North Carolina Sales Tax Holiday

Here in North Carolina, one weekend a year, citizens do not have to pay sales tax on certain items. The thought behind this, from what I remember from the first one, was to save people money as they got their kids ready to go back to school after the summer break.

The tax break comes on things like clothing, computers, school supplies etc.. On the list of things eligible for the tax break is a definition of clothing – 

“Clothing” is defined as all human wearing apparel suitable for general use including coats, jackets, hats, hosiery scarves and shoes.” North Carolina General Statute 105-164.13C

Athletic Supporters

These are athletic supporters, but are not included in the tax free weekend

That definition seems straightforward enough. For some reason though, there is a list in the law specifying that certain items constitute clothing for the purpose of this tax free weekend.

  • Aprons, household and shop
  • Athletic supporters
  • Baby receiving blankets
  • Bandannas
  • Bathing suits and caps; beach capes and coats
  • Belts and suspenders
  • Boots; overshoes
  • Coats, jackets, capes, and wraps
  • Costumes (does not include costume masks sold separately)
  • Diapers (children and adults, including disposables)
  • Earmuffs; gloves and mittens for general use; hats and caps; hosiery; scarves
  • Formal wear (does not include rentals)
  • Garters and garter belts; girdles; leotards and tights; panty hose; socks; stockings and footlets; underwear
  • Insoles for shoes
  • Jogging suits
  • Lab coats
  • Neckties
  • Rainwear
  • Rubber pants
  • Sandals; shoes and shoelaces; slippers; sneakers; steel-toed shoes
  • Uniforms (athletic and nonathletic uniforms when purchased for nonbusiness use)
  • Wedding apparel (does not include rentals)

I have no idea why these particular items needed to be specifically listed or what some of them have to do with going back to school. I do know that, if I were going back to school, I would have to go with the athletic supporter, with suspenders, topped off with a cape.

Of course things would be different in chemistry lab, where obviously I would swap the cape for a lab coat. It is important to make a good impression on that first day back from summer break. I’d be happy to have the chance to save a few bucks on that first impression.

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10 Comments on “North Carolina Sales Tax Holiday”

  1. pattypunker says:

    i’m coming to NC to augment my rubber pants collection!

    • omawarisan says:

      This is the weekend, come on down. If you spend more than $300 on rubber pants you get an autographed picture of Andy Griffith.

      I don’t know why I wrote that about Andy. I may have to leave the state for even thinking about it.

      Submit comment.

  2. Thank God for this. My leotards are pretty worn, so I’m gonna need a few extras. If I mail you a check, can you pick some up for me?

  3. queensgirl says:

    After you purchase your beach cape and coat, could you please let me know what they are? Also, the word “footlet” is making me giggle.

  4. queensgirl says:

    Oh, and I couldn’t find the original post, so I will tell you here that I finally saw someone wearing a price tag-adorned cap.

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