Mark Twain calls the Kentucky Derby

Reposting something I wrote after last year’s Kentucky Derby. Sometimes, amazing happens.

Truth is stranger than Fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn’t.  – Mark Twain

This past weekend I had the chance to travel with some great friends for the sole purpose of traveling with great friends. We hit the beach, then bounced to another town for a concert. I am convinced that there are few pleasures greater than those  opportunities we have to relax and enjoy those we’re close to, be they family, or those we’d choose as family.  We had a great time, a lot of laughs, and some beer.

All right. More than just some beer.

In the course of the weekend, one of our beer drinking stops was at a restaurant to watch part of the hockey playoffs. The game went the right way, the beer was cold and the laughs kept coming. After the game, coverage of the Kentucky Derby came on.

The sound was off, but the lead in to the actual race seemed to be a series of women in successively larger hats, men in suits and a guy with a long trumpet trying to teach Al Roker how to play it. Brooke Shields appeared in a really big hat and was interviewed by the commentators.

It was an easy call for our group to make. Check please.

Apparently, after we went to our hotel to get ready for a concert we were attending, Brooke Shields and Al Roker sat down and there was actually a horse race. It was won by a horse whose chances of winning were put at 50-1 by people who somehow know these things. As unlikely as it would seem for a horse to win with the odds against him that way, it becomes clear something amazing was going on when you see the end of the race from this perspective:

If you were sitting behind Brooke Shields and her giant hat at the Kentucky Derby, or if you were with my group of friends who left to get ready to see the Springsteen concert you missed a hell of a race.

Suppose you went to a movie about horse racing, and that happened in the climactic scene. You’d  have to say the film was completely not believable. How could that happen?

Somehow, it did. Mark Twain was right, as usual. Life isn’t bordered by possible and impossible. Possibility gets carried along by the tide just like we all do.

Brooke, down in front please ma’am.

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5 Comments on “Mark Twain calls the Kentucky Derby”

  1. shutterboo says:

    You know what makes Mine That Bird even more interesting? He was trained as a cowboy horse; not the traditional race horse training the other horses had. And the trainer just wanted him to come in 5th place so he wouldn’t be embarrassed for showing up. Definitely a Derby that will be remembered forever.

  2. Betty says:

    Two and a half hours of Bruce…..two and a half minutes of horse racing with obstructed view (even with cocktails)…NO BRAINER: BRUCE every time.

    • omawarisan says:

      Got to go with some of the same friends and a few others to see Bruce play at Giants Stadium. The shows are great, but when you can go with great friends its that much better.

  3. betty says:

    Always the best seeing him on his home turf. I’ve seen him there at least a half dozen times.

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