Allegedly document your alleged encounters with the Salahis.


Today’s news brought word that alleged White House party crashers  The Salahis attended an event on Capital Hill. This time they had an invitation. Some people refer to the invitation as a subpoena.

At this event, the Salahis really had nothing to say. Their attorney referred to the event as “an opportunity for a public flogging.”

Can there really be enough opportunities to publicly flog these people? When you force yourself upon the public consciousness, do you truly have the right to decide when your flogging ends?

I think not. That is why I am encouraging everyone who reads this blog to respond, by documenting in the comment section, encounters they could have had in the past with the alleged party crashers. Were they allegedly at your wedding? Perhaps it has been alleged that they ordered a round of beer and appetizers the last time you were out with friends, but then skipped out before the check came.

I recall that a few years ago I was in the Keys, having a great time with some of my friends. Late in the day, we were having drinks and trading stories. Suddenly we allegedly found ourselves in the company of The Salahis. They allegedly kept hanging around us and posing for pictures. Tarik ordered a plate of chicken fingers and became belligerent when we objected to him putting it on our tab, allegedly. Michaele was allegedly smoking cigars and singing loud enough that she drowned out the musician who was on stage playing.

We tried to make it clear that we were not interested in hanging out with them, but they were persistent and allegedly alleged that we invited them to hang out with us.

Please do your part to continue flogging these people. Respond with your alleged encounters with these forcible partiers. Make the world aware of their alleged tactics before it is too late. Blurt readers are known to move in circles of high society. Or maybe just in circles. Either way, speak up and lets hear about your alleged meeting with these irritants.

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13 Comments on “Allegedly document your alleged encounters with the Salahis.”

  1. linlah says:

    I allegedly read this and allegedly laughed at the allged over use of alleged.

  2. linlah says:

    And I allegedly like the new layout.

  3. Amy says:

    They allegedly sat in my pew at church last week. I had an usher escort them out.

  4. frigginloon says:

    They allegedly pushed in line at Taco Bells.

  5. Kate says:

    Those people are allegedly media whores. I think they’re plotting to take out Conan.

  6. queensgirl says:

    Yesterday, I was trying to come up with a good alleged incident. Later, I got a headache. Coincidence? Allegedly not.

  7. KathiD says:

    The last time I saw Tarik was when he was riding in the back seat with O.J. on that slow-speed chase.

    Michaele, she’s one of Tiger’s hos, right?

    • omawarisan says:

      Kathi, I think we should make a pact. Whichever of us sees them first at a party (and we know it is inevitable that we will) tells her that we know her name is Michelle and allegedly screwing with the spelling of her name doesn’t class her up one iota.

      Oh yeah, keep an eye on Tarik. Last time I saw him at a party he allegedly left with his pockets stuffed with pig in blanket hors d’oevures.

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