An interview with a Kongamato

Earlier this month I had a very successful interview with the Mongolian Death Worm. He filled us in on his life, and even let slip a little information on his friend, Bigfoot.  As a result of that experience, I am starting a periodic series of talks with some of the legendary creatures of the world.

Kongamato. Blurt can not be responsible for what happens to you after you look at this picture.

Kongamato. Blurt can not be responsible for what happens to you after you look at this picture.

Today’s talk is with a Kongamato. A Kongamato is a bird like creature similar to a pterodactyl. It is said to live in Africa in Zambia, Angola, and The Congo.

I was able to reach this particular Kongamato after one of my staff members mentioned in conversation over lunch that her high school reunion was coming up and that one of her friends last names had changed to Kongamato. A few emails later my phone number had been relayed. A few days later I got the call.

Kongamato spoke with a resonant African accented English. Our conversation started pleasantly enough.

Omawarisan:  Is there a name you like to be called? I’m a little wary of that, I had a little misunderstanding with a Mongolian Death Worm about that topic.

Kongamato:  (laughing) You must have spoken with Jeff. He’s a little high

strung. Look I’m a Kongamato, I am what I am. If you really need something to call me, my boys call me K-mat.

O:  Thanks, K-mat. So one of my sources says that to look at you “is death”. Any comment on that?


Apparently this is still an open question.

Apparently this is still an open question.

K:  Omawarisan, come on, you’re a bright guy. Do the math on that one. If looking at me killed people, how would they tell anyone?

O:  Good point. Sort of like that whole thing about if you fall in a dream and hit the ground you die in real life.

K:  No, that’s true about dreams, I know someone who knows this guy that happened to.

O:  Yeah….ok. So why is it they call you the Breaker of Boats, or the Overwhelmer of Boats?

K:  Dude, its like this. My dad told me the two happiest days in a Kongamato’s

Some other Kongamatos ruining a day on the lake for some gentlemen. K-mat says he doesnt bother other boaters.

Some other Kongamatos ruining a day on the lake for some gentlemen. K-mat says he doesn't bother other boaters.

life are the day he buys a boat and the day he sells that boat. I have had the worst luck with boats. I’ve ruined engines, I’m really hard on the upholstery. Sometimes I don’t know if I should be called the Breaker of Boats, or Broken by Boats.

O:  So you haven’t broken or capsized native canoes?

K:  Personally, no. Look, I know some Kongamatos who…well, look, I don’t want to name names.

O:  I appreciate your candor, K-mat. There’s also a story about a native who went into a swamp considered quite the danger zone back in 1925.  He came out with a puncture wound in his chest he attributed to an attack by a bird like creature. When shown a picture of a pterodactyl, which you’re said to resemble, he ran away in fear. What can you tell me ab…

K:  Look, the tone of this interview is a little harsh, don’t you think? You didn’t grill the Mongolian Death Worm like this.

You want the truth? OK, here it is. That was my grand father. He came up rough, back when Africa was a crazy place to be a Kongamato. He did what he had to, that guy had it coming to him the way I hear it. All the same, I don’t think any of us should have to answer for the sins of our ancestors, do you?

O:  You’re right K-mat. I guess there is a fine line between curiosity and dragging skeletons from the closet. Ok, lets give you a softball question or two. Do you have a favorite vacation spot?

K:  Well, I am sort of a beach guy. I’ve heard nice things about the Alabama Gulf Coast. I’m hoping to get there some time soon.

O:  If you had to pick one last meal what would it be? I’ve heard you like de…

K:  Hey man, if you say decomposing flesh from shallow graves I’m gone.

O:  No, no. God, I can’t imagine such a thing. I was going to ask if you like deep fried foods.

K:  Sorry. My mistake. I love Thai. Pad See Ew…with chicken, heavy on the spice!

O: K-mat, I appreciate your time. I’m going to let you go. Any thing I can do to return the favor you’ve done for my readers and I with this interview?

K: Man, if you know a good Thai joint that delivers to the Congo I’d appreciate their number.

O: I’ll email you my favortite, thanks big guy.

So there you have it, another interview with a creature that may or may not exist:  K-mat, the Kongamato.


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