Is that a banana in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?

Tuesday morning, I went to a local bagel shop for breakfast. It is part of my workday routine. I stood waiting for my order when I saw something I never thought I would actually see.

So much potential.

Potential, unrealized.

A man bought a bagel, a cup of coffee and a banana. He didn’t have enough hands to hold his bagel, banana and fill his coffee cup. So he stuck his banana in his pocket.

He did it without thinking, he wasn’t trying to be funny. He did it and stood there casually pouring coffee and talking to the people behind the counter.

I repeat: he stuck his banana in his pocket. I felt so privileged to see this. Do you know how many people go through life without seeing a man put a banana in his pocket? Maybe some people see it, but they don’t notice. I feel sorry for those people.

Now, to be fair, he did put it in his back pocket. However, I contend that there was a pocket with a banana in it and that fulfills the elements of the joke. I stood looking for a moment, turned away to keep from laughing out loud. I looked right into the grinning face of another man who had clearly seen the tropical fruit/pocket interface. I felt like I should say something, but words failed me in this case. We both snickered, my food arrived and I left.

I guess some things don’t need a comment, we should just sit back and enjoy the majesty of the experience. Keep your eyes open, friends, the world is handing us moments all the time.

“You know, we just don’t recognize the most significant moments of our lives while they’re happening.”Dr. Archibald  “Moonlight” Graham, Field of Dreams.


26 Comments on “Is that a banana in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?”

  1. Karen says:

    I think the fact that it was in the back pocket is even funnier!

    It’s important to appreciate these small moments of humor. Thanks for passing it along.

  2. Counter Culture Clown says:

    I put my banana’s in my ass, is that weird?

    V.V Needless to say they brown quicker than usual…

    Anyway, it’s not that uncommon. I do it all the time (put banana’s in my pocket). They’re very pocket-friendly fruit, as long as it isn’t your back pocket (ever sat on a banana, they scream something AWFUL).

    Oh, and because this hasn’t been an awkward enough comment:


  3. Karen says:

    Um, excuse me, Mr. Omawarisan… could you change the seating chart? I don’t think I want to sit next to Counter Culture Clown anymore.

  4. Kate says:

    Like fart and poop jokes, bananas in the pocket never cease to be funny, no matter your age.

  5. Counter Culture Clown says:

    Karen :Um, excuse me, Mr. Omawarisan… could you change the seating chart? I don’t think I want to sit next to Counter Culture Clown anymore.

    That’s heartbreaking. 😦 I am sadcakes.

  6. Amy says:

    Sometimes amidst all the sadness and despair and terror in the world, magic somehow happens. Use this day as a beacon to light your path when dark days come your way.

  7. KathiD says:

    Let me be the first to say what you are all thinking.

    “Is that a banana in your pocket, or are you just glad . . . ”

    Oh, never mind.

  8. queensgirl says:

    I saw a truck for a wholesale banana company not long after I read this the other day. I had to laugh.

    • omawarisan says:

      What kind of lives must banana wholesalers have?

      I’m thinking lonely. Imagine you’re a single banana wholesaler, you go to a party and meet someone attractive. They ask what you do and you say “banana wholesaler.” Maybe it works better if you say “I’m in bananas”. “Banana entrepreneur?”

  9. Keli says:

    I’ll never look at a guy holding a banana even near a pant pocket the same again.

    • omawarisan says:

      You didn’t know it was such an important event the last time you saw it, did you? You probably thought he was a creep.

      Actually, as I consider it, you might have been right

  10. planetross says:

    a banana with pockets wouldn’t be funny at all … probably.
    … unless there were bananas in them … possibly.

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