Yeah, nice job man. Now take your medicine.

After a career dealing with mental illness and extensive training on the topic, I think I can claim a significant level of sensitivity on the issue of mental illness.

A famous church in Cancun

A famous church in Cancun

Today, I am going to be a little less sensitive. My compulsion to be sarcastic is overwhelming my sensitivity. Perhaps that in itself should be a mental health diagnosis – compulsive sarcasm.

On Wednesday, a gentleman hijacked an Aeromexico jet bound from Cancun to Mexico City. He apparently was in Cancun for a religious meeting. I’m sure many people have had religious experiences in Cancun.

Anyhow, while in Cancun he realized that there was going to be an earthquake in Mexico City based on a “divine reference”. The man’s divine reference was the recognition that Wednesday’s date, 9-9-09, looked like 666 when you looked at it upside down. Because he figured this out, he was sent on a mission from God to tell the Mexican President that Mexico City was going to be hit by an earthquake.

For reasons I don’t understand, 666 has long been held to be the devils number. If I were the devil, I would not bother getting a number for myself. I don’t know what I’d do with it once I got it. I do know that if I did decide to get a number, it would be longer than 3 digits.

Back to our hijacking friend. What mental illness makes you able to see the obvious? The rest of us knew that 999 upside down was 666, and vice versa. This is not news.

While I’m thinking about it, didn’t we have 6-6-06, oh, I don’t know…3 years ago? How did he miss that one? Perhaps, if he wasn’t so busy upside-down reading everything, he could have saved us all the horror we suffered on 6-6-06.

Don’t remember all the terrible things that happened on 6-6-06? Gee, that’s funny, I remember it as clearly as I remember the great Mexico City earthquake of 9-9-09.

Anyhow, apparently Mexico’s president wasn’t returning calls from people

Hijacked plane, arriving at its intended destination, on schedule

Hijacked plane, arriving at its intended destination, on schedule

with “obvious recognition syndrome” (another new mental illness I invented) on 9-9-09, so our hero decided to hijack a plane bound for Mexico City to Mexico City to warn the president that there was going to be an earthquake in Mexico City. The plane even got to its destination five minutes early.

Good plan.

Look, religious nuts, lets talk, shall we? God loves you, but is just out of control busy. God doesn’t have time to talk to you directly, stop by to gaze at you from your French Toast, or make little number puzzles to for you to figure out.

Also, lets face it, God is God. Certain powers come with that title, including the ability to talk to the President of Mexico directly, should the need arise. I would imagine God’s language skills are pretty sharp. Why would God get in touch with you to get in touch with the President?

Please think, and consider talking to a friend about what you think God is telling you to do before you go hijacking planes to places they are already going.


5 Comments on “Yeah, nice job man. Now take your medicine.”

  1. frigginloon says:

    Now lets see God get him out of jail!

  2. Kathi D says:

    God only talks to people like that for the same reason that aliens only appear to gentlemen parked out on Route 6, drinking beer in the bed of their pickup trucks.

  3. omawarisan says:

    I’m not sure why beer does that to those people, and only makes me want to perform The Theme from Shaft in karoke bars.

    Yeah, I know it doesn’t require actual singing. That’s the point.

  4. lee lee says:

    maybe God doesn’t speak spanish?

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