Who cares, and what is a celebrity blogger?

As usual, while things are getting crazy in the world, it is hard to find out about the important things going on without being forced to endure the completely unimportant things going on.

I am a peaceful, tolerant man. I know nothing about this person except that this is a face even a Quaker could punch.

I am a peaceful, tolerant man. I know nothing about this person except that this is a face even a Quaker could punch.

My Yahoo front page could not wait to tell me about Perez Hilton, celebrity blogger, and his suit against the manager of the Black Eyed Peas. Apparently there was some face punching going on.

A lot of questions arise here. What entitles him to the title celebrity blogger? Is he a celebrity simply because he writes about people who are considered celebrities, or is that a self assigned title?

He is suing to protect his right to free speech. He supposedly was punched by someone named Polo Molina. Did the framers of our constitution really intend to protect us from someone named Polo Molina? Most importantly, how is this of equal importance news wise to a country being in the throes of revolution as Iran is?

Then we have the girl who had 56 stars tattooed on her face. Now she admits

The truth shall set you free. Unfortunately, it wont make you any smarter or better looking

The truth shall set you free. Unfortunately, it won't make you any smarter or better looking

she was lying. She is of equal importance on the CNN home page with US health care reform and nearly on par with the news that SC governor Mark Sanford went to Argentina for an affair and left no one in the drivers seat of his state.

Now, look, we all knew she was lying when the story came out. It really isn’t news to any of us. It definitely is not on par with whether or not we are finally going to get people in the US the health care they deserve.

On a semi related note, in an act of self promotion worthy of a celebrity blogger such as I am, I urge you to look at this young woman’s photo in the light of my earlier post –  Seriously, do you really think that helps.

Please go to Argentina and get out of the news

Please go to Argentina and get out of the news

Last of all a double dose of Jon and Kate, veterans of my original who cares post. These people are unavoidable in the media. If they were the swine flu we would all be having night sweats. For the past few days it has been all over the news that these folks are now getting a divorce. Apparently one or both of them were going to Argentina to…oh, wait, that’s someone else.

Today I went to my email box and found that I’d been sent an exclusive offer for a sale on DVD’s of their show – 2 for 1. Does that mean that if I watch this crap twice the ending could change and they might stay together?

I don’t care.


15 Comments on “Who cares, and what is a celebrity blogger?”

  1. sekanblogger says:

    All right, I’ll just blurt it out.
    Why should we give a flying fuck about some gay bag that ran his mouth in the wrong place?
    What a pitiful fuck.
    He needs counciling.
    And a steady boyfriend to keep him at home.

  2. frigginloon says:

    It would have been way funnier had he got a black eye from a pea. The dude gets a million hits a day…so what is a few “meaningful” ones! Huh hum Oma, where pray tell, was meteorite boy in all of this? I’ll raise you a meteorite boy to a tattoo face any old day! Oh and for the record, I’ve only written about one of these dumbasses ….hint…starry,starry night…

    • omawarisan says:

      Loon – Meteorite Boy…don’t get me started. My 12 step program to stop writing about that liar seems to be working.
      Starry Starry night? You wrote about Don McLean? Vincent Van Gogh?

      SEK – The guy does come across as an irritant. On the other hand, I am proud that he is protecting our right to free speech from the Polo Molina guy. What a brave, brave stand he is taking for us.

  3. gay bag? I think Perez is the worst, but it has nothing to do with his sexual orientation.

  4. sekanblogger says:

    I just like to say gay bag.
    I also enjoy saying gaydar.
    I’m really not too sure who the guy is.
    I just BLURTED.

  5. I really hope gaydar is an Office reference. Although the show is dying, it certainly used to be amazing.

  6. I’ve decided to link you by the way. Just for the heads up.

  7. omawarisan says:

    Thank you sir, I will absolutely return the gesture!

  8. sekanblogger says:

    Doctorate, yeah that’s a comedy reference.
    Wasn’t that from ‘just shoot me’?

  9. Maybe, I did not watch that show. I just know that the “gaydar” was also the centerpiece of an episode of The Office

  10. Keli says:

    Ah, the purpose of these inane articles and headlines is to remind us of who is in charge: the stupid among us.
    By the way, Perez Hilton lives in a New Jersey tract home, drives a Ford minivan and is the father of three. I’ve heard he’s quite the handyman around the house and his bbqs are to die for (at least that’s what one of his neighbors says). Go figure.

  11. omawarisan says:

    Keli, their stuper ways just eat into my will to survive some days.

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