Prince Declares The Internet Dead. Help The Internet Declare Prince Dead.

Last week Prince declared the internet dead. The direct quote is that the net is “completely over”.

Interesting. Before last week, if you’d have asked me if Prince was alive or dead, I’d have picked dead.

I Believe, Sir, We Had An Agreement

The Artist Formerly Known As Relevant

I know there are no firm, written rules on this, but I hope we can all agree that up until this point there was an unspoken social more regarding declaring a phenomenon dead. The expectation, if you intended to declare something dead (or “over”) has been that you must be culturally relevant. People thinking you’re dead is not really an indicator that you’ve maintained relevance.

Milli Vanilli apparently recognizes this expectation of relevance. When is the last time you heard either of those guys trying to decide for the rest of us what is “dead”. They respect society too much to do something like that. Prince apparently does not have that level of respect for you.

Since Prince is apparently making it OK for people without influence on popular culture to declare things dead, I am going to seize the opportunity. I am going to ask you to join me, likely the most irrelevant person I know, in declaring Prince dead.

I Agree, Omawarisan,  You Are Irrelevant. How Can I Help Declare Prince Dead?

Thank you for the validation and for your eagerness to help!

Our first step is to establish Prince’s irrelevance. We can do that with your answer to one simple question. That question is…

That Was Fun, What Else Can We Do?

This Prince gets more airplay.

Let’s face it, no one has been buying the man’s music. The only time you’d hear his music is when a DJ decided to go “old school”. He was completely absent from the public eye. He could have been dead and we wouldn’t have noticed. So, our next question is…

If No One Was Buying His Music, And We Thought He Could Have Been Dead.

I am declaring Prince dead and completely over because I have not bought his music and I had no real evidence he was alive.  Will you join me?

Friends – given my irrelevance, I need your help to spread the word that Prince is “over”.

Link, Tweet, Facebook… do whatever it is you do here on the net to help get the word out that the artist formerly known as Prince is now the artist currently known as “No One Cares”.

Here are some buttons to make it easy to help –

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48 Comments on “Prince Declares The Internet Dead. Help The Internet Declare Prince Dead.”

  1. queensgirl says:

    Um…one of the Milli Vanilli guys actually IS dead.

  2. omawarisan says:

    Well, that’s awkward.

    Does that mean I have to go semi-past tense when I discuss them?

  3. shoutabyss says:

    I did not know that Prince was still around. When is the last time he released a song?

    I stand ready to do my part! 🙂

    • omawarisan says:

      Thank you sir. I think he is dead, he just doesn’t know it. Thanks for helping letting him know.

      Oh, in case you were wondering about Milli Vanilli, my reliable source advises me the one that died was Rob.

  4. This is great. I love when celebs announce things like the Internet is dead. It’s why I love celebrities.

    I’m with you though, all the way. I had no idea Prince was even around. I thought he converted to something or caught something and just kind of crept away into the abyss.

    I love polls.

    • omawarisan says:

      Right! Who died and left Prince (if, in fact, he were still alive) in charge of deciding that?

      Actually, maybe that guy from Milli Vannilli that died left Prince in charge.

  5. With a logic obvious only to the truly dead, Prince is giving his music away as a filler in the vehicle (i.e., print media) that was previous put out of its misery by the now DOA internet.

  6. Whether Prince is right or wrong, one must acquiesce in the fact that his ability to operate from without the conceptual box, free from the constraints of industry dogmatism and at times, perhaps reason, is what has kept his career alive..

  7. Abe's Blog says:

    In a way, I can understand why an old-school performer would WANT to see the internet die. I haven’t bought a Prince CD in 20 years, but my brother GAVE me one a couple of years ago. So…I chose the best option on the poll. His songs were decent, but I believe he was the only musician on the release–playing every instrument.

    I declare that the era of the car is over. Done. Fini.

  8. HippieCahier says:

    What must Nietzche think of this?

  9. tsanda says:

    i declare pants to be dead. apparently the police didn’t agree

  10. Brea says:

    Gino Vanelli – alive! And living in the Netherlands.

    Prince. Prince who? I thought he died and changed his name to the “artist formerly known as” what-ever.


    The Internets LIVE!

  11. Kate says:

    OK, this is my favorite quote from him about the subject: “Anyway, all these computers and digital gadgets are no good. They just fill your head with numbers and that can’t be good for you.”

    Isn’t he the one who wanted to name his kid some weird jumble of numbers and letters? Is that supposed to be irony or is he for real?

  12. jammer5 says:

    Prince, or whatever he calls himself now, is actually an awesome musician. I picked up his three cd album at Target when it came out, and there were some interesting pieces on it.

    But his actual life is a train wreck. There is a thin line between genius and insanity, and I kinda think he walks that fine line, crossing over more times than not. But that’s just my opinion.

  13. pattypunker says:

    i just can’t let go.

    • omawarisan says:

      I can’t let go? That’s not Prince, that’s Earth Wind and Fire…who still f’ing jam! 😉

      • Pie says:

        That’s a great EWF track. Another one of my favourites is ‘In The Stone.’ There’s nothing wrong with that group.

        I do like Prince, but I’d be more inclined to believe the internet is dead if Philip Bailey from EWF said it. There again, they’re way too sensible to come up with a silly statement like that.

        • omawarisan says:

          Reason number 68 why you are my Pie. I love In The Stone. They are still going strong, saw them a few weeks ago. Phillip is still The Voice. If they come your way they are worth the price of admission.

  14. spencercourt says:

    I thought Prince was “dead”…nominally at least. He changed his name to “The Artist Formerly Known As Prince.”

    Did he change it back?

  15. linlah says:

    Really Prince is still alive, you’re so on top of the news, I should visit more often. I’m not a happy face person but if I was I’d add one.

  16. Melissa says:

    Who is Prince to announce anything dead… unless it’s his own name/symbol…

  17. sarahnsh says:

    Hmmm, well, ain’t that something? The internet is dead, now remember when he changed his name to a symbol and was known as the artist formally known as Prince? At least he isn’t doing any dumb crap like that. I’ll take my blogs and fun stuff any day, he can sit and play with rocks and sticks since the internet is dead to him.

  18. Average Girl says:

    I think Prince is dead, but elevator shoes for shorties will live forever!

  19. faceonfire says:

    Ahem… the phenomenon formerly known as the Internet.

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