Richard Heene: There are some things you can’t cover up with hair gel.

Regular readers of this blog know that there is something about feeling like I’m being lied to by someone I think is running a hoax that pushes my buttons. I guess it is a little of that “are you stupid enough to think I’m as stupid as you are” feeling that just sets me on edge… see my post on the Meteor Boy for example.

What is hot in the news right now is the whole Balloon Boy situation. My buttons have been pushed.

Let’s look at something, shall we?

No Hair Gel

No Hair Gel

Here is a picture of the root of this whole bizarre situation, Richard Heede, after his son was “found”.

He is stressed. Will this plan be bought and work out for him? All this attention and scrutiny…it wasn’t in the plan.

Telling stories is stressful. Is the plan going to work?
No hair gel.
Hair Gel

Hair Gel

Now a photo from the meeting with the press where he requested their questions be placed in a box so he could answer them later.
He is in control. He initiated the contact. He will decide which questions to answer, when he answers them and how he will answer them.
Hair gel.
No hair gel
No hair gel

Our final photo is of Mr. Heene, outside the Sheriff’s office.

The plan is unravelling. He is not answering questions under his terms. Time in a court room appears to be in his future. He is stressed.
No hair gel.
Now my friends, the question. Is the hair gel an indicator of when Heede feels confident and in control? Or, is he being controlled by hair gel?

14 Comments on “Richard Heene: There are some things you can’t cover up with hair gel.”

  1. shoutabyss says:

    LOL! A very astute post. I’ll be watching this story as it unfolds with a keen eye on his hair gel status.

    Curious. What did hair gel indicate when he was on that Wife Swap TV show? Did you include that in your research? A co-worker was watching his episode and I heard a lot of incredulous grunts, so I guess it was pretty good.

  2. omawarisan says:

    You know, I didn’t go that far back. I’ll have to look online and see whats there.

    Also, for the record, I am issuing the following prediction:

    Mug shot, no gel.

  3. Bonehead says:

    I’m guessing that he also keeps several different types of hair gel handy. Based on the level of stress each event offers he can choose flexible, strong or mega hold.

    Here’s hoping that whatever his mugshot hair gel level is – he looks worse than Nick Nolte did in his.

  4. Kathi D says:

    Perhaps the hair gel has seeped into his brain.

  5. tsanda says:

    oma as you know i reside in Colorado…and I was born and reared in the great city of Fort Collins. I do not vouche for henne or his evil children…but I do know that this city is constantly out of hair gel and I figure he is the culprit

  6. frigginloon says:

    What’s the bet Falcon got friggin grounded after spilling the beans? Not to worry, Hair Gel Heene will be getting plenty of hair gel where he is going (and it don’t come out of a bottle!!!!).

  7. omawarisan says:

    ts, be careful. now that the hair gel knows we’re onto it, it is anyone’s guess what it will have that guy do next.

    loon…if he lands there, he may need it.

    Also, I am adding to my prediction –

    mug shot, no hair gel

    first court appearance – hair gel.

  8. Counter Culture Clown says:

    After day one, when they said they were pushing for Federal charges, I actually told my computer to fuck itself. I am now ignoring this entire thing. We, as a fucking STUPID ASS group of people, bitch and whine and piss and moan about how attention hungry these people are, and how this was all a publicity stunt – Then we give them constant attention! WHAT ARE WE FUCKING STUPID?!?! It’s just like with that annoying shit child at a restaurant, you ignore the french fries he throws at your head, and eventually he goes away.

    Fuck balloon boy. Fuck balloon boy’s entire family. Fuck everyone involved in this “hoax”. And especially fuck everyone who’s paying attention to it like it’s real news! I hope everyone involved gets teeth cancer.

    Nonsense! It’s all nonsense. GAH!

    /Bob uses Rage Attack
    /Bob is dead

  9. shoutabyss says:

    I nominate the dad for my 2009 douchebag of the year list.

  10. planetross says:

    I’ve luckily missed this saga on tv.
    … it’s great not being in know.

  11. planetross says:

    … it’s great not being “in the know”.

    The “here and now” is much better than the “here in the know” sometimes.

  12. Keli says:

    I always suspected hair gel in many questionable cases involving control. It’s the main reason why I use hair spray.

  13. omawarisan says:

    At this point, my friends, 87% of respondents believe that Mr. Heene acts as directed by his hair gel. Clearly, this is enough to diagnose him.

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