Why American Idol is awful.

I don’t watch American Idol.

I don’t watch American Idol because it makes crap like this possible

Someone ought to be punished severely for this.

Perhaps this is more of a tweet than a post.


11 Comments on “Why American Idol is awful.”

  1. Pie says:

    You’ve struck oil with me on this one, Oma. I’m going to try and restrain myself, because I absolutely can’t stand these kind of shows.

    Although I managed to avoid the X Factor here in the UK last year, there was so much media coverage of the show and the contestants that I could’ve told you about any of the finalists without having watched a single episode. Please don’t tell me that’s a finalist. I love bagpipes (yes, I do and I have no shame in saying it), but WTF…? Talk about using a filler for a performance that couldn’t stand alone. I have nothing against the young man and good luck to him, but he seriously needs to go back and practice some more. He’s not ready.

    It hurts me when I know of many good musicians who will miss out on doing well because of shows like this and it hurts me even more to think that this may the best that our young people will get. I truly hope Oma son has a wider range to choose from, aurally speaking.

  2. Counter Culture Clown says:

    Holy boring Batman! Isn’t this guy supposed to be playing terrible covers in some bar in Seattle like the rest of the wannabe hipster singers?

  3. Karen says:

    I’m not an Idol fan, either, which may be why I was giving him the benefit of the doubt for much of it. I thought maybe he was assigned a cover song and that’s one of those impossible to cover cover songs, so maybe he was making the best of a bad situation.

    Enter bagpiper.


  4. Pie says:

    I may be wrong, but I believe the contestants have a member of the judging panel as a mentor. If that’s the case, isn’t it the duty of the mentor to bring the best out of their charge by finding the right song for them? And if this performance needed the bagpipe player to beef it up (a more random filler you couldn’t hope to find), what does it say about the mentor?

  5. Kate says:

    You had me at “Why American Idol is awful.”

    I don’t get it its allure, I’ve never gotten it and I will never get it. And I’m OK with that.

  6. Keli says:

    I am so grateful there are others on this planet who don’t watch or care about AI. For good measure, I don’t watch Dancing with the Stars either.

    • omawarisan says:

      I don’t watch Dancing with the Stars, but when I see it on the news (because it is news) I’m really confused. Is it important to wear a lot of make up to dance?

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