A completely juvenile post.

This is completely childish. I don’t care. I am proudly capable of being that way at any given moment. Welcome to one of those moments.  

I took this photo during a trip to the Detroit area a few years ago:  

Don't get it? Say it aloud.

Don't get it? Remember phonics? Think "long i sound".


Now really, I do understand that people are proud of what they do. I admire entrepreneurial folks, they have guts that I just don’t. I imagine if I opened a business I might be tempted to put my name on the place.  

For the record, I am not sure what kind of business I’d open. I’ve got skills, but not really marketable ones.  

However, if one of my friends were named Magina, I might have to urge them to consider not giving in to that urge to show their pride of ownership in this manner.  

I think I might say something like this:  

Look, we have to talk. I’m glad you want to open a book store. I’m really not sure your last name is a good match for the business. Remember junior high? All those people that laughed at your last name? They are still alive, and they still think its funny. Also, they’ve had kids and they probably think its funny too.  

Oh, you don’t think its an issue anymore? Have you noticed every time you call in to order a pizza it never comes, and when you call to complain they say they thought it was a prank call? Have you noticed that I don’t have to provide three different IDs to use my Visa like you do?  

Look, your name sounds like well, you know, and that really isn’t going to make people think about reading now is it?  

Yes, I am empathetic. It really is a dilemma. But you’ll have to consider another name for the good of the business.  

So how are the kids? Really, she’s been accepted to medical school? Great, Mulva* was always a bright young woman. Whats she going to specialize in? OB/Gyn…you’re kidding, right? Look, we have to talk.  

* The Mulva episode of Seinfeld was great, wasn’t it?


43 Comments on “A completely juvenile post.”

  1. Abe's Blog says:

    If this post was juvenile, then I need to grow up. I started snickering as soon as I saw the picture.

  2. HippieCahier says:

    Aw, geez. I was all set to make a Mulva joke and then I got to the end.

  3. xacrest says:

    today’s ultimate LOL moment xD

  4. shoutabyss says:

    OK, I’m here. I saw the word “juvenile” and I came running. Please state the nature of the blogging emergency.


    The rare ones are ok, but the ones out of print are the worst.

    /got nothing

    I was going to write a poem about this post, but you might know what The Bloodhood Gang had to say about it. “It’s hard to rhyme-ah… word like vagina.”

  5. I get it. I also saw the book as a spread of legs and the “Magina” image. Teeheehee, I laugh at myself but you started it.

  6. This wasn’t juvenile. A truly juvenile post would have included a list of likely names of people in the Magina family. (I look forward to your next post).

    For example, did you know that Elvis the Pelvis had a brother named Enos?

  7. Kate says:

    Mulva Magina! Oh, how this made me grin. I missed you, Oma. 🙂

  8. Pie says:

    I’m sure that store has made many appearances on online photo albums and blogs like yours, but have they actually sold any books? Bet the staff working there feel like proper twats.

    • omawarisan says:

      Actually, I think it is a fairly popular place.

      You know, there is no way to properly express that in this context without falling into double entendre.

  9. spencercourt says:

    Yes, that last name is unfortunate. Reminds of en enginner I encountered through work: Jacque (as in Jock) Fink. Really…
    He shoulda changed both names….

    • omawarisan says:

      God, can you imagine being 14 with a name like that?

    • Sadie says:

      I went to high school with Jock Fink and yes that is his legal name. He went to Purdue University, Class of 1962 and is a “retired” engineer. He was a top notch student and athlete. Have not had any contact with him over the years but believe he lives in Coral Gables, FL.

  10. linlah says:

    The “I” is so long it needs a zip code but Mulva needs a new name.

  11. This is great! And juvenile is fun sometimes.

    When 69 people had viewed my blog one day, I laughed. I was so ashamed.

  12. Pauline says:

    There’s an Indian restaurant here in Ottawa (Canada) called Nagina. I’ve never been there but it always makes me laugh whenever I am near where it is located. LOL

    • omawarisan says:

      Do you ever wonder if someone has stopped by and said something like…”I’m sure it isn’t an issue in India, but here that word sounds a lot like…”

  13. planetross says:

    I take photos of signs like that. My favourite is a street called “C.Littoral” somewhere in Bolivia.

  14. Brooke says:

    I love funny things like this. Across the river, I’ve been trying to get a decent shot of the bridal store that’s right next to the gun shop. No successes yet. 🙂

  15. It’s the “used” bit that gets me.

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