One of life’s unresolved questions.

The world is such a contentious place. There are so many debates, so many issues to be resolved. Questions of faith, political positions and ethics separate us from one another. Respect for differing opinions is at an all time low.

There is so much contention that only today have I come to learn that I don’t even know what all the questions are that are up for discussion. This was a difficult discovery for me. I’m just going to go ahead now and admit that I no longer know everything.

I was walking through a parking lot today and saw a pick up truck with a sticker that said “Women make better bow hunters.” This was quite a stunner for me. I didn’t know that I needed to have a position on which gender was better at hunting with a bow and arrow. Rather than add more hostility to the world, I am going to go ahead and  say that I agree, women do make better bow hunters. Let me explain why.

For years afterward, Mom had this weird pot rack in the kitchen

I recall that back when times were hard, my mom would go off into the woods and come back with dinner. She never discussed how she did it, she just kept her kids fed.

Then one day, when she thought I was busy doing homework I saw her slip out onto the back porch and drop a moose with a single shot from her mighty bow. Given that this happened outside the house where I grew up in Maryland, you might think the biggest question I had was how a moose got there. No. To this day, I wonder how she learned to use a bow and arrow.

You can shoot a fish with an arrow? Wow, who knew? Ok, she did.

I am not an archery expert by any means. Given my mother’s remarkable feat and the fact that someone was so committed to the idea that one gender is superior to another at bow hunting that they purchased a sticker in support of the concept, I can only conclude that women truly must be the better bow hunters.

I apologize for not really having a position on this important matter before now. I just didn’t realize I should. Clearly, if it is important enough to make a sticker about, I should know how I feel about it and let people know.

Or maybe this is a way of saying in four hundred words that I don’t care.

I’d probably care if I had antlers. I don’t.

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17 Comments on “One of life’s unresolved questions.”

  1. tsanda says:

    I recently saw that Canadians make better lovers…which sucks since I live in the US…why has nobody told me this discovery until now?

    • omawarisan says:

      See, now how difficult is finding that out as you’re just walking down the street? Do you just take it at face value, or should you try to make an informed decision?

  2. queensgirl says:

    It wasn’t Sarah Palin’s truck, was it?

  3. KathiD says:

    Are you sure they aren’t talking about shopping for hair bows? Because that would make some sense. Maybe. Although my grandma could drop a squirrel out of a tree with a .22.

  4. Walter says:

    All of us are capable of everything. This world is sick in making any distinction. 🙂

  5. Kate says:

    I don’t know … my dad shot a nine-point buck with a crossbow not too long ago. I’m thinking we need to schedule a major televised debate about this subject.

    • omawarisan says:

      I’m sorry Kate, this person has a sticker. An actual sticker. I think that says a lot. Sure, your Dad is a skilled man, but I don’t see anything about a sticker.

  6. Pie says:

    I don’t have antlers either. Therefore I’m with you. I don’t care. Actually that’s not entirely true as it was a nice diversion. You know I really need to go to bed now ‘cos I’ve lost the point that I was trying to make. Whatever that was.

  7. spencercourt says:

    The best bumper sticker I heard about was a woman who had one that said: “If you’re gonna ride my ass you better be grabbing my hair too.”

    I heard about it because her employer (a state agency) was trying to make her remove it. Once it hit the local paper, the agency backed off.

  8. planetross says:

    I realized recently that I know very little about a lot of stuff. Who knew? … not me.

  9. queensgirl says:

    I was reminded of this post yesterday when I spotted a guy wearing a sweatshirt that proclaimed that “real men lay pipe.”

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