Asked and answered

Four days after being tagged with answering these questions, I got around to actually doing so. I also need to get to an award I was passed, that is coming soon!

If you could have any super power, what would you have and why?

Brooks Robinson

Brooks probably still can glove. Also he can turn a river into a raging fire, he just chooses not to (Image by ConspiracyofHappiness via Flickr)

The Temptations sayeth:

I can fly like a bird in the sky, I can buy anything that money can buy, I can turn a river into a raging fire, I can live forever if I so desire.

But apparently I can’t get next to you…so that is in the running.

Actually, of all the super powers available, there really is no contest. I’d like to be able to play 3rd base like Brooks Robinson did. The man could play the corner like no one ever has and ever will.

“I’m beginning to see Brooks (Robinson) in my sleep. If I dropped a paper plate, he’d pick it up on one hop and throw me out at first.” – Sparky Anderson

Who is your fashion icon?

I don’t have a lot of flexibility at work.

A strict dress code specifies “uniform of the day (class A or B) or utility dress in accordance with specialized assignment.” I hear people say they have to think about what to wear to work. I have no idea what that is like. I get up and think “perhaps I’ll wear blue today”, and I do. Everyday.

Away from work I am exceedingly casual. Sometimes I believe that is an extension of me trying to get away from work me.

I do not own a tie.

I guess I lack an icon.

What is your favorite quote?

My son pointed out to me that “some good things don’t go well together, like Chinese Food and cheese.”

I like the way he sees the world.

What playlist/CD is in your iPod/player?

Statue of Lightnin' Hopkins in Texas

Lightnin' (Image via Wikipedia)

While I’m writing this I am listening to Go to Nassau by the Grateful Dead.

I listened to Lightnin’ Hopkins, Live At Newport before that. Lightnin’ was a great old blues singer and an amazing guitar player.

Are you a night owl or a morning person?

I’m not sure. My job currently requires that I make it in by 5:30 am. That means I get up at 4:15 and necessitates an early bed time.

On vacation I like to stay up late, but my body’s rhythm is a little out of whack. I’ll wake up at 7 and think I slept in.

Perhaps I need to take longer vacations until I can give a solid answer on this question.

Do you prefer cats or dogs?

Yeah, whatever Cat. Come see me when you get a job. (

I don’t have a quarrel with either. I like to judge them as individuals, not as entire species.

I guess I like that dogs seem willing to work. If I’m going to lean toward one over the other I think that would probably push me dogward.

Dogward – an adjective indicating action in the direction of a dog or dogs.

What is the meaning behind your blog name?

Blurt is just a good descriptor of how it feels when I’ve got an idea of what I want to write about. It just comes out without a lot of thought.

Perhaps that shows.


17 Comments on “Asked and answered”

  1. Hi oma:

    Thanks for linking back to me…will anxiously await your post!

    “I do not own a tie.” Me either!

    I love blues too…I’m going to see John Hiatt tonight!

    Not surprised that you’re a morning person…


  2. pattypunker says:

    you have quite an appetite for music – which is nothing short of awesome. my car cd player currently has high violet by the national. and the most played playlist on my ipod lately has been reservoir by fanfarlo. but i love all music! just in case this was turning into something all about me.

  3. Todd Pack says:

    Good call on the super power.

  4. Hippie Cahier says:

    Nicely done, as always!

  5. Brooke says:

    I like “dogward.” It works. Get on that, Webster.

  6. Katybeth says:

    Blurt it a good word….A manly kind of word–Is it wrong of me to believe most women don’t blurt? Oh come on…we would all wonder about a women who named her blog Blurt–I would think it was the name of her dog….
    Your son has a point cheese and Chinese don’t go together. The boy will go far.

    Fun post.

  7. Dr. Cynicism says:

    Your son sounds like a brilliant young man. Funny how they’re able to phrase things better than we can, eh? Very nice blog by the way!

  8. I like your son’s quote. I love Chinese food, and I love cheese, but he’s right. I can’t imagine them together.

    Oh, except those crab rangoon things…but that’s cream cheese so I don’t think it counts.

    That kitty looks grumpy.

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