Dude, You Hit A Woman, Then You Went On TV Dressed Like That?

It is time for another edition of Just Say What Happened.

Look, even if you werent an abusive little ass, wearing this in public is enough reason to have your man card revoked.

Look, even if you weren't an abusive little ass, wearing this in public is enough reason to have your man card revoked.

Though I’m far from a fan of either person involved, the news has been inescapable that a singer named Chris Brown hit his girlfriend, a singer named Rihanna. He recently entered a guilty plea and received 5 years probation for hitting, biting, threatening to kill and holding this woman in a headlock until her breathing was restricted.

What a guy.

Today comes the news that Brown gave an interview to Larry King, in which he claims he does not remember hitting the young woman.

Dude, just say what happened.

Domestic violence is a choice. A poor choice.  A shameful choice. A choice you made.

The assault you committed stemmed from a disagreement. I’m sure you’ve had other disagreements, haven’t you Mr. Brown? In fact, I would imagine you even disagreed with people who were bigger than you. Perhaps even men. Yet, there is no indication that you blacked out and attacked them. Why this time? Why someone you were in a relationship with?

Perhaps black outs only happen around people you’re sure can’t physically retaliate.

No, that’s not it.  You didn’t black out. You chose to attack a woman, and that’s unacceptable.

You chose to go on television and perpetuate a lame excuse that abusers have tried to use, and gotten away with, for years.

Shame on you. Just say what happened.

On a related note, Larry King, who hosted this abuser on his TV show – does anyone else think he looks like the stereotypical space alien? Let’s examine them side by side, shall we?

Giant forehead? Check.

Wrinkly brow? Check.

Disturbing eyes? Check.

Triangular face? Check.

It is official, Larry King is an alien.

Blurt will return from this mix of outrage and foolishness to straight foolishness with the next post.

9/1/09 update – For a very well written post on this same matter, look here. I’ll let it go at this point. This is just an issue I’m a little passionate about.

3/22/11 update – What a surprise, our hero melts down again!


7 Comments on “Dude, You Hit A Woman, Then You Went On TV Dressed Like That?”

  1. tsanda says:

    on a serious note…Chris Brown is a piece of garbage….
    on a non serious note…I have seen Larry King Before… Independence Day

  2. omawarisan says:

    Thank you for seeing the Larry King thing.

    On a non-serious note – I had no idea they made sweaters that color in men’s sizes.

    On a serious note – It is now a given that Larry King is an alien. Are the ones who follow him going to be even stranger looking?

  3. Kathi D says:

    Larry King, what a sad sack. Many many MANY years ago, my husband and I discovered his radio show and we loved it, until we had heard his good stories three times and then it got old. Yet he goes on and on, with that stupid schtick about not knowing anything about the guest so he can ask good questions. What? That’s just laziness.

    Chris Brown, a whole nother thing. I really and truly don’t get how you can hit a person you supposedly love. I have had some major arguments with my husband, but never once did either one of us get even close to raising a hand. We don’t even hurl bad words, which can hurt almost as much as a fist. You can’t take back things said and done in anger, no matter how hard you try.

  4. omawarisan says:

    Wait Kathi, you mean if you close your eyes and black out the other person it still counts? Outrageous.

    Yeah, not a big Larry King fan, from way back before I realized he was an alien. Way over rated. I’m not sure whether to flesh out the idea about him being an alien, announce that its time for him to go, or ignore him.

  5. frigginloon says:

    Come on Oma it’s like the trees in the woods, if you punch someone but you black out, do they really scream! It’s gonna be a hard sell for his next album of love songs! Hmm suggested song list
    First Cut Is The Deepest
    Only Woman Bleed
    Gonna Make Your Brown Eyes Blue
    Lets Get Physical

  6. jammer5 says:

    I have it on good authority Larry King is from the planet Uranus.

    And looner, the hits just keep on coming.

  7. […] Larry King getting divorced. What was he doing married? In an earlier post, I pointed out the resemblance between talk show host Larry King and the stereoty… […]

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