Everyone should wear a tie.

Yeah, let's put one of these on.

I’m writing this before getting the perspective of its main character, the Omawari-son. As regular readers of Blurt know, my son is a 17-year-old high school senior. He is a great kid. He is a leader in his school band. He is an honor student who picks other great kids as friends. As I’ve come to learn from this incident, he apparently thinks on his feet as well.

Before I go further, I’m going to pause to note that when I wrote the phrase “regular readers of Blurt” a moment ago it was the first time I wrote it without being sarcastic. It isn’t lost on me that people keep reading and subscribing to this stuff. Thanks my friends.

Moving along…

This year, in response to requests from the school’s administration, a pep band was formed to play at the home basketball games at the Omawari-son’s school. They played at their first game last week. Long story short, a member of the school staff made a remark regarding the band that was profoundly foolish. This person essentially let it be known that the band was welcome at unpopular games. For games where the band’s seats could be sold, like with the contest with their cross town rival, the band was not welcome.

Now we have upset musicians, furious parents and, to date, an insufficient response from the school.

Not putting her picture in here. She has one of these though.

I’ll introduce a new player in this story here, Madam Director of Bands. Madam Director of Bands (MDB) is a huge hearted person who loves her students and is not shy about letting that show. She is the sort that there are too few of in the world.

Poor MDB is stuck in the middle of this mess. She is juggling upset students, angry parents, a Principal, and a Band Booster Organization president (me) who has spent the better part of the past week getting in said Principal’s ear.

Yesterday, MBD called me on her way home from school. She was excited. “The kids are so mature. The drum majors arranged a meeting between the pep band musicians and the Principal so the band’s voices could be heard.” She went on, “and let me tell you about Omawari-son;when the meeting was announced he let everyone know that all the guys should wear ties, the equal for the women. He wants them to look business like.”

Lookin' good, E.

Normally, this “wear a tie” pronouncement by the Omawari-son would be huge. The boy is a casual dresser. It may be that this is a result of being raised by a man who lives in shorts and believes that Hawaiian shirts and baseball jerseys are semi formal attire because they have a lot of buttons.

They sit in judgement of the Omawari-son

Today is not a normal day though.

It is the day the Omawari-son presents his senior exit project to a panel of judges. This is a big deal. People who flunk the senior exit project presentation do not graduate…hence the name exit project. Dressing up is expected. He was going to have a tie on at school today anyhow.

I’m proud of the guy. He sees opportunity and seizes it. Sometimes opportunity just hits you in the chest and falls into your hands when you aren’t looking. Apparently it can also be found tied around your neck. Either way, I’m glad he caught it. He is always thinking.

I’m also glad he’s got MDB. She’s been a blessing. She always sees the best in each of her kids, even Omawari-son.


7 Comments on “Everyone should wear a tie.”

  1. Kathi D says:

    Well. I have several things to say. First, while I read your blog every single time, I am frequently not regular. I don’t know if it’s an age thing, or the gall bladder surgery, or what. Just so you know.

    Second, what does that mean, they can play at unpopular games? Is that a value judgment on their playing?

    Third, I like your style.

    Fourth, that kid is a chip off the old block for sure.

    Fifth, give me the name and address of that staff member. I will cut him.

  2. omawarisan says:

    Thank you Kathi. He is chip enough that you can see who his Dad is, but he’s got so much more going for him.

    Also, unlike you and I, he is regular, as best I can tell.

    The remark from the staff member was that the band was taking up seats that would need to be sold for the popular games. They hadn’t even played a note at that point.

    Why she didn’t think to check to see if the person(me)who was talking with the band director when she came up was a parent before she devalued my son and his friends I’ll never know. It didn’t really go well for her.

  3. omawarisan says:

    This just in: The situation with the Pep Band was corrected, they’re invited to all the games. Even the popular ones.

    Also, in the parade mentioned in the post before this one, the marching band won this year’s award for Best Band.

  4. linlah says:

    Glad the problem’s been resolved and best of luck to the son on the exit project.

  5. Counter Culture Clown says:

    Ah yes, the tie.

    aka “Corporate Leash”. If it was legal, they’d tie one around your balls so they could drag you around by those instead.

    Ties are the sum of all evil. Unless the tie is the bitchin’ 8-bit tie I have from I look bad ass up in that shit, fo’ shizzle.

  6. omawarisan says:

    He says he nailed the project, Linlah. Thanks for the good wishes!

    Bob, I don’t get the tie thing either. I’m sure I’ll need one soon. There will have to be shopping at that point.

  7. […] am not ready, I admit it. I’ve written of my friend, Madam Director of Bands (MDB), before. She has been The Omawari-son’s high school band director for four years. I spend a lot of […]

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