Pat Robertson on Haiti

I know writing about something that matters is sort of unusual territory for me.

They deserve this? Really?

In the midst of the truly appropriate outpouring of grief and concern from around the world toward those suffering after the earthquake in Haiti, Pat Robinson’s voice rises up. He displays his gift for saying exactly the wrong thing at precisely the wrong moment.

When people should be bound together by compassion and concern he divides. When religion could be a unifying tool, he makes it a wedge.

Could there be anyone more despicable than a person who plays on tragedy and faith to sow hate?

God Bless Haiti.

Help, not hate.


18 Comments on “Pat Robertson on Haiti”

  1. KathiD says:

    To answer your rhetorical question, NO.

  2. planetross says:

    That kind of comment by someone who gets media coverage (somehow) is just sad.

    Is that a typo “Pat Robinson’s voice rises up”?

  3. Well I know many Christians believe what he said. People know Haiti for ungodly things and in Christian world bad things happen to bad people. So i am not shocked or least surprised.

    It is sad though- his statements.

  4. Counter Culture Clown says:

    This is going to sound wrong,but…

    God I love Pat Robertson.

    He proves that ANY jackass can be a religious figure.

  5. Kate says:

    Fuck that guy. He needs to be ignored until he returns to the sludgehole from whence he came.

  6. shoutabyss says:

    Retracted? He doesn’t even have the balls to be a solid asshole. Good grief!

    If I was Pat Robertson I’d be praying that there is no God, because if there is, he’s in for a world of hurt.

  7. Frankly, it would be an insult to the idiots of this world to include Pat Robertson in that group.

    He is more of the Inalphabeta Bast type….

    Regards from,

    PS: Did you know that Pat Robertson is a major stockholder of TARGET?

  8. queensgirl says:

    There are some people for whom all the derogatory language in the world isn’t sufficient. He is one of them.

  9. 28 and a PhD says:

    Yup, you said it, where religion could and should be a unifying force, there he makes a line, a division. I think he’s either going to a special place in hell, or if going to heaven, there mat be a place where mentally ill people (like Robertson) go.

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