The Angelina Jolie Pez Project


A Pez of your very own! Interested? Read on.


In a recent post I made reference to Angelina Jolie. As we know, she is the chosen one who will save the world from certain disaster while simultaneously maintaining the attention of the entire planet, producing and raising all its children and providing entertainment.

In that post, I referred her as shooting out kids like a Pez. Later, through my extensive research I learned that 3 of her children are (quite admirably on her part) adopted. All the same, I like the idea of her as a Pez. There is no explaining it.

The reaction I got on the site and in email got me to thinking about how to use the Jolie Pez idea.

At first, my idea was to create a Pez of her to travel the world and save it. That isn’t really going to be  feasible. My friends, I will soon be looking to you to help me with the project called…

The Angelina Jolie Pez Project

You had to see that coming, didn’t you? Seriously, it is the title of the whole post.

Here is the premise. I am currently awaiting the arrival of an action figure of Ms. Jolie that I bought from eBay. Originally I was planning to mount the head of this toy onto a Pez dispenser for this venture into foolishness. The aim was for this Jolie Pez to travel the world by mail, visiting Blurt readers and saving the world, or at least seeing it.

The more I’ve looked at modifying the Pez, the more I realized it would not come out the way I wanted it to. I changed the plan just a bit, still maintaining the elements of Pez and Jolie visiting readers all over the world. Here is the plan.

The Plan

Alright, you saw that coming. You had to, right?

The Angelina Jolie action figure, which will now be referred to as The Jolie, will travel the world by mail – first class of course. Let me explain how, together, we are going to ensure The Jolie sees the word.

  1. You let me know in the comments or by email that you’d like a visit from The Jolie.
  2. I send The Jolie in the mail, you keep it for a week and show her a good time. Take her to the office, bring her to your favorite bars and restaurants, sporting events and tourist destinations. Document The Jolie’s travels with digital photos.
  3. Email me the photos of your adventures with her for publication here on Blurt.
  4. I’ll send you the address of the next person to get a visit from The Jolie. You mail her to that destination and her adventures continue.



Oh, the places she will go.


It might be a little presumptuous to have Frequently Asked Questions about something that I am only now telling you about. Be that as it may, here they are:

  • Where will The Jolie travel? Anywhere she can be mailed. The Jolie will be a citizen of the world. International borders are nothing to her. She wants to save the whole world.
  • Are there limits on what activities The Jolie will take part in? The Jolie is adventuresome. The sky is the limit. Please just remember to see to your personal safety as well as The Jolie’s whenever you photograph her adventures. This wont apply to most Blurt readers, but since this is the internet I have to specify that I won’t publish photos of The Jolie in x-rated situations.
  • May I publicize my blog? If you have a blog, I will absolutely put a link to it in the post with your pictures.
  • Will this cost me anything? Just postage to her next destination. I would ask you to keep in mind that the destination that follows your visit may be outside your nation, so postage to that destination might be a little higher than mailing your water bill across town.
  • Who is eligible to do this? Anyone.  I’d like this to be an ongoing series of posts so the more the merrier. I can’t say that she her destinations will be selected in the order they are received. Since The Jolie will be traveling the world to help save it I have to take her mission into account in selecting destinations.
  • Do I have to appear in the pictures, give my name, etc? No. Shoot pictures any way that makes you comfortable. If it is easier to hold her up and take her picture next to something, fine. If you want a friend to photograph you and The Jolie together at one of your landmarks, help yourself. I will associate no more information with your photos than you tell me to…And before I move on, I have a question for you –
  • Why are you asking questions in italics and where did you learn to speak that way? I guess I’m just comfortable that way. It is something I learned as a kid. My parents spoke italic around the dinner table

Will You Help The Jolie Travel The World?

The Jolie can’t save the world if she can’t see it. She needs your help. Let me know in the comments if you want The Jolie to visit you. I’ll get your mailing address via email as your visit opportunity comes up. If you’re travelling somewhere special that you believe needs a visit from The Chosen One please let me know!

Got Pez?

No, you don’t. We all love Pez, but beyond a certain age we become less comfortable about buying them. Here is the special bonus. I will mail a Pez to everyone who participates in the Angelina Jolie Pez project.

That’s right, as if getting a visit from The Jolie wasn’t enough, when it is all over and she moves on to her next destination you get Pez! You will be luxuriously eating candy from the throat of a yet unspecified cartoon character. Surely you will be the envy of all who lay eyes upon you.

Sign up now muchachos!

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87 Comments on “The Angelina Jolie Pez Project”

  1. betty says:

    I’d be delighted to give her a tour of the Bubble.

  2. If she wants to make it to Texas (Austin and Houston), let me know. This is like the adventures of King Cake Baby.

  3. writerdood says:

    It sounds like a cool idea.
    I can’t wait to eat candy out of her neck.

  4. TonyVote says:

    This is amazing. I would love to get a hold of The Jolie.You’ve got a great idea flowing here.

  5. Kate says:

    Will there be a Jennifer Aniston version soon? I kind of loathe Angelina.

  6. I can’t even order a book from Amazon because the postage to ship stuff down here is so exorbitant so I’ll have to pass on hosting the Jolie, but I would encourage her to get tattoos of the latitude and longitude of all the places she visits. I hear that she lasered out her “I love you Billy Bob” tattoo and replaced it with the latitude and longitude of the locations where her adopted kids were born.

  7. Wow. Your blog is so inspiring, in so many ways.

    I’d like my week with The Jolie. Sign me up.

  8. spencercourt says:

    Reminds me of the Travelocity lawn ornament, or whatever the heck it is.

    I think there should be photos of the Jolie Pez with her host, which can then posted somewhere. Heck, I’ve got lots of space on my website for that. I’m only using 500 MB of 100,000 MB, so if you you need space, I’ll volunteer it.

    Basically, I’d create a mini-website. Maybe “sort” the photos by country and then by city within the country.

  9. omawarisan says:

    Oh that is my plan, the pictures from each visit will get posted with captions people want them to have or whatever they want to send along with them.

    I’m thinking google map with links to the blogs…all sorts of stuff. I’ll send her your way if you like!

    • spencercourt says:

      I was not clear….

      I’m offering to archive all photos in one place, after you publish them here. That way, the complete set will be in one spot for posterity.

      I may wait until I go somewhere before asking for the Jolie. Like Vegas! I’ll give you plenty of advance notice.

      • omawarisan says:

        Oh, I’ve got you now. Cool, thanks!!

        Yes, by all means, if you’re going somewhere give me a heads up so I can route her to you. I don’t mind sending her to you or anyone for a home visit and then back again for a road trip.

  10. queensgirl says:

    I truly love how your mind works, Oma.

  11. Pauline says:

    I like Angelina and I like pez. Sign me up! 😀

  12. jammer5 says:

    If I lived in some weird place, I’d go for it. Wait . . . I’m in Kansas, and that’s pretty weird in itself, so sign me up 🙂

  13. omawarisan says:

    The Jolie has arrived at my house!

  14. […] of people The Jolie will visit. You can let me know in the comments section here, by email, or by commenting on the initial project post Remember, in addition to all the fun you and The Jolie will have together, you will get your own […]

  15. sgottahurt says:

    I have two things to declare:

    1) I believe that the fate of the world lies in the hands of Shiloh Pitt-Jolie and Suri Cruise. Theirs will be an epic battle of biblical proportions (which I guess is redundant). SPJ (not to be confused with SJP) is on the side of good… or is that what she wants us to believe…

    2) Count me in!

  16. Pie says:

    This is such a great idea, Oma – I’m in! I think she will appreciate a visit to London. I won’t be in the photos, but I’ll make sure she features prominently in some of the usual and not so usual locations. By the way, I didn’t know an Angelina Jolie doll existed. Ebay is truly magnificent.

    • omawarisan says:

      Great news!

      No need to be in the pictures at all. I considered putting one in with my son and I and opted not to. This is up to each person’s interpretation of how to do it.

  17. Hi! I’m from Taiwan and a die-hard fan of Angelina Jolie. How do you think she would like it if I took her around Taipei for some asian adventure?

    • omawarisan says:

      That would be great, I am sure she’d love it. It may take a while, but she will get there. I was hoping to line up a chance for her to go around the world.

      A lot of people are signing up. She just left for her first trip about an hour ago

  18. balioffering says:

    Very cool idea – could she come to Sydney, Australia for a visit? We don’t have fried pickles here,(what, are they deep fried green gherkins?) but there are lots of iconic landmarks she could visit.

    • omawarisan says:

      Absolutely! I’ll put you on the list. Thanks for jumping in on this!

      The pickles are dill slices, with a peppery batter. I’ve seen it done with pickle spears but they dont come out as well.

  19. planetross says:

    I haven’t had a visitor for a while. Not since the Flat Tony debacle back in 2008.

    I’m in. Do I have to say Gumball or some other code word?

  20. njaiswal says:

    “Why are you asking questions in italics and where did you learn to speak that way? I guess I’m just comfortable that way. It is something I learned as a kid. My parents spoke italic around the dinner table.”

    Hilarious. Loved this.

    And great idea!!

  21. […] parkway, redwood house, boothe memorial park, fayerweather yacht club Last week I announced The Jolie Pez Project here on Blurt and created a post on her visit with me here in North Carolina. Today brings the […]

  22. This is such a great idea! I’d love to have The Jolie visit me in the DC Metro area. Add me to the waiting list!

  23. Abe's Blog says:

    Dude. Sign me up! I loathe the Jolie, but I’ve never met her in person. Maybe if I spend some time with her that will all change. She can help me cruise timber. Maybe we’ll go swimming. And camping.

  24. pattypunker says:

    add me to the queue!

  25. findanoutlet says:

    Hi, new here. Enjoying your blog.

    I’m sure Bisbee, AZ would be too small to contain the real Jolie, but I could run her action figure’s butt off around here. Would she care for a trip into a mineshaft, a walk along the US/Mexican border, or a Gay Pride event? I want her. We have guns.

    Take care!

  26. […] as the manager of The Jolie Pez Project, it is my duty to inform you […]

  27. I think we Maritimers could show the Jolie a good time! Has she been to Canada yet?


    • omawarisan says:

      Oh I’m sure you can. She hasn’t left the States yet, but I am aiming to have her go around the world this winter and come back in to our hemisphere via Canada. She’s got a couple stops to make up there, I think you’re the furthest east. I’ll put you on the list!

  28. I have another Canadian destination if it’s at all possible. Kitchener, ON is ready to roll out the welcome wagon for Mz. Jolie. If all goes well with my wife’s job offer a visit it Iqaluit, Nunavat might be the new destination spot. Considering it’s such an exclusive waiting list, I’m sure we’ll know for sure which destination it’d be by the time our names come up.

    • Yes, the Assassin and I are ready to roll out the red carpet for the Jolie. We have some friends that could show her around while we’re busy…Christian Bale and Common. Luke Skywalker might even be around when she stops by…so oh the fun that could be had!

  29. omawarisan says:

    Done! I’m glad you all are on board. I hope she gets the good news soon, I’ve been looking for the fireworks.

    I’m hoping to get the around the world tour going by the end of the year.

  30. dottiemaggie says:

    oh my goodness, this is amazing. (says the girl who has a vast collection of photos of a sponge bob square pants going on all kinds of adventures over the course of the last year….)
    The Jolie should definitelly come visit me in Newfoundland. Nothing like seeing the sun rise before anyone else in north america!

    (also. i love pez. and buy it as an adult often. but recieving it in the mail would be wicked fun times.)

  31. christinaleone says:

    I’m in Chicago but by the time The Jolie gets to me I might be elsewhere… I’d love to take her for hotdogs and a ballgame!

  32. Joy says:

    How would The Jolie like to come visit us in Hong Kong? She could ride the Star Ferry and go shopping for electronics.

    Great blog, by the way. Love the post on Shirtless Dude. A peeve that’s close to my heart.

  33. Susannk says:

    I would love to host The Jolie for a week in Northern Thailand, I could even get her a visit to some remote hill tribes, I hear she loves displaced children.

  34. omawarisan says:

    That would be great. I hope to have her go around the world next year.

  35. gigi says:

    Yes, please, I would love to have The Jolie come visit me.

    She could see how a solitary spinster lives in Saskatchewan – much quieter than her typical family-oriented day, I’m sure.

  36. Troy says:

    Hello this is pure magic , i would love to take a part in this journy . i am already ahuge fan of hers . i live in missouri and i know i can show her a good time . GREAT WORK

  37. mc6pack says:

    Read about the Jolie’s visit to Hippieville, and I am completely fascinated by this idea. Well done.

    We’d love to have her visit us in Wyoming. Surviving our brood (four kids age six or under) will put all of her action-figuring skills to the test. Please put me on the list.

    Considering The Jolie’s popularity, we’ll expect her arrival sometime in 2017.

  38. omawarisan says:

    Wow, with that many kids around there will be plenty of other action figures for her to meet. I’d be careful when she gets there, she is the sort that would organize an action figure revolt!

  39. Snoring Dog Studio says:

    We need The Jolie here in Boise, Idaho. Fish and Game seem to be unable to capture the coyote that heads into downtown each evening for (GASP!) dinner. I’ve done my pathetic part in warning Boiseans to bring their pets and children in, but I simply do not have the gear, nor the biceps, to deal with a mangy, hungry coyote. While Jolie is in town, though, I’d love to take her up to Tablerock to give her a Pez-sized view of our little town.

  40. Oma, my vacation plans are confirmed for Mexico, but I think The Jolie may be headed in another direction during the last week of February? If yes, can I have first dibs on a trip to St. John, USVI, and the BVI in May? Actually, that would be my preference. There are a lot of souls that need saving at beach bars down there. Also, does she have a snorkel, mask, and fins?

  41. Carol says:

    We of the fair City of Subdued Excitement -Bellingham, Washington – would be thrilled to welcome Jolie Pez. I only wish I had seen this project earlier; I could have taken her through the Blaine (WA) border crossing – in the uppermost left-hand side of the contiguous United States, as B’ham is only a stone’s throw away. She could then continue her adventure in our fair, neighboring country of Canada. We could have an international hand-off, kind of like a spy ring moving our agents.

    Oh, if Jolie Pez should accept this mission, she will be able to enjoy a city just named by Sunset Magazine as one of the top ten happiest cities in the USA…”a seaside haven 90 miles north of Seattle”. Now that our secret is out, might as well let the high profile celebrities visit “The Ham”.

  42. Thypolar says:

    I’ve been reading Jolie’s journey thus far and would LOVE to show the Jolie a good time. I’m sure her trip to Las Vegas would be scandalous and the hubby and I would have a great time giving her a tour of Sin City!

    • omawarisan says:

      Sounds great, She will get there. I do have to tell you that she’s supposed to go there on vacation with someone, but I’ll still get her to you for the locals point of view! I’m doing the same thing with her in New Orleans, she’s going to Jazz Fest, and returning to visit a resident.

      • Thypolar says:

        Sounds great! The locals have a completely different perspective on the city than the tourists do. The hubby (a fellow blogger) is a cabbie here and would love to take her to work so she can experience the crazy of Vegas. It’ll be a blast. Just give us a heads up whenever you’re ready for her to cause as scene in “Sin City”!

  43. […] had a houseguest for a few weeks.  That’s right, Angelina Jolie was visiting us as part of The Jolie Pez Project.  There’s even more details about the whole shebang – including some of the […]

  44. Spectra says:

    I can offer the Jersey Shore Experience.

  45. Lucky Eye says:

    What about another stop in Canada? I think she would like it in Port Coquitlam 😀

  46. weid0089 says:

    I’m a little late… Is this still happening?! I would love to adopt The Jolie for a week! Minneapolis would definitely show her a good time!

  47. 2013 and there is no way Pez Jolie could have completed all her travels yet. If she is interested in riding on the back of a Dolphin at SeaWorld or going on a Safari to the Wild Animal Park or just lounging on the lovely beaches it can be done. If she drinks beer, I’ll take her to some of my favorite haunts – and with Halloween around the corner – well we have The Best downtown acitiviy anywhere this side of Transylvania. I haven have some Pez friends (purchased for a young’un) she can adopt on her local travels so she doesn’t miss home too much.

  48. Hi blurt , I would be happy to show the Jolie around . I live on the northern beaches in Sydney. Let me know … -J

  49. datatater says:

    And now it’s almost 2016….is the Project still going on? Atlanta NEEDS the Jolie!

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