I’ve Got No Good Place To Put This Hurricane

I dread hurricane season.

It isn’t that I live somewhere that usually gets hit by hurricanes. The one time it happened was certainly enough for me. Storms making it as far inland as I live are a true rarity.

Hurricanes Only Go To Special Places.

My problem isn’t being worried about hurricanes blowing over my house. The issue is them blowing over the places I love

Right now there are hurricanes lined up across the Atlantic aimed at the places I go to relax and spend time away from the real world. As these storms pass on, others move off Africa to take their turn at threatening someplace special.

Ocracoke Island Lighthouse from across Silver ...

Ocracoke Lighthouse on Silver Lake, the island's harbor (Image via Wikipedia)

Today they are evacuating one of my favorite places, Ocracoke Island on the North Carolina Outer Banks. I’m guessing the evacuation will gradually move up the beaches of the Outer Banks. It is sad that a place as beautiful as Ocracoke can be threatened and damaged by a storm; sadder still that the good people who live there are losing a prime weekend of tourist driven income.

This time it is the Outer Banks’ turn in the sights of a storm, but if it weren’t the storm would be aimed at someplace else I love – the Florida Keys, the Gulf Coast, Charleston, SC, Bimini, or that island on my some day list, Cuba.

So The Wishing Begins

The storm is churning across the sea. The Weather Channel has given someone a rain coat and told them to head to the beach. I’m wishing the storm away from Ocracoke. Away from Hatteras, Manteo, Kill Devil Hills and Duck.

Me, paddling this summer off Ocracoke.

Wishing a hurricane away is no easy task. Truthfully, it has not worked yet. I’m still going to try. My biggest problem is where to put it. There really isn’t a good place to put a Category 4 storm that isn’t going to mess with someone’s special place in the sun or their home. I can’t really wish that on anyone.

In the next few days there will be people picking up the pieces and others who will be counting their blessings that they were missed. this time. It’s a sad and dangerous time.

I’ll go back to the only thing I can do, wishing. Please think easterly thoughts so everyone is safe.

Hold tight Outer Banks!


21 Comments on “I’ve Got No Good Place To Put This Hurricane”

  1. Hippie Cahier says:

    Now my silly comment (on your About page) from this morning seems really insensitive. I am sorry for that. Of course, I am keeping easterly thoughts. I hope your and everyone else’s places in the sun remain untouched.

  2. Kate says:

    My fingers and toes are tightly crossed. Please, Earl, go out to sea and leave everyone in peace!

    The only major hurricane I’ve experienced was Gloria in ’85. I remember being outside during the eye of the storm. Those things are amazing and terrifying in equal amounts.

    Tell me about Bimini. The pianist on the cruise we went on raved about it. Brian and I want to go. We’re just unsure of the best way to get there, where to stay — stuff like that.

    • omawarisan says:

      Bimini is great…not a lot there, but that is part of the charm. I went on a sailboat while on a scuba trip. we made an overnight stop there. I think they have small planes going in there. There used to be seaplane service, but they had a bad accident.

  3. Hi omawarisan:

    Earl is scheduled to hit where I live early on Saturday morning…usually by the time hurricanes get to my neck of the woods, they’re downgraded to tropical storms. Still, we’ll be stocking up on bottled water in case our well is affected by the heavy rains, and bringing in some food that can be eaten without cooking first. I’m also wondering how best to protect my garden, but have had trouble finding info on that…guess I’ll just pick everything that’s ready and hope for the best!

    Hope Earl stays out to sea…


  4. Betty says:

    I see they’ve deployed Cantore. He seems very excited.

  5. Actually a person from the Weather Channel in a raincoat is probably a good sign–the hurricane will definitely go somewhere else.

    Best of luck!

  6. spencercourt says:

    Surprise, surprise! I was in NC when Hugo hit. We were driving the Blue Ridge to DC. We were spending the night in someplace called Pine something (Ridge?), heading the next day to Boone. I figured that being so far inland, Hugo would not be an issue. There was a lot of howling that night but I wasn’t peeking out the windows either, just trying to sleep.

    The next morning I was shocked at the damage. Since we were in the mountains, it was easy to see which way Hugo came. Many trees on the eastenr slopes were flattened as if some giant tractor rolled over them; the western slopes were OK. At one point, it was so foggy we had could not see the road and had to sit a few hours in the parking lot of Grandfather Mountain.

    It took the whole day to get to Boone, including some detours. When we arrive around 6, the power had just come back on at the hotel within the last two hours.

    On the return from DC, we came down the coast, hitting the Outer Banks, including Ocracoke and taking the ferry to the mainland.

    There’s some good news: the FEMA director is the former Florida Emergency Management Director. He knows what he’s doing.

    • omawarisan says:

      Spruce Pine? Pretty area, they have a big gem and mineral festival there every year.

      Hugo really ate our area up, a lot of trees down and homes damaged. Was nothing like what they get in coastal areas. No one expected it to get here at all.

      The night of Hugo I happened to be at a local television station taping one of those sunday morning public affairs shows that no one watches. They kept interrupting the taping to do live updates on the storm. I dont think the weather man believed what he was saying.

  7. linlah says:

    I’m wishing it away, I hope I’m powerful enough to control a hurricane.

  8. I remember Hugo. It didn’t “hit” MD, but the high-speed winds and rain was horrible.

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