A major announcement concerning nude photos of you.

One of the things it is hard to avoid in the news are announcements that someone’s nude photos have been released.

Amazingly, it always seems that these things happen when someone has a new CD coming out, or a new season of their TV show, or similar event. It is really inexplicable.

For those of you who publish here on WordPress, how often do you sign on to your account and see the hottest post on the entire service is about someone’s nude pictures? Its either that or that goofball with the blog denying global warming.

There are tons of these photos getting out. Who is taking them, who is leaking them?

So, because I care about all the readers of Blurt, I am announcing that I will

Some of you people should buy curtains

Some of you people should buy curtains

be leaking nude photos of everyone who reads this blog, and everyone that I know. I am not telling you when. Come on, if I tell you when, its not all that much of a leak is it?

You might ask why I would do such a thing. That would be a better question than when.

I am doing this because I care. It is part of my economic stimulus package.

I know that there are hard times everywhere. People are fighting for their jobs. Salaries for those who keep them are shrinking. The economy seems to be turning the corner, but when will it turn the corner and drive back up the hill? I don’t know, and neither do you.

It is no secret that leaked nude photos help these celebrities sell CDs, movie tickets and rake in more money. I’m convinced that if I release nude photos of you, you will at worst, keep or regain your job. If there is any justice, you’ll get a raise.

Now I know that many of you will want to thank me. Some of you may choose to do so by writing a note on the back of something called an injuction. Let me say right now, that you are welcome. Remember, its because I care.


5 Comments on “A major announcement concerning nude photos of you.”

  1. claysad says:

    Sounds like a solid plan. Way to do your part for the economy! Also, I will definitely have to check out Schooner Wharf! Thanks for checking out the blog!

  2. frigginloon says:

    Can’t wait Oma …ooh and make sure to get my good side! Hmm, if you like I can send you some I did myself. Oh heck just go onto my FaceBook or I can show you my tweets on Twitter…you decide!

    Psst…I also have a few on Awkward Family Photo. Mullets…who knew?

    • omawarisan says:

      Loon, you’ve got pictures on AFP? Is there a compound bow in any of them?

      SEK, 15 year penalty for double entendre

      Clays, glad you see the wisdom in my economic plan. Have you been to the Conch Republic yet, or still planning?

  3. frigginloon says:

    Oma you may have to photoshop the staple holes šŸ™‚

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