Today they climb ladders, tomorrow, they’re picking your locks.

Just about any day of the week one can read about the next great threat to their country and the world. Swine flu, immigration, the economy, crime, pirates…they all factor in to the constant media induced panic the world seems to exist in recently.

I’ve seen a few things recently that make me wonder how we here in the states are missing the real threat to our society – Komodo Dragons.

Are Komodo Dragons massed at the border, getting ready to charge across and overwhelm us? No. They live way out on Komodo Island in Indonesia.

Actually, if there was something I didn’t want any part of, that’s where I’d like it to be, the other side of the earth, on an island on the other side of the international date line. If something isn’t even in the same day as me, it can’t possibly bother me.

If you lived on a pile of rocks youd be looking to leave too.

If you lived on a pile of rocks you'd be looking to leave too.

Here is a photo of a Komodo Dragon at home on Komodo Island.  It looks nice, doesn’t it? Some where you’d probably want to stay, right?  No? Me neither, and I’m guessing Komodo Dragons don’t like living on a pile of rocks either.

So, lets assume Komodo Dragons are sensible like you and I and would like to get some place nicer. I’m thinking, that its pretty likely that an enterprising Dragon will soon leave the rockpile to make a better life for itself. In a way, that Dragon would be like my grandfather leaving Italy to come to the states.

Of course, Grandpa couldn’t run as fast as a dog, strike fatal blows with his tail or kill a buffalo. Grandpa’s bite also did not contain toxins that induced stomach cramps, hypothermia and low blood pressure. Sure, I got stomach cramps when I was around him, but that was mostly from watching him eat.

Anyhow, I think the rush is on for Komodo Dragons to leave their island for a better life. Recently, one of them climbed a ladder to get into a hut and

Just before the attack...

Just before the attack...

attacked a park ranger at his desk. Yes, climbed a ladder.

Apparently, these dragons were watching the ranger go up and down, figured it out, and sent in one of their kind to attack the ranger at his desk.

Why? Well the dragons are not saying, but I’ve got a theory. They attacked him at his desk for one thing. Internet access.

With access to the web, the dragons could buy plane tickets and, a few days later, be across the date line and in your back yard. In the same day as you. Watching. Learning about you, just like they learned about the ranger and his house.

I urge each of you to contact your respective governments and make sure they are ready for the coming invasion of Komodo Dragons.

2 Comments on “Today they climb ladders, tomorrow, they’re picking your locks.”

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