Joe Biden, Me and Spontaneous Potty Mouth

Fuck yeah Joe!

So, the Health Care Bill passed into law here in the US. An opening like that is often a cue for people to start debating the bills merits, or, more likely, begin calling each other names. So I’m just going to say I’m glad it happened and I’m not going to try to talk anyone to my way of thinking about it. At the same time, I don’t think it is anyone’s place to talk me out of my thoughts.

What I’m really here to discuss today is Vice President Joe Biden’s pronouncement to President Obama that “this is a big f-ing deal.”

I’m sure some are howling about his choice of words. Let’s face it, sometimes people use the bad words. What I like is that Biden’s slip validates that we all get excited and say things sometimes.

I stopped by my parents house for lunch today. I had a training class nearby and took the opportunity to go have lunch with them in their back yard. Everything was fine, we were having a great time when, in the midst of a story I let fly with the S word. I was horrified I’d said that in front of my parents. They raised me better than that, and it was an offense of the highest magnitude, in my Dad’s eyes, for me to ever swear in front of my mother when I was younger.

All the same the S word was out there. Despite my advanced age, I made the decision to handle my exuberant outburst with the same strategy I followed with mixed success when I was in my teens. I kept talking. Fast. I embellished the story a little to lengthen it. I talked without let up, then I hugged them both and went back to class. I think it worked.

Are there situations where you don’t want to giddily blurt out obscenities? Sure. Weddings, funerals, day care centers,  peace treaty signings, state dinners are just a few places where, ideally, you might be extra careful what falls out of your mouth. Once in a while, though, out they come. We’ve got to understand that about each other.

Mom and Dad, if my teen-aged tactic didn’t work and you did in fact notice, sorry about that. I’ll be a lot more careful, I really should. For what it’s worth, world leaders of every political stripe have made similar slips, albeit not in front of you. But I’m in good company, right?

Thanks for the back up, Joe. I can’t tell you how damned much better I feel after that shit you pulled yesterday morning.

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16 Comments on “Joe Biden, Me and Spontaneous Potty Mouth”

  1. I love that he did this! We boomers are expressive. Damn time and place!

  2. Margie says:

    I personally know you didn’t use bad words in high school, except maybe when that guy in the black Cadillac cut you off after CC practice or when you were in a little glass-breaking, metal-bending event in Herndon, VA.

  3. writerdood says:

    I couldn’t give a fuck about him using he F-bomb, but did he really need to tell Obama that it was a big fucking deal. I mean, like Obama didn’t know. He should have replied with, “are you sure, Joe? Are you sure this bill is a big fucking deal? Because I thought it was a really big fucking deal. Dammit, Joe, get your metaphors straight. Is this bill a incredibly HUGE fucking deal, or just a big fucking deal, because I think it might be bigger than you fucking think it is.”

    • omawarisan says:

      That is true…it was a statement of the obvious. Perhaps his profanity would have been better channeled in encouraging The President to bigger and better things for instance, “you, sir, are the fucking man for pulling this off”

  4. spencercourt says:

    For whatever reason, I don’t use much profanity in “normal” conversation. I don’t feel it has any “value added” to whatver I’m saying.

    But when I get upset…watch out! In those situations, I feel profanity has lots of “value added”…

    • omawarisan says:

      I like the concept of value added here. just that little extra goose of attention getting value. You’re right though, if it is over used, in normal conversation, it looses what value it carries.

  5. Pauline says:

    There was a Canadian MP and Minister who recently had a hissy fit at an airport. She literally swore and threw her shoes at airport security, which is obviously not the best idea. The story goes that she arrived at the last minute for her flight and was in a rush to get home to her husband, who was recently caught driving under the influence and with cocaine possession. Yep, we’ve got some real “winners” in the government right now! 😛

    • omawarisan says:

      Ahh…the reverse of Spencers point above on adding value. A poor choice of when to use the big words. I’m sure it didnt get her on the plane any faster, probably slowed her down and made her look like the self important fool she probably is.

  6. Lucky Eye says:



  7. Pie says:

    Obama’s face after Biden’s, let’s say, freedom of expression was a picture. I have no doubt The president gave him the biggest bitchslap once they were off the air. He’s good comedic value, that Joe Biden. He gives me something else to focus on other than the numpty politicians we have here in Blighty.

    • omawarisan says:

      I kind of like him too. Every once in a while there is a thin spot in the polish and you find a regular person under it. he says silly stuff, but off the top of my head I’m not recalling any that were directed at people.

  8. planetross says:

    This reminded me of this:

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