…but I’ve never diverted a commercial airliner.

I have done things…

A roll of glossy, grey duct tape.

I love tape. (Image via Wikipedia)


I am willing to admit that I have pulled a practical joke now and again.  

I have glued lockers shut.  

I have removed tires and left cars on jacks. Sometimes I’ve made cars disappear.  

I taped someone into their office. I taped someone out of their car. I made duct tape insoles for someone’s shoes. I taped someone to a wall. I love tape.  

I had someone who couldn’t get to work on time. I made him wear an alarm clock on a chain to our morning meeting for a month to cure him. Problem solved.  

I’ve delivered a couple hundred pounds of concrete to one person’s desk and filled another persons cubicle with balloons.  

I’m very proud of having rigged someone’s desk so that Rick James’ Superfreak played every time they opened a drawer.  

Mating Japanese Beetles

Hundreds of them, making hundreds more. I was so proud (Image by imarsman via Flickr)


I used the sex pheromone scent lure from a Japanese Beetle Trap to fill someone’s company car with horny Japanese Beetles.  

I’ve found that a car is easier to fill with balloons than a cubicle is. Never leave your car windows open.  

I inserted an extra slide into the PowerPoint presentation of a friend who gave his talk after mine. Three slides into his talk, the screen announced a ten minute break.  

I found someone’s office computer unlocked and altered their  screen saver settings to run jokes during a meeting.  

…but I’ve never diverted a commercial airliner.

PIA- Pakistan International Airlines Boeing 77...

Do you think they serve pretzels? They sure as hell don't on US Airways anymore. (Image by E-Mans av8pix.com via Flickr)


Yesterday, someone called the authorities and reported that a man had explosives on a Pakistan International Airlines flight.  

Authorities rightly redirected the plane as soon as possible and investigated the situation. No explosives were found. The man accused in the calls was so convincingly surprised that he was the subject of the investigation that the authorities came to believe that he was innocent of what he was accused of being involved in. 

Diverting a flight is certainly an attention getter. But it is not cool. I’m a big fan of jokes designed to get someone’s attention and take them down a peg. I’ve even enjoyed those that have been played on me. This one certainly crosses a line. A lot of folks were inconvenienced. Someone could have been hurt.  

I’m sure they’ll figure out who is responsible for this “joke”. The perpetrators of this one lack style. I hope they’re duct taped into a cell. It is really too bad Japanese beetle season is over; that one was really good.  

22 Comments on “…but I’ve never diverted a commercial airliner.”

  1. pattypunker says:

    you stole my comment. the japanese beatle one was really good! i’m all over it. i also like placing stinky chesse in a hidden place and watching the victim check their pits. or switching someone’s keys on their keyboard.

  2. You are too funny. I now have many jokes to play on unsuspecting subjects. Mwhahaha.

  3. dottiemaggie says:

    bahahaha. You’ve done some good ones! Wish you worked at my workplace, it would be entertaining sure! ;D (I think the superfreak one is my favourite..)

    • omawarisan says:

      Loved the superfreak one. That one started with the idea of getting the guts of one of those musical greeting cards and hiding it in the ceiling. When I saw the way it worked I figured out I could rig the desk drawer.

      I had no idea that a card that played superfreak was available. I should have stocked up.

  4. spencercourt says:

    In college…. I may have put condoms on showerheads in the women’s bathroom. I may have also placed clear plastic wrap over their commodes. I may have also sent in dozens and dozens of those postage-free “postcards” to subscribe some “enemies” to all sorts of magazines received by the college library.

  5. Katybeth says:

    I turned my son’s milk blue one morning….it was fun, it was harmless…he laughed the hardest and then pulled the same joke on his grandfather with the same results. Diverting an airplane, accusing an innocent man, the money and inconvenience involved is not a joke—is not funny. I am a fan of funny practical jokes–where the person laughing hardest is the victim.
    The powerpoint practical joke is funny and useful….

    • omawarisan says:

      Exactly, there’s no reason for something like the airplane thing. That isn’t a message, that is trying to hurt someone or scare them to death.

      The powerpoint one went well. The speaker knew his talk really well and wasnt looking at the slides. He went right into the point of slide number 3 and half the audience was getting up and leaving. He took it really well.

  6. jammer5 says:

    Awww, the fun stuff we do. I and a couple of friends, rolled a porta potty down a hill one time, not knowing there was someone in it (he was hollering like a guy covered with #2, as we ran like hell). I put a grease fitting into a fellow workers tool box and filled it with 15 pounds of grease after I found my tool box welded to the ceiling (twenty feet off the ground).

    I filled out all the cards that come in a maintenance pack for our boss and sent them in. A week later, two salesman showed up from ManRoland, who makes printing presses, and wondered why he wanted to see them when we already had three 900 models at the cost of mega-millions. Angelic faces were to be found all around.

    I programmed a touch screen with a large red button that said “USE ONLY IN CASE OF EMERGENCY” When someone pressed it, it said, “OPPS”. My boss made me remove it.

  7. Todd Pack says:

    Every year, on April Fool’s Day, my grandmother would call to ask if our refrigerator was running. EVERY YEAR. One year, when she asked, I told her, “No.” She paused a second and said, “Well, I was gonna say, if it was, you’d better go catch it!”

  8. linlah says:

    Saran wrap a cubicle including the top and put confetti on top of the wrap, not that I would know, I hear that’s a real bummer to clean up.

  9. snoringdogstudio says:

    Love all your prank ideas! Do not ever like any form of airplane pranks or punks. I snuck up on my ex while he was showering – quietly peeled back the shower curtain and poured red watercolor onto the shower floor behind him. He looked down as the lovely alizarin crimson stream washed through his legs, and shrieked. Kind of like a little girl shriek, too. That isn’t why we’re not married anymore.

  10. Somehow I missed this post…some of the guys I used to work with at the call center had running battles with practical jokes…luckily, I was immune! Tape was a factor in many of them…


  11. You lead an exciting life…I shall live vicariously through your pranking of others.

    Simply MUST try the filling a car with balloons one. That’s a keeper…

  12. Kate says:

    Will you please fill my office with balloons? If you did that and rigged my drawers to play Superfreak, I would be the happiest girl in the world.

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