Another dumb business name – Salon Medusa.

A few weeks ago I wrote about a hair salon opening in my area called Salon d’Envy. Because I work in a part of town that seems overburdened with the need for work on people’s hair, I am able to bring to your attention the name of another new salon.

Yesterday I noticed Salon Medusa. Medusa. Gee that has kind of a pretty ring to it. Greek Mythology. Pretty intellectual. What a deep choice.

Maybe this isnt the image they were looking for

Maybe this isn't the image they were looking for

Now, to be fair, this is a painting of  Medusa after her head was cut off. All the same, you don’t really look at this picture and say “what a shame, she was such a lovely woman.”

I’d hope if someone painted me in a similar state, the second thing people would say would be “what a distinguished looking gentleman he was.” Obviously the first thing people would say would be “geez, what would make you paint something like that?” Enough about headless me, lets talk more about Medusa.

Medusa’s hair was made of snakes. Live snakes. There is only one good kind of snake. Live is not the good kind of snake. Snakes are not really your best option for hair, they tend to keep people at arms length. In addition, they are really hard to style. You can hair spray them, but they wont stop moving. Cutting them? forget it.

Apparently before the whole snake hair, ugly face thing Medusa was much better looking. She got together with the wrong guy, there was some bad blood with his girlfriend, boom – ugly face, snake hair. So ugly in fact that looking hat her would cause a man to turn to stone.

After Medusa lost her head, a winged horse and a guy popped out. Seriously, look it up.

After Medusa lost her head, a winged horse and a guy popped out. Seriously, look it up.

Medusa lost her head to a man who cut it off while looking at her in a mirror to protect himself from turning to stone. I’m not sure how the looking in the mirror part makes it any safer. If you look at me in the mirror I am still a guy in his late 40’s who is losing his hair…just like if you look right at me.

After the guy took her head off he brought it to the man who his mother was to marry and showed it to him, turning him to stone. I would guess in that instance, etiquette would require all the gifts be returned.He then gave it as a gift to a goddess who used it on her shield.

Now we come to modern times, when someone chose to name a beauty salon after a snake haired woman who was so hideous that she turned men to stone. Somehow I don’t see that as a good business plan.

In fact, I think choices like this lead to our current economic crisis. If someone applied to the Bank of Omawarisan for a loan on that business plan I would turn them down. Anyone who would name their salon this could not have done their homework. I’d smell default and turn them down. Obviously someone loaned them the money, look at the mess we’re all in as a result.

My friends, we each only get one head of follicles. Should we trust them to someone so inept as to name their business after a snake haired person?


10 Comments on “Another dumb business name – Salon Medusa.”

  1. Bob Reinhard says:

    I, for one, applaud the name. Everyone wants those looks that kill. The kind of hair that stops people dead in their tracks. And with today’s danger-obsessed culture, perhaps putting live snakes on your head would put you into the “in crowd”. One never knows these days.

  2. Kathi D says:

    I fear your neighborhood.

  3. Bob Reinhard says:

    I do what I can.

  4. M Ballard says:

    The name is memorable

  5. thirdcoast61 says:

    You might think about getting some “snake implants” for those folicles of yours that have started to let loose the mortal coils. Who knows, you may be a trend setter in your neighborhood, or at least the first one on your block. Good piece.

  6. queensgirl says:

    Salon Medusa: For the woman who REALLY wants to knock ’em dead.

  7. lee lee says:

    i’m thinking you could go there if your hair currently looks like medusa… (the reason i think of this is because that’s exactly what my hair looks like)

  8. planetross says:

    I think I get my haircut at “Small Cuts on the Ears”, but hey!! … it’s cheap!

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