The art and joy of the drunk dial.

I’m on vacation, but I’m putting up some old writings from a previous incarnation of my blog while I’m gone. I’ll be back on Saturday.

I have become a fan of the postcard of our modern world, the drunk dial.

A few years ago, we could all let someone know we wished they were with us

Its almost like being there, except youre not, and youre probably asleep.

It's almost like being there, except you're not, and you're probably asleep.

with a postcard that typically arrived the day we got back from where ever we wanted them to be. Now, for a few minutes they can be there, right when you think of them.

Its nice to be thought of when people are having a good time isn’t it? They look around…or lets face it because many of us have done it, we look around…and think “this is great, but I wish (insert name here) was here, that would make it even better.” Moments later Mr. or Ms. (insert name here’s) phone is ringing

The joy of being the drunk dial recipient begins when you look at your cell phone and realize the name on the screen belongs to someone who is where you want to be at that moment. When it happens to me I’m typically laughing before I even answer. I know whats coming – I’m going to a party for a few minutes.

Answering the call usually gets me a wall of sound – the background sounds of a party, the noise of a bar, and of course, the initial callers co-callers. Oh yes, the best drunk dials always have co-callers with them, people who you’d also expect a drunk dial from, but they are just a step behind on thinking up the idea.

Usually I get one quick story, maybe a few corrections on that story and a couple descriptions of where the callers are and how much fun they’re having.

I’ve even gotten the occasional drunk dial at closing time. Sure its a little bit of a shock at 2:30 am. We all have that thing in our head that does this equation for us automatically: ringing phone + 2:30 am = really bad news.

I approach the ringing phone with dread, pick it up and croak out in my sleepy, scared voice…hello? “Dude! Guess where I am!” When that happens, I’m so happy the equation is wrong I don’t even care that they woke me up. I keep it short, get a few laughs in and remind them one of us has to get up for work soon. Usually, that gets a semi guilty “I know, I’m sorry I couldn’t help it” and then they hit me with what the whole point of the call is.

“Love ya man, you should be here.” I hear it, I know its the truth. It is sincere, they’re having too much fun to bother with stuff they don’t mean. It makes my day…or more typically, night.

The drunk dial has a couple happy cousins that I also enjoy.

One is so rare that it has only almost happened to me once – the drunk post

I have no idea what this says. I have no idea what my drunk postcard said either, but I think it was in english.

I don't know what this says. I also don't know what my drunk postcard said.

card. Yes, one of my favorite people tried to go ultimate retro on me by writing postcards to me from Las Vegas. Unfortunately, she doesn’t walk around with stamps, so the cards went into a bag. After she got home she asked me if I got the cards. I didn’t, because they never got mailed. The next time we met, she showed me three postcards, one for everyone at my house. We’re still not sure what she wrote, but in the end, I like to think the point of the cards was the same as a call would have been.

The second is a new wrinkle I experienced not long ago. The drunk dial, followed by the video (posted on the internet after the trip was over) of the callers making the call. This was truly a unique experience, compounded by the fact that they were all crammed into a cab at the time of the call. I laughed until it hurt.

The last drunk dial cousin is the drunk text. I got one the other night from a party.

This one appears yet to have been hit

This one appears yet to have been hit

The thing drunk texters don’t see in my house is the reaction text messages get if I’m asleep. I am on 24 hour call back for my job. I get notified it is time to run back to work by text message. The text ring on my phone when I’m asleep tells my brain “the shit has hit the fan, get your stuff and go”.

On this occasion, I jumped out of bed, grabbed some of my gear and started to run to where my work clothes are.

On my way, I grabbed my phone and opened it to see where I was being sent.

“Mojito 2 ya. You should b here with us”

I put my stuff away and laughed myself to sleep. Yeah, I really should have been.

To all my loyal drunk dialers, texters and the occasional post carder – thanks for thinking of me and that moment of joy on the phone. Keep your phones on. I’m on vacation this very minute, and I’m sure there will be some  road trips later this year. If you’re not along for the ride, I will be returning the joy.


3 Comments on “The art and joy of the drunk dial.”

  1. frigginloon says:

    I love sending people postcards. Remember the days when you could get postcard stickers to put on the back of a photo? I use to gather the most embarrassing photos I could find of my friends, turn them into postcards and then send them through the post (from overseas). The postman use to have a good old laugh…friends..not so! In many cases horrified.
    No drunk dialers or texters of late but often get the accidentally dialer. You know, when someone puts their cell in their pocket or handbag and accidentally redials your number. I then amuse myself eaves dropping in on what ever conversation is going on. The best is when they begin singing to the radio. Hey, it’s their dime!
    Hope you had a great holiday Oma!

  2. The pretty half of Dibby says:

    It always makes me happy when reference to my video makes your blog!! Love you man, and you SHOULD be here!

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