Indian Bus Plunges Off My Karma

Weapon of mass destruction

It may be that I am writing a check out of my karma account by discussing this. After all, people die, have died for years, and apparently will continue to die in buses that plunge down mountains and the like in India. I’ve got to talk about it anyway.

Have you ever considered how many times you have read the headline “Indian bus plunges off/into…”? Is there a bus driver in that nation that can control his bus anywhere near a precipitous drop?

I decided to Google the words “India bus plunge”. I just started copying down dates from the bylines I could see in the previews.

3-14-10, 2-17-10

Given the rate of buses plunging, what on earth would persuade anyone to take public transportation in that nation?

11-06-09; 9-3-09

How does one nation get all the bad bus drivers in the world? If a bus driver is fired somewhere else, say, Wales, are they given the option to remain employed by taking a job in India?

06-09-09; 6-24-09

If I visited a friend in India, woke up in the morning and they said “we’re taking a bus to Mumbai”, I would immediately call a cab and go to the airport.

2-24-09; 4-16-09

I am going to run for Prime Minister of India. I will adopt a platform based on no bus plunges. My opponents approval ratings will plummet like a bus. There, I said it.

9-14-09; 4-16-08

If I had a falling out with someone and a few days later they told me they wanted to make it up to me by giving me an all expense paid trip to India for a bus tour, I would know they were not really sorry. If they were sorry, they would not be trying to kill me.

3-3-05; 6-24-05

India is one of the worlds oldest civilizations. A country full of intelligent people.


You know what works? Guard rails. Driving tests.

The list goes on and on, I didn’t even work hard to find that many dates.

For God’s sake, India, you need to try something else. Buy yourselves some bikes.


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21 Comments on “Indian Bus Plunges Off My Karma”

  1. Amy says:

    What do they sing over there instead of The Wheels on the Bus go round and round? The wheels on the bus go. . . AAAAIIIEEEE!!!

  2. izaakmak says:

    From what I hear, rail travel in India is even worse! I did a search, and the top result (BBC NEWS | South Asia | World’s worst rail disasters) included a list where some of the most horrific rail disasters where in India!

  3. Betty says:

    Very interesting, Oma. Out of curiosity, I decided to test google with the words “bus plunge” following some random countries such as England, Spain, Canada. While a story or two may pop up for the specific county, inevitably it defaults to lists of stories from India, Pakistan, China, Indonesia. So I think it has something to do with that corner of the word, something off kilter in the magnetic pull of the earth. That, or the fact that they drive 40 year old pieces of crap maintained with junkyard parts.

  4. Counter Culture Clown says:

    It would be much more interesting if a bus plunged off a cliff here in Minneapolis…

    …shit, and I have to take a bus home. And it’s raining. Fantastic. :\

  5. izaakmak says:

    Modern societies are proudly built upon the rotting corpses of the previous ones. The Minneapolis – Saint Paul bridge collapse was a step on our way back to our third world roots.

    • Counter Culture Clown says:

      Clearly you havent seen the new one… we’re a long ways away from third world.

      • izaakmak says:

        Oh but I have! And getting the new one up and running ahead of schedule is commendable. But we’ve always done a great job when the project is in the public spotlight and there are political benefits to be gained.

        But really? Do you think the work on that bridge has even made a noticeable scratch that 880 Zillion pound gorilla’s hide that is America’s crumbling infrastructure?

        • Counter Culture Clown says:

          Of course not, people flat-out forgot the bridge collapsed ten seconds after it happened, everywhere but here in Minnesota that is.

          • omawarisan says:

            That’s true, we’re all about mourning what happened and vowing to be sure we dont have another…because it is politically expedient, until we have to talk about spending money to do it. Very sad.

  6. planetross says:

    Some places in South America are pretty scary to ride buses on … but encountering your backpack after the journey keeps most tourist preoccupied. hee hee!

  7. linlah says:

    Hmmm, that free trip falling out/make up thing that’s definitely something to be on the lookout for.

  8. Pie says:

    Don’t they have mountainous roads with precipitous drops in those parts of the world, which may have a bearing on these appalling stats?

    I put it to you, Oma, that if some London drivers were placed in charge of the buses in India, China or Indonesia, the accident rate would remain constant, because they’d be too busy texting on their mobile phones to pay attention to the roads.

  9. omawarisan says:

    Yes, I’m sure they do, given the plunge rate. But given the plunge rate and that the roads are a cause, they’ve got to try something new.

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