Reading Backward, Part One

It is kind of typical for media outlets to spend the last part of a year reviewing the year. They’ll show video depicting the most pressing issues of the day, like Lindsay Lohan, and then talk about how she went through the year.

I don’t have any Lohan video for us to discuss, but I like the idea of getting by during the last week by rehashing some stuff I had fun writing. It will give me a chance to fool with some new ideas and hit the first week of the new year with some posts that are not rehashing old posts.

The last Blurt post of the year will be the annual report on the travels of The Jolie. Didn’t know there was going to be an annual report? Neither did I, but there will and it will be full of the best photos and statistics from the first year of the project. You won’t want to miss that. Well, perhaps you will want to miss it, but how awkward would it be for me to write “you might want to not bother”?

Today’s Reading Backward takes us back to February 27th. Remember February 27th? Me neither. I don’t even remember yesterday. Stop reading, click on the blue February 27th and then get back to me here.


17 Comments on “Reading Backward, Part One”

  1. Katybeth says:

    Well I am not sure if I would have seen in clearly back on February 27th–but reading it today…yes, I think you have made an excellent case. Tell me when did you and Carly first meet?

  2. shoutabyss says:

    It’s time for the Year in Review! As if we didn’t just live through it or something like that. Then, on January 1, we’ll are be reborn and the previous year will be boring ancient history.

    Also, if you want a real taste of how time flies, remember that 2011 will be the 10th anniversary of 9/11. I can hardly believe that!

  3. Can’t wait for The Jolie Annual Report!

    The February 27th post had me reading backward to my own of May 29th, “Nuvole in my coffee,” in which I tried to make sense of “clouds in my coffee” from “You’re So Vain.” Because the song is clearly all about you, and an explanation from Carly gave me a headache (when I wrote the post and, again, when I read it today), I wonder if you can shed some light on what she’s singing about? As it relates to you, or how it relates to anything. And I quote, as I wonder what she puts in her coffee:

    “Clouds in my coffee” are the confusing aspects of life and love. That which you can’t see through, and yet seems alluring…until. Like a mirage that turns into a dry patch. Perhaps there is something in the bottom of the coffee cup that you could read if you could (like tea leaves or coffee grinds). – Carly Simon 5/17/01

  4. I love Carly Simon…I wish her husband, James Taylor, would have written a song about 11-year-old me back in 1972…some guys have all the luck!


  5. Todd Pack says:

    Your dad’s theory of how to pick horses could work either way. You know, they might run faster if they didn’t do what bears do before the race. I’m just sayin’.

    Also, I had no idea the line was “gavotte.” Blurts is nothing if not educational!

    • Jane says:

      Just goes to show how far a poet will stretch for a decent rhyme. That sexy playboy that Carly sung about would never do anything so silly as that dance. (Naturally, Omawarisan easily slips into the “sexy playboy” role–it’s no wonder he knows that he is the subject of the song). I always thought the word was “cavort.”

      In it’s time, though, I guess the gavotte was considered wordly–thus sexy.

      • omawarisan says:

        Todd, part of the brilliance of my Dad is that he points me at the answer, but lets me figure out what it is. I’m still not sure if the theory is that the lighter horse or the more motivated horse is the better bet.

        Jane…cavort makes a hell of a lot of sense!

  6. Snoring Dog Studio says:

    This is what I so love about the webs. I learn so much. So much stuff. I was under the mistaken impression that it was about Paul Anka.

  7. We found him Captain!! says:

    It’s all about where the trainer hangs the bag onto the horse. If he puts it on the horse’s butt, that horse will make it into the trifecta . If he hangs the bag on the horse’s head that horse will not make the winner’s circle.

  8. dottiemaggie says:

    that look back in time made me feel young. thank you 🙂
    i might have said something else, but I got distracted by the fireworks over the harbour… weeeee!

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