Just tell the truth, Mr. Mixon.

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I don’t often write about sports, I’m making a exception here with a post to purge some frustration.

On my way home from work, I was forced to listen to the radio broadcast of the Carolina Panthers on the local station, WBT -AM. This never fails to be a miserable experience, even in a winning season.

Today, after successive awful plays by the defense that resulted in a score by the Panthers opponent, play by play hack Mick Mixon announced that the Panthers fans in attendance were in “stunned silence”.

I beg to differ, Mr Mixon.

This is how I would spell the sound of “stunned silence” – “___________”.

This, sir, is how I would spell the sound I heard that you characterize as “stunned silence” – “BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

The first spelling indicates what truly stunned silence sounds like. It is the sound people make when they are so surprised by what they see or hear that they are speechless. The second spelling is the sound people make when they are frustrated by poor performance.

BOOOOOOOOOO, Mr. Mixon, BOOOOOOOOOOO!  We know the team stinks. Pretending that we don’t know that doesn’t make it any better. Speak the truth, sir, or step away from the mic.

6 Comments on “Just tell the truth, Mr. Mixon.”

  1. jammer5 says:

    It’s football. Two four letter words pasted together so people don’t think they’re dirty words. Real fans know better 🙂

  2. linlah says:

    Forced? Against your will? Were you being held hostage by your radio, or your car?

  3. hippie cahier says:

    Maybe one of the finest first basemen to ever live had walked into the stadium bearing BBQ ribs and the crowd was cheering “BOOOOOOG”?

    That’s how we console ourselves at Camden Yards anyway.

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