Picking a super power for Meteor Boy

I am conducting an important scientific survey which will determine the fate of that weasel Meteor Boy.

A few days ago I wrote about Gerrit Blank, the 14 year old boy from Germany who claims he was hit by a meteorite. After grazing his hand, the meteorite supposedly embedded itself in the pavement in front of him because it was moving at 30,000 miles per hour.

In short, I still am not buying this story, but I can’t stop writing about it. I hope to enter a 12 step program to end my obsession with this fibber soon.

Even the painting of this flaming hot rock can sear your flesh.

Even the painting of this flaming hot rock can sear your flesh.

I poked around the net and in a couple places there were comments posted suggesting that perhaps after this encounter with this outer space gravel, young Mr. Blank should have some sort of super powers.

I think I agree with this. If in fact he was hit by this meteorite he deserves some sort of enhancement of his abilities beyond what he had before.

There is some precedent in old science fiction movies for people who are touched by things from space and/or radiation to under go drastic changes. 

Radioactivity will change you, just like stuff from space

Radioactivity will change you, just like stuff from space

Why would Mr. Blank not be subject to being changed by his close encounter? Don’t we have plenty of information that people are changed by radiation? Sure we do!  Everything from space is loaded with radiation. The kind of radiation that changes people.  If you have any doubt, again, consult any black and white sci fi movie.

Who better that to get the benefit or  consequence of a super power than the child of Pippi Longstocking and Carrot Top? I’d go so far as to say he, more than any of us, deserves a little enhancement.

So I’m going to propose a couple super powers for Gerritt and put it to a vote of the vast audience of this blog. Since there are about 12 of you, including my mom and the guy who plagiarized my stuff, if there is a tie, I’ll cast the deciding vote. It will be sort of like being me being the vice president of the US. Unlike the vice president I have a full time job.

My two suggestions for super powers for our Teutonic trickster are:

He will be able to burrow into the ground like a prarie dog

1. He will be able to burrow into the ground like a prairie dog

He will be able to make deviled eggs at an alarming rate

2. He will be able to make deviled eggs at an alarming rate

Polling is now over on this important issue. The results are documented in the comments.


5 Comments on “Picking a super power for Meteor Boy”

  1. queensgirl says:

    I chose the write-in vote option– I think he should have the ability to make Carrot Top not so creepy.

  2. frigginloon says:

    Me too, I did the vote in option…first human touch lamp!

    Oh and Queensgirl, that would be way cool if he could do that!

  3. omawarisan says:

    Thank you both for your votes. I have just returned from my 12 step meeting. They made me stand up and admit that I was powerless over my need to write about meteor boy.

    I feel better.

    But meteor boy is a fibber and he is killing Pippi with his impulsive story telling.

    Damn. I’m doing it again, aren’t I?

  4. fnord says:

    A meteorite traveling at 30,000 miles per hour hit his hand and didn’t take it off? Yeah, right. Uh hum.

  5. omawarisan says:

    The results are in, and since all the votes were write ins it was a tie, all of the finalists had one vote.

    So, in my infinite wisdom, or just taking the best shot at what ought to be done, I am assigning Meteor Boy the power to make Carrot Top less creepy.

    Yes, turning him into a table lamp would make him useful, something we certainly couldn’t count on other wise.

    However, making Carrot Top less creepy is the best choice because 1) A person who could do that truly would have super powers. A non super person would not be up to such a big task and 2) Using this power would do society as a whole the most good.

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