them that ‘they’re all winners, no matter what’, and now no one here has the testicles to be brutally honest when things go wrong. Hate to quote this Scientology superstar’s movie…but…”You want the truth?! You can’t handle the truth!!”

    I hope this makes sense

    • omawarisan says:

      No, it makes sense.

      I think we hear or are told enough to make it clear folks like these two ladies are trying to sell us a line of BS. The problem seems to be that no one follows through enough to whack these people with the truth.

      I’m with you on the everyone is a winner thing too. Seeing that at work.

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