Target Customer Service. An hour of my life I will never get back.

The funny thing is, this is really happening.

So I ordered a new laptop online from Target. If ever you hear me say “I am buying a laptop from Target” in the future you should immediately poison my next meal.

I ordered the laptop from Target because, as you may recall, Christmas just passed. I came into possession of some gift cards that went, along my Visa number, toward this new computer.

The tracking number came today, I clicked it and noticed that it was going out from Ukiah, CA to be delivered today in Redwood Valley, CA. For those of you keeping score at home, Redwood Valley, CA is over 2800 miles from my house outside Charlotte, NC. This disturbed me.

I called the Target customer service line and explained the situation. The woman I spoke with looked at the order, we confirmed that my address was on the order, but that was not where the computer is on its way to, even as I write this. She put me on hold and I dreamed of the conversation we’d have when she came back.

“We are sorry we shipped your computer to the wrong side of the country. While California and North Carolina are both fine places, they are not the same place. We’ll ship out another computer while we figure out how this mistake happened on our end. Please allow us to add overnight shipping at no extra charge.”

Sometimes dreams don’t come true. Target Customer Service had a different dream. Their dream was that I would be happy with their “solution” to the problem.

Where is my computer? You don't have it. I don't have it.

The Target plan is this – allow the package to be delivered to whoever it is going to in California. When they reject it, it will come back to the warehouse. Then I will get it. Or, if they don’t reject it, they will refund my money and I can buy the computer again.

I talked to a manager, she too thought this was the plan. I told her that if this was the plan, I no longer wanted the computer.

She can’t give me my money back.

That’s right, can’t give my money back. I can return the computer, then they will give me the money back. Or, if I don’t get the computer, they’ll refund my money, so I can buy the computer again from them.

So now I am in limbo, waiting to see what a person in California does when a computer they didn’t order arrives. Meanwhile, I am expecting some bras or maybe a pool skimmer.

I just looked. Here is what happened in California:

UPS Logo
Ship Method: UPS
Tracking Number: 1Z10FF330300072909
Shipment Date: Jan 13, 2010
Order ID: 602-5692067-9063453
Date Time Location Service Area Checkpoint Details

Jan 14, 2010 05:02:00 PM Redwood Valley CA US DELIVERED
Jan 14, 2010 06:32:00 AM Ukiah CA US OUT FOR DELIVERY
Jan 14, 2010 06:18:00 AM Ukiah CA US ARRIVAL SCAN
Jan 14, 2010 03:32:00 AM South San Francisco CA US DEPARTURE SCAN
Jan 14, 2010 02:28:00 AM South San Francisco CA US ARRIVAL SCAN
Jan 13, 2010 09:06:00 PM Fresno CA US DEPARTURE SCAN
Jan 13, 2010 05:12:00 PM Fresno CA US SHIPMENT RECEIVED BY CARRIER

Relative positions of my new computer and me.

So now my computer lives in California. I live in North Carolina. My WiFi is not nearly strong enough to reach across the country.

Target still has my money. This is not over. It appears my days as their customer are.

Tomorrow, if you go to Starbucks and there is a blogger there drinking coffee, writing on a new laptop, he is not me.

Thanks Target.

January 15 update: I emailed Target last night and howled a little more.

This morning, I woke and found that they are shipping a new one. Presumably to North Carolina, hopefully to someone I know.

I told them yesterday after I got tangled in the “we can’t send you a new computer or refund your money until the one you ordered gets to the wrong place” maze that unless the new computer was sent via expedited shipping, I would take it to the nearest store and return it for a refund.

No expedited shipping on the replacement, so I called.

“We can’t send it expedited shipping because it has already been shipped”. No, it is still in your warehouse. “The manufacturer wont allow us to send it expedited.” You can’t overnight a laptop? “We can do that with other things, and if you’d ordered something like that, we’d automatically send it overnight because this is our fault, but since you didn’t, we can’t.”

Customer service is apparently inverse to the amount you spend. They’d overnight me a replacement crockpot. Computer? Nah.

I did get a refund on the shipping.

I’ll get the rest back when I walk it into the store after UPS gets it here, assuming the right label gets put on it this time.



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  1. Amy says:

    Hmmm, I think I know just where that big Target bullseye is positioned. Better stand up straight.

  2. KathiD says:

    Gosh, since I actually DO live in California, I would run over and pick it up for you, except that Redwood Valley is, like, practically in Oregon.

    You need to improve your angry skills. You should have ripped somebody a new something.

    • omawarisan says:

      Oh I wore them out Kathi. I had them on the phone for over an hour.

      Back on the phone now. It is getting hard to breathe, their stupidity is sucking all the air out of the room.

      • Emelda Ramirez says:

        oh goodness i had trouble with target too! i order some rainboots and they took 2 weeks and i come to find that they sent it to a different address and someone signed for them so they got shipped back to target so i re-order them and same thing they didnt find my address and they got shipped back i got my refund but not the 8 bucks for shipping and handling

  3. Sandy says:

    No, not just Target. I think it might be policy across the board. It happened to me when I ordered jeans from Old Navy. Jeans. They had to be accepted at the wrong address then sent back and then resent to me.

    Walmart is notorious about not telling you things are on backorder and even though my item was on backorder indefinitely I couldn’t cancel my order…I had to wait until they decided to send it to me then take it back to the store for a refund…and it wasn’t even shipped yet. No reason for them to hold my money hostage.

    On the one had you have to understand that these policies are to keep people from doing this on purpose and getting an item for free. On the other hand you would think that if they verified that it was supposed to be sent to a certain address and it wasn’t that they would cut you some slack since it isn’t your fault that they sent it the wrong direction.

    I get the feeling this was on purpose though from someone trying to get a new computer…either that or the person who accepted the package is just truly immoral.

    either way…good luck.

    • omawarisan says:

      I was trying to cut them some slack for the possibility that I was trying to rip them off…but they were soooo ridiculous I just didnt have mercy in me anymore.

      Supposedly there’s a machine on the way. If you happen to see it on the side of the road, please let me know.

  4. infamousqbert says:

    i’m so sorry, but thank you for the laugh. šŸ™‚

  5. Oh Target’s the worst! I worked there while a sophmore in college and I couldn’t believe the archaic notions of each minority exhibited at the store by management. So sad…I’m surprised people consider Wal-Mart as a lesser to Target!

  6. tsanda says:

    hey oma! you made the main page! good work you made it!
    next time can you have your computer delievered to me?

  7. stephteresa says:

    Efficient and solution-oriented customer service is rare. I have to praise a small company called Really Reasonable Ribbon from whom I recently made an online purchase. I omitted my apartment number from the order so my package went back and forth from the post depot in LA to Venice Beach for a while and we were unable to pin point it long enough for me to collect it. The company immediately put another package in the post for me and it arrived in two days flat. What surprised me was the willingness for the company to take ownership of the problem even though it was my error and their trust in delivering an additional package while asking me to reject the second if it arrived. Obviously this is not an expensive purchase but customer service like this should be the norm for any purchase. Target and Old Navy should take lessons from these smaller businesses.

  8. mbtrotter says:

    I’ve had this experience with Target customer service before too. I ended up getting a gift for somebody three times that was missing a piece. When I bullied them into free expedited shipping on a Friday afternoon call, I was told I could expect it Wednesday. Or, if I stuck with standard shipping, I could expect it Wednesday.

    This was a $20 item, so I can only assume Target just hates people buying on the Internet. Luddites!

    • DancinInk says:

      Oh my goodness — my cake plate story is the norm! I ordered a cake plate from my friends’ Target wedding registry. A week after the first shipment, I got another email confirming shipment. When I inquired about the second shipment, the reply informed me that the first cake plate was damaged. A day or two later, I got an email saying that my order was on backlog and couldn’t be shipped. …”But I thought you said it had been shipped?” … By the time the wedding rolled around, I learned that they’d received three cake plates, two of them with damaged domes, and although they appreciated the card’s sentiment (“Here’s wishing you a lifetime of love, laughter, and lots of cake”), the weekly cake plate delivery was becoming a bit much.

      I hope your computer saga is settled soon and satisfactorily. Who knows, maybe they’ll throw in a damaged cake plate.

  9. KathiD says:

    That is so stupid. My blood pressure is going up on your behalf. I loathe crappy customer service!

    Here’s one point for the other side. I bought an electric blanket a few years ago and never used it. Until a few weeks ago, that is. I put it on our bed and it worked great for about 3 days, and then the controller on my side stopped working. I didn’t even remember where I bought it, but since I had just taken it out of the plastic zipper bag it came in, I still had the manufacturer’s instruction sheet with the 800-number on it. I called the number, left a message, and got a call back promptly. When she asked where I bought it, I said, “Probably” (because that’s where I buy everything) and when she asked when, I said, not sure, a few years ago, and then she said (more or less) “guess” and I said, November 2007. I gave her the number from the bottom of the controller, and a few days later there was a brand-new controller in my mailbox. THAT’s the customer service we like!

    It’s the Perfect Fit company, just in case you ever want an electric blanket with good customer service.

    • omawarisan says:

      There are companies that get it. Some how this one doesn’t at all!

    • AngelM says:

      Okay, so I know this was 4 years ago, but. . . I just spent the last hour trying to order a baby car seat. “this qualifies for a special offer” 10% off and free shipping. I place it gingerly in my cart for check out, but no 10% reduction. My first mistake was shopping at Target. My second was calling their customer service department. One hour and two customer service agents later, I was told that my item did not qualify for the discount. It seems I will need to actually purchase 1 item or more to qualify. After repeating several times the difficulty of ordering LESS than 1 item I was given their logical solution. Place the order without the discount, and as soon as my payment is cleared, they will then refund the $9.99. Call me crazy, but I rejected that generous offer. I’m thinking if it took over an hour for them to come to that conclusion, I will likely be suffering from dementia before ever seeing that 10 bucks again. I am however, excited at the possibility of one day receiving a free laptop or a broken cake plate!

  10. bubblebrigade says:

    This is absolutely ridiculous! The fact that they tell you they can’t give you your money back is ludicrous. I am so sorry for you; I hope it all gets cleared up soon!

    I guess you won’t be buying from Target again? I live in CA, but nowhere near Redwood Valley. I could have offered to help. šŸ˜›

  11. jasmine says:

    Target charges a re-packaging fee when you return computers! just so you know!

  12. Katz says:

    You make me feel a bit better about the thing I just ordered from England that is currently on its way to New York instead of to Los Angeles, where I live. The trouble is that all the customer service numbers are on English hours, which are more or less exactly when I’m asleep.

  13. dorkarama says:

    Wow, I know where I’m buying my next PC! From that guy in California with a brand new laptop he wasn’t expecting!

  14. shoutabyss says:

    I often hear stories like this. Mainly because I’m one of the idiots on the other end of the phone.

    Yep, sometimes it is me.

    When I hear stories like this, I say, “Well, maybe you simply got the ‘Shout Abyss’ of the company.”

    Who is that? It’s a person who has absolutely no business being on the phone – evar. They hate their job, they hate the company, they hate sales, they hate hearing you whine about your problem, and, most importantly of all, they HATE … BEING … ON … THE … PHONE.

    I think every company out there must have a person like me. I feel sorry for anyone who calls in and gets a person like me. The worst thing ANY company could ever do is put a person like me on the phone to represent their business to the public. Bad move!

    At our company we don’t like to list things as “out of stock” on our web site. That just might impact sales. So we’ll lie and let you think out stuff is “in stock” even though it isn’t and/or we have no freaking clue. Our company policy is to get your money and then try like hell to keep it no matter what. We’ll make up stories and lie and say whatever it takes to string you along. Seriously, that’s what we do.

    Since we don’t actually keep our products in our inventory, after you order, we have to order them ourselves from our suppliers. That’s when we find out if the item is actually available or not. That means you get to wait for items we said were “in stock” while the item is shipped to us. Sometimes we screw up and share the tracking number from that internal shipment with the customer. The customer naturally looks and finds out that (for example): They live in New York. The shipment has left New Jersey and is currently on it’s way to California.

    One thought they usually come up with is: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot! Why didn’t you just sent the package from New Jersey to New York?!?

    Oops. You weren’t supposed to see that. Then they have the misfortune to call in and talk to me. Someone who hates his job, hates the phone, hates them and, incidentally, don’t know jack squat about the problem or how to fix it. About the only thing I do know is that I’m not supposed to give the money back no matter what. So lalalala!

    The one thing I’ve learned at my job is the sheer depths of lying and deception that someone will go to just to make a buck. I vomit in my mouth a little each day I arrive on the job.

    Personally I think you have a slam dunk case for contesting charges. Your documentation sounds spot on. The only glitch might be getting the money restored to your gift card. I’m not sure if that would work or not. Bottom line is that you have been screwed and at this point Target is obviously unwilling to do anything to make you whole and own up to their mistake.

    I’m on board with your boycott of Target to show my support! Of course, I never shop there anyway. šŸ™‚

    • omawarisan says:

      That was the impression I got, we’ve got your money, we’ll just stonewall and keep it.

      I’d be much more likely to be the customer of a company that did the right thing when they made a mistake.

    • Jane says:

      You wouldn’t happen to work for one of the Seventh Avenue companies, would you?

      They send out new catalogs every few weeks & half of what’s in them is out of stock already. I’ve called them on it before & their customer service folks always end up making me feel guilty for trying to order something from their catalog that they clearly don’t have in stock.

      Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, indeed!

  15. Sriram says:

    I loved it for the laughs but just one question nags me, was the call redirected to a Indian call center? If yes then I can say I know exactly what you are feeling because though I am Indian, service levels across the board for customer service in not up to the mark in all the customer service centers that I have been exposed to.

  16. Kenny says:

    That’s messed up! They should’ve at least compensated you for the wasted time.

  17. Jeena says:

    Sorry about your experience, but you provided me a good laugh. That chap in California is so lucky – why doesn’t this happen to me?
    About the policies, someone in the management has to re-look at these things, replace a few fudgy dudgies with archaic ideas and wake up to the fact that the world is changing and their policies have to catchup – VERY FAST!!!!

  18. shoutabyss says:

    All I can add is this: If you call and are unfortunate enough to get me on the other end, you’re still getting crappy service, and it is handcrafted right here in the good ol’ USA! šŸ™‚

  19. Darcia says:

    I once booked a return flight to Turkey. Somehow my itinerary was revised by airlines five times! At one point they had me on a 10 hour layover, another 18 hour layover and on my return flight arriving in Montreal instead of Toronto! So me, I feel sorry for that poor lost laptop in limbo.

  20. Laney says:

    Wow! That’s crazy. Crazy awful, I mean. Hope you get your computer soon. I’m in Durham so I can sympathize with how painfully far that is…

    Damn retailers and their “customer service”.

  21. ‘Customer Service’ like this happens the world over. Yet we are getting what we pay for.
    Surely it’s time consumers – just like us – took our $$ elsewhere, and back to small, family owned, local businesses.
    As long as we keep supporting monolithic monolpolies, we’ll be subjected to monolithic service and back-up.
    And I feel for the folk in the call centres, I really do, because people like me are unrelenting when a big corporation has #*^*ed us over.

  22. we had a similar thing here in Virginia Beach. We were ready to drop several hundred dollars on some patio furniture but they did not have all of the chairs we needed. We asked them to call the nearby stores to see if they had one and they said they were too busy to do that. They then I had the nerve to stand in front of us having personal conversations instead of helping their real boss..the customer.

  23. toddmatherly says:

    I’m sure after reading many of these posts that you realize this is not a mistake that pertains only to Target. This is something that happens with all companies such as a Wal Mart, Best Buy etc. Not to offend you, but large box companies have protocal so they don’t lose their ass in situations like this. There is a percentage of fail rate in product manufacturing and every other area of retail and it’s something you just have to deal with sometimes. Do you know why these things fail from time to time? Because everything is developed and run by humans hands and minds. Unfortunately there isn’t 20 more of you there to execute the proper shipment of your laptop. I don’t work for Target and rarely shop there, but your attitude and expectations towards customer service make people dislike their jobs which is something no one should suffer. Did you forget that they are human beings as well and that they weren’t the persons who physically shipped your laptop? It’s unfortunate that we can consistently read many negative comments and posts about said companies, but rarely the positive. People expect treatment that is similar to royalty, and in the grand scheme of things they’re not going to care about the loss of your business, they will move on. You will now have to spend more of your time finding other places to buy instead of going to your local target.

    • omawarisan says:

      You make a lot of points, some of which I’ll agree with, others not so much.

      Yes, the entire system was designed and run by people and people are flawed. I’m certainly not above being flawed myself.

      As to protocol to keep from losing their ass, they really should have that. Sometimes though, when corporations look like asses they have more to lose.

      I am not entitled to be treated any better than anyone else. I don’t think it is incorrect for me to call and question the situation given the information I had in hand.

      My expectations are toward the company, not the people on the phone. You’ll find nothing derogatory about the people I spoke with in what I wrote. They were doing what the company allowed by their policies, not making the policies. They’ve got a job to keep and mouths to feed. Violating policy equals no paycheck. I have no quarrel with the individuals.

      I was polite with the people I spoke with, told them I knew they were doing what they had to do. When I requested the supervisor, I did so after letting the initial person who answered that I appreciated their help and was not moving to the manager to complain about them…then I started my conversation with the manager by reinforcing that point.

      Regarding my attitude and expectations toward customer service being what makes people dislike their jobs, I disagree. As I’ve already mentioned, I was polite. You had no way of knowing that until I told you. Do you think that being forced to support a policy that does not make sense to customers might have something to do with their satisfaction?

      As to commenting on the negatives about companies, people tend to talk about things that are exceptional in either direction. If I encounter corporate behavior that is as positive as this was negative, I’ll have something to say about that company.

      Finally, I know there are not emergency meetings in a bunker in Minnesota about what Target can do to recover my buisness. I’m not delusional enough to think one mans pittance adds or subtracts significantly to the corporate bottom line. But I’m not wrong to put my money where my overall experience has been the best.

      • toddmatherly says:

        I’m glad to see that you treated those individuals with respect on the phone. Just as people like to complain about the negative experiences in a store, you will often get a terrible story from a customer service rep rather than a happy experience from their day at work.

        Given the attitude regarding how upset you were with your laptop being sent to Cali instead of NC set the tone for the blog. And, if you would have explicitly placed (in a very calm tone and manner) somewhere I would have believed you didn’t badger the people on the phone. You’re right I didn’t know until you stated it in your response.

        I do believe that these customer service reps as well as their managers realize the flaws in their systems. I’m sure in this situation, it’s not something new and has probably been addressed before. They can only take it as far as their supervisors and so on. Sure, the frustration might stem from errant policies, but you’re not the customer they complain about at the bar that night. They complain about the customers with disregard to the fact that they are human beings and they weren’t the person who caused the issue in the first place. I can’t imagine Target has policies that are in place that isn’t aimed at customer satisfaction, but instead the satisfaction of their stockholders. They have a bottom line to attain, and unfortunately there is obviously times when the customer loses out.

        I do believe that you post the good with the bad. I know that there are others that do this as well, but it’s not half and half. With out doing any research I would say 80% negative and the other positive. I’m sure if you google, Target customer service, you’ll find a lot more negative feedback than positive. This is human and american culture. We expect good service, and if you get that service there is no reason to complain. But when you expect good service and don’t get it, there is room for improvement. I can remember times when I had undercooked chicken at Outback and Olive Garden and terrible wait times and service at Applebees. I can’t remember exceptional service at any particular restaurant because that’s what I expect.

  24. eskillian says:

    I’m positive it won’t matter but I sent the link to this blog to their customer service dpt. Even if it goes nowhere someone might possibly read it and feel stupid.

  25. Cat says:

    What a nightmare—I hope you get your pc ASAP. The no immediate refund thing is what irks me the most about this Target business. Why couldn’t they just clear things up on the computer and send you a refund? I would’ve been livid. I hope everything works out in the end.

  26. 28 and a PhD says:

    Oh man. I’m so very sorry for you. Early 2009 I ordered a pair of ballerina flats, they were about 10 bucks at Target. I wanted 2, a pair for me, a pair for my BF’s mom. I knew they were out of stock in the store, and appeared in stock online. Fine and dandy I ordered them. A month later, no news about them. I emailed and called several times. I got some semi rude dude who finally told me that if I had not received the package in a month they’d send another at no cost to me. The second shipment was there in 2 days flat, I had a confirmation number and all. The first shipment, no confirmation number … nothing. I’m thinking it just never went out of their shipping centre. It was awful to have a month of not knowing where the 2 pairs of 20$ shoes were, I cannot begin to imagine what’s going on in your mind about a laptop. I hope people at Target read your email, especially people high up who seem to be completely disconnected from the day to day activities and are just concerned with getting your money, no matter what. So sorry dear. Best of luck.

  27. Steve says:

    If it really was just an hour total, then I think you were lucky! Excellent customer service…lol ! Relatively speaking.

    And now that you’ve gotten some exposure here at WP, I wouldn’t be surprised if a higher up “in charge” decides, rightly so, to throw something in for your trouble so you can update this post.. šŸ˜‰

    BTW, I’m sure you know most of that “we can’t do X” is BS. I read somewhere that some folks say that it is against the law to do X. If I ever hear that, I’ll ask for the name of the law and see what they do. Then, do my own WP blurt about it….

  28. Lindsay says:

    You’re not alone. I opened a bank account with Washington Mutual approximately 3 weeks before leaving to spend half a year in Spain. WaMu does not charge international ATM fees, unlike every other bank in the U.S.

    “Send my ATM card to my address in northern California,” I said. It went to my PO Box in Los Angeles.

    “We’ll overnight a card to Spain, it will be there when you arrive,” they said. Two days pass in Spain, no card. “Oh, we don’t show that an order for an emergency replacement card exists, but we’ll get one on file now,” they said.

    I track the shipment online. Package on truck for delivery in Prague. PRAGUE. Prague is not a city in Spain. No indeed.

    Yet another card had to be sent. Within 24 hours of returning to the U.S. I went to the closest WaMu and closed my account.

  29. omawarisan says:

    Prague in the Czechlospanish Republic, or the other one?

    • This is an example of the best reason of all why Fort Bragg, CA should quit pretending that it ever WAS a fort and change its name.

      Our distinction is that we are at the Noyo River’s outlet into the Pacific Ocean.

      A name change is actually being considered.

  30. Doug says:

    Once, my mom and I bought a generic mp3 player from Target for my brother. Unfortunately, after my XP system crashing and getting Vista (right around Christmas. Ironic Right?)we found that we didn’t have the drivers and only XP did. ALSO, Target didn’t let us return because of how “it was already out of the package.”

  31. Lindsay says:

    Either that, or a Czech Republic in Spanish clothing. Maybe I was the reason for the financial collapse? Too much FedExing (or not FedExing) of tiny plastic cards can really take a toll on an institution, I suspect.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Someone out there is really happy that Santa dropped off the computer they asked for. It really made them believe again in magic.

  33. kassilphoto says:

    Customer service is rare when you get paid as a retail employee. You can’t expect much.

  34. Did they really ask that? says:

    Lol seems like the customer service people at target are the same ones asking the stupid questions on my blog hahahha

  35. Shannon says:

    Target pulled a bonehead move on me once so I wrote corporate a letter. Never even got a response. Needless to say, I don’t shop there anymore. If you want to get their attention, maybe Youtube would work ~ post the url everywhere you can think of! Try your local consumer affairs office. I would not let them get away with what they are doing… Send a complaint to the BBB.

  36. HalfGay says:

    I would print out this blog and send it to their corporate office. I cannot imagine someone with actual authority feels this is a good idea … another thing I would do. Tell them how many hits you have received on this post. Maybe they will attempt to win your buying power back – couldn’t hurt even if you never stepped back in their stores or online warehouse šŸ˜‰

  37. Jim T says:

    LOL… I had this happen to me a couple of years ago, but the seller was Dell. Shipped from Lexington, Kentucky to Covington, Kentucky.

    1st Stop was Dallas, TX. The 2nd. was St Louis, MO. From there went to somewhere near Detroit, then to Columbus, Ohio before it arrived here.

    When it arrived which was nearly two weeks after I ordered it, it had been opened (at least once). I returned it.

    Good Luck To You!

  38. cutiepie867 says:

    Now I hate Target too… there is one near me and It ran the Wal-Mart out of business. No more Target for me!

  39. How in the hey would Target know that the REAL Ft. Bragg IS in North Caroline – always was.

  40. denise:) says:

    This happened to my husband last year when he ordered a Wii from Target. It was delivered to his dad’s house- and his dad’s credit card was charged (not my husband’s).

    How they lumped my father in law into the transaction is still a mystery to us. My hubby isn’t a “jr” and we don’t live in the same town… SCARY, ISN’T IT??? šŸ˜€

    The stupid thing is- so the Redwood Valley person has to receive the package, then send it back (if that even happens) and all the while, it’s perfectly fine customer service for you to wait it out and see!! Brilliant plan!

  41. you provided me a good laugh..,Efficient customer service rare to see, but some provides it.., willington

  42. Mel Ancholy says:

    I wonder whose buddy in California got a free computer. I used to work for Target security. It seemed to me that at least 15% of the employees were thieves.

    Hopefully if this was internal theft security is able to catch them a send them to jail.

  43. Moranna says:

    Oh yes, been there and done that a stack of T-shirts to prove it!! Its rather like a virus, spreading throughout commerce. Can someone please define CUSTOMER SERVICE, because like your other bloggers, we’ve all suffered from the lack of it.

  44. I feel for you and hope you get your laptop soon.

    Most my life, I’ve had positive experiences with Target and was probably a bit biased because of my Minnesota upbringing. A couple years ago, that all got thrown out the window. My wife and I had Target as one of the stores on our wedding registry and regret that decision to this day. We attempted to exchange some items for others on the registry and were never told a consistent store policy from the various representatives we had to speak with that dreadful day. We hoped to walk in, talk to a rep, maybe two, handle our business and be gone. Instead we talked to a half dozen reps, half of which were managers, in order to settle the exchanges and spent most of our time watching them discuss how to handle the issue. Ugh! Now we rarely go to a Target, but haven’t given them the lifetime ban, yet. Another major blunder on their part and it’s over.

  45. Buy and Sell says:

    So they’re actually punishing you for a mistake that they made???

  46. slamdunk says:

    That sounds awful. It makes me glad that we live in the middle of nowhere with few stores to visit.

  47. Troy says:

    Wow, that’s some pretty awful luck. Just goes to show the incompetence of a company’s lack of care for even one customer’s consumermanship, if there were a word for it (somebody, go ahead, correct me).

  48. rajat says:

    really sad. it happens. with possibly everybody. i also scream at the customer support person on phone when i get the previous month’s issue of my favourite magazine delivered to me.

  49. BadWitch says:

    When I ordered some kitchen chairs, they had to come from North Carolina – apparently home of much furniture making and upholstery in this country. It took 4 MONTHS. Were you using some kickass kitchen chairs that belonged in California back then? Bad customer service is my #1 pet peeve – sorry for yours!

  50. sgs says:

    haha. thats so unfortunate. but you know what, i too got a good laugh out of that…

  51. Jack Chomley says:

    Guess what? After each of your phone calls, the person at Target yells out in their office ‘Ive just got rid of another whinging customer’ They all laugh and go get another coffee from the strategically located machine. They still get paid every week, regardless of what they don’t do. No incentive to really care at all. How sad….

  52. Rob says:

    Thought you might enjoy my story from this morning.

    I took my car in for service today. The warranty expires on Wed (the 20th) which I told them when I was scheduling the appt. No problem.

    Until today. I took the car in and they said, “sorry but your warranty expired today”. (Really? Today? It’s 7:30am).

    “Uh, no. It expires on the 20th. I’m positive of that”.

    “Do you have any paperwork?”

    “Sure.” I pull out the vehicle delivery form which shows that I took delivery on the 20th.

    “Oh, I’m sorry sir. The computer shows that you PAID for the car on the 20th [note: this is true as I was picking it up from another dealer]. So your warranty starts when you PAY for the car”.


    So you can imagine my conversation about having a warranty on a car that isn’t in service yet. It all worked out but sometimes people just throw logic out the window and forget how they would want to be treated.

  53. Rob says:

    Undermines all their advertising and bland corporate statements doesn’t it.

  54. Anna says:

    Found this post on wordpress’ homepage.

    It seems that buying a laptop online is just a cursed venture.

    I bought a new laptop from a few days after Christmas, while I was visiting my family (400 miles away from my current home).

    I selected 3-day shipping with UPS, so I would get it by new years eve.

    Well, New Year’s Eve rolled around, and no laptop. It was sitting in a UPS station a few miles away. I went to their website to see if I could pick it up in person, but they were closed… Until January 4th. I was scheduled to go back home on the 2nd.

    UPS shut down their shipping services in that area from December 31st to January 4th.

    The worst part was, if I had paid for the FedEx 2-day shipping, I would have gotten it on time for $30. Pushing my travel day back 2 days bumped my car rental up an extra $30. If I have the choice, I’m never doing business with UPS again.

  55. Vixey says:

    Target here in Australia has been very good, I returned an alarm clock the other day because I couldn’t get the LED display to work and they offered me a full refund or direct swap for a new one no questions asked. I swapped for a new one and it worked fine.

    I do hear that the Target in other countries are not as good, so perhaps the stories that you hear where Target is good it is the Australian ones.

  56. Tara Aarness says:

    Yet another satsified Target customer! We’ve banned them for two years now after going through something similar. So sorry you have to go through this! Here’s a short little story to lighten your mood a bit and to make ya grateful it’s a laptop and not something a little more personal.

    During a Christmas past, my hubby ordered a red thong with ‘FD’ on it (as I was a fire fighter) and had it shipped to our home. As luck would have it, the Ghost of Christmas Past reared her ugly head at this time, along with her long standing boyfriend who worked for UPS. Somehow, mysteriously, my personal Christmas gift wound up in the hands of my hubby’s ex wife.

    He called the company from where he purchased them and was told that no replacement would be sent or refund given until the original was returned.

    He called UPS and explained that even though the correct shipping address had been given, they delivered it to his old address, where his exwife lived. Additionally, her boyfriend, the very same who still works at UPS, signed for the package knowing full well it was delivered to the wrong address. They assured him that they would ‘do their best’ at retrieving the package, yet after five weeks of notices being left and phone calls to her house, the package remained safely locked behind her door.

    Two months later my birthday arrived along with my hubby’s son (whom I adore), and he asked what ‘FD’ meant, as he saw mommy wearing bright red undies…

    Good luck with your laptop; we’re pulling for you! šŸ™‚

  57. Comedy Mike says:

    buy computers from computer companies

  58. rhartrainbowdinos says:

    I’m sorry, but this made me laugh.

    Sucks about the laptop, but where did they get a californian address mixed up with one accross the country? and where did they get the californian address anyways?

    and here i thought it was only walmart that is unreliable.

  59. shoutabyss says:

    Maybe I missed it, but have you arrived at a final outcome yet? Will you post about it here or in a new post? Inquiring minds want to know! šŸ™‚

    • omawarisan says:

      Well, here’s where it stands. I went out of town this week. Right before I left, a computer arrived. While I was gone, a computer arrived. Now there are two. The plan is to take one to the store and return it. We shall see!

  60. shoutabyss says:

    Once sent me two books. I called after a few weeks of ordering and said the book I ordered never arrived so they sent a replacement. A whopping two months later the original book arrived. I contacted about what to do with the extra copy and they told me to keep it.

    Maybe Target will do the same for you. šŸ˜‰

    I’m being ridiculous, of course. Target goons are probably already on their way over to break your kneecaps.

  61. DancinInk says:

    Iā€™m being ridiculous, of course. Target goons are probably already on their way over to break your kneecaps.


  62. shoutabyss says:

    So, how goes the great laptop caper? Did it all work out in the end? What is your final opinion of Target now that your business with them is (presumably) concluded? And do you like the laptop?

    Burning questions.

    • omawarisan says:

      Thanks for remembering. it is all over, I believe. I took laptop number 2 back and watched my charge card, it all seemed to work out ok in the end.

      The lap top is great. Got a Lenovo and am really happy with it.

      all the same, I’m not sure I’d order with them again. In the event there is another problem my head might pop.

  63. shoutabyss says:

    All’s well that ends well. I guess. šŸ™‚

  64. shell says:

    I know how you feel. I ordered a much needed full spectrum sun lamp as I come from a very sunny warm place and this years snow has made my depression spike into full gear. I have been waiting for over a week for it to get here. Everyday I see UPS drive by my place, but no package for me. last night it was apparently delivered. Unless my dog signed for it and buried it in the yard, the $50 lamp still is not here. I don’t know who to blame…UPS or Target. All I know is I want my damn lamp!

  65. Sue says:

    I boycott all Target stores. The Westminster, CA store refused to refund my money when I returned a monitor with all packaging and receipt, within six days, because it didn’t work. This occurred on Oct. 4, 2009. I requested a refund. I had paid by check. Target claimed my check hadn’t cleared. I obtained proof from my bank that the check had in fact cleared but Target refused to accept the proof. A “manager” chased me out of the store into the parking lot, yelling at me that the “TV” was mine and I had to keep it (I left it at Customer Service because I was on crutches and it was very unweildy for me to carry.). I am a female senior citizn. I was frightened at being chased and yelled at and filed a police report. The store still owes me $206.

    I hate Target.


  66. […] humbled. I would like to end by encouraging all my readers to check out Blurt and the post about Target that first drew me into Omawarisan’s world. While reading that page, another tag of his called […]

  67. Lisa says:

    I love your comment of how customer service is inversly related to the amount of money you spend!! Did you ever get your computer?

    • omawarisan says:

      Hi Lisa, welcome! Yes,eventually I ended up with two computers! I didn’t want to risk sending it back so I took it to a target store and they took it back. I got them to write me a note that they had it.

  68. Reading this story and nearly all of the comments, I say this is the story of the guy who had nothing but good intentions which turned into the story of the asshole who just wants everything to go his way. I, unfortunately, have not had to experience anything like this, so I can’t really empathize with you, but I do understand you actions 100 percent.As a service rep, these are the situations that i absolutely hate and love at the same time. It does truly when me as a rep when i see a situation which could have been handled so easily gets escalated to all kinds of levels with no intention to do so in the first place. I do believe that Target offers a better guest experience than most retailers, but what i’m getting from this story is that they need to work on making the steps to resolutions a little easier. I’m glad that you ended up with a computer in the end and am happy to say that I learned something today after reading your experience.

  69. ldsrr91 says:

    It is not just Target it is all of them, almost to the point of being a national malaise. If they are not talking me into something I don’t want (selling me something different) then they are giving me product that simply does not work … period.

    I like your stuff.


  70. NICOLE says:

    My side hurts from laughing…I am sorry. I’m doing research for an assignment on customer service and I chose Target because I work for them (assignment unrelated to my job)

    First as a proud Targeteer who fully upholds our values of delivering a great guest experience let me apologize it truly does suck what happened. Most people don’t realize this but our #1 job description is to give fast, fun, and friendly guest service. I find that experience varies from store to store, but at the Target I work at as an entire team we drive for results in making sure all guest leave happy!!! Unfortunately you simply can not please everyone.

    I hear the Target world online is completely different from in store but I’ve been a crazy Target shopper for a very long time and I’ve never had a delivery problem. Seems like human error came into play and neither you nor the company was willing to allow blame to fall on them.

    For all the people you claim to be boycotting Target my personal experience as well as actual statistics have proven that those are empty threats and most people will return within a 90day period, so seriously to anyone who has said it you should stop. Target is too convenient to avoid and when facing the choice between setting foot in a dirty WalMart to buyer lesser quality products or going to Target, Target has been proven to win every time.

    To the guy who hates his job you really need to find another job. It is so selfish of you to ruin a company’s reputation because you are a miserable person.

    GO TARGET!!!!!

    • omawarisan says:

      And the truth is, I really have not had a bad experience at a Target store. I have had this spectacularly bad one online. I’m glad to hear from you that they take customer service so seriously in the stores.

      The one place I’m going to differ with you is where you say “Seems like human error came into play and neither you nor the company was willing to allow blame to fall on them.”

      Yes, human (or some) error came into play. I’m still not sure how blame could fall on me here. I’ve lived in the same house for 20 years and have the address memorized. I didn’t give them a California address, I didn’t know that house existed. I don’t even blame them for making a mistake. I blame them for not being willing to fix it in a timely manner.

  71. Natalie says:

    Just wanted to let you know the same thing happened to me. I ordered some $400 furniture. One of the packages got delivered to somewhere in my city, but who knows where because it wasn’t to me. The other got delivered somewhere in Plattsburg, NY. I spent two hours on the phone to Customer Service. I spoke to 9 different people, spend an hour on hold, then as soon as I got through to whoever it was who could apparently re-send me items to my correct address, the line cut off as if someone hung up on me. I will NEVER ever shop at Target again in my life.

  72. ChristineR. says:

    Ok so I know that this was written 2 years ago, but I think it is hilarious that I am coming across this blog entry as I sit on the phone waiting for customer service to answer my call for the first time. I have been locked out of their website for some reason…I can shop, but when I try to go and checkout it tells me that I have timed out and must call them. The lady on the recorder is very apologetic explaining that (there must be 500 people in front of me and) they will get to me in the order my call was received…but she is so sorry to keep me waiting. All I want to do is place a wedding registry order. I want to give them my money…but they must not want it…such a shame. I have officially been on hold for 20 min without speaking to a single human. I am starting to question my sanity. I did have a good laugh reading about your experience, so thank you for that.

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