2010 – The Year In Jolie

Say hello to our little friend.

2010 was the first year of the Jolie Pez Project. I want to start out by saying that the project has already gone far beyond what I thought it could. My thanks go out to each of you who, at great risk to your safety and reputations, have allowed The Jolie into your lives.

I also would like to thank all the friends of The Jolie who read her adventures. Many of you are still awaiting a visit from our favorite action figure. I am happy to report that The Jolie will be traveling for quite some time. She has committed to visit all who invite her, anywhere in the world.

Jolie Project Facts

Let’s talk numbers, shall we?

The Jolie has been in seven states – North Carolina, Connecticut, New York, Tennessee, California, Maryland and Florida. Her travels have been the subject of nine posts here on Blurt, six of those by friends of The Jolie.

Perhaps most impressively, she has traveled 7676 miles since the first time she left my house a little over four months ago. I expect that mileage record to fall in 2011.

The Jolie’s Travels

How could I make a summary of the first year of the project without reviewing our inappropriate little friend’s adventures? Each photo in this post is a link to the adventure it came from. I urge you to also take the time to explore the links to the sites of the creative folks who The Jolie has visited this year – I know you will like what you find there.

The Jolie started her adventures here in North Carolina, with me. In this photo we see her enjoying fried pickles at The Penguin. The Penguin was an institution in Charlotte until it was recently shut down in an ownership dispute. I miss “The Dirty Bird”.

Connecticut was The Jolie’s first destination, where she was hosted by Betty. The Jolie’s personality clearly did not win everyone over.

A particular girl from Queens was The Jolie’s next victim hostess. Together, they took in The Jolie’s first Major League Baseball game. The Jolie was so excited by the chance to be there that she developed a bladder control issue.

The Jolie dropped off the radar for longer than expected. She finally made it to my front porch and collapsed. The police came and drew a chalk line around her before she was sent to the hospital. Things looked bleak, but she regained her health and hit the road.

In Nashville, Todd Pack (who has an unkempt desk but a tidy blog) was The Jolie’s host. She took advantage of the chance to the Grand Ole Opry House. Rumor has it that she was inspired to sing Stand By Your Man to Todd, who responded by mailing her to California.

In California, The Jolie spent time with a high school friend of mine, Margie. They visited the studio of the Flaming Lotus Girls.

In transit to Maryland, The Jolie stopped in North Carolina to take in the North Carolina State University versus University of North Carolina football game. Before the game, she put a lot of effort into stealing bits of my chopped barbecue lunch.

The Jolie moved on to the state where I grew up, Maryland. She visited my fellow University of Maryland grad, The Hipster. The Hipster is the creator of the fine blog, Hippie Cahier. Naturally, a trip to visit the statue of the University of Maryland mascot, Testudo, was in order.

I have this picture on my screen saver at work and refuse to explain it to anyone who asks.

The Hipster sent The Jolie on to Thoughts Appear in Western Maryland. TA promptly hopped on a plane and flew to Panama City, FL for a walk on the beach with The Jolie.

The Jolie is currently in Baltimore on a soon to be posted adventure. Following that, she will be leaving the country for the first time, starting her Canadian Tour. My hope is to keep The Jolie traveling the world for a good long time. If you’re interested in sharing an adventure with her, it is never too late to let me know!

Also, this seems a good time to thank you all for supporting Blurt – all of it, not just The Jolie. This is post number 300 for me. Thank you all for making this fun!


28 Comments on “2010 – The Year In Jolie”

  1. Snoring Dog Studio says:

    I live vicariously through Jolie Pez. I’m looking forward to my visit to Canada, a delightful land filled with people who speak near English. Please let me know well in advance if and when Jolie goes to Mexico so that I can take the proper preventatives.

    Your blog has so very much brought more joy to my life. Keep it up!

    • omawarisan says:

      Thank you ma’am. I think I’ve forgotten how to stop.

      If you’re planning on visiting Canada, I suggest leaving now. Depending on what kind of mood she’s in when she arrives The Jolie may cause increased scrutiny at the border.

  2. spencercourt says:

    That photo with the fried pickles has got me salivating….!

    > I expect that mileage record to fall in 2011

    If the Jolie gets permission to visit Sin City, then that mileage alone will be about 4,000 miles RT. Vegas now looks to be in late February or early March. Is she free between Feb 25 and March 12?

    Long live the Jolie!

  3. Zahara says:

    Fried pickles? Is that a Penguin specialty or a Southern delicacy?

    And then there’s Canada. Has the Jolie had all her shots?

    Will she attempt to impersonate a Canadian?

    Does she dispense Pez????

    • omawarisan says:

      Fried pickles are getting easier to find. It does not make sense that they’re good, but they are. The Penguin had them down to an art. If you ever see them on a menu, make sure they are slices, not spears!

      We’ll leave the Canadian impersonation to drunk me!

  4. Zahara says:

    P.S. Happy 300th !!!!! And thanks for all the laughs!

  5. Congrats on post #300, Oma! You’ve got almost twice as many as I have!

    Looking forward to the Jolie’s Canadian tour…Jim is using it as an excuse to purchase a snazzy new lens for his camera…apparently, a regular lens isn’t good enough for the Jolie!


  6. dottiemaggie says:

    mmm….fried pickles….

    Can’t wait to see what hijinks The Jolie gets up to in 2011!

  7. savanvleck says:

    Just discovered and love your blog.
    Visit me at . I would be delighted to have Jolie Pez as a guest. She could visit the Muddy Boots Cafe, where Blue Grass is popular They would even let her sit in on a set. Then, off to my art studio, it is the “art capital of Indiana) where she can try her hand at painting, pottery and making 8” tall fairies.

  8. […] blogs, rather than posting on my own,  I have discovered:  2010 – The Year In Jolie | Blurt via 2010 – The Year In Jolie | Blurt.    Check out her past blogs for a hysterical account of the time she was a contestant on […]

  9. Congrats on 300! That was a great movie…so glad you could be involved in it… 😉

    I’m just pleased as punch that I managed to make my way to your little ol’ blog, AND that I’ll be taking part in the Experiment…er…Project. We’re looking forward to hosting the Jolie to see what antics she can get up to. I hope that she has her passport in order. Make sure she packs lots of Vitamin D for her trip to Nunavut. We’re only getting about 3 1/2 hours of sunlight these days…

    • omawarisan says:

      I’ll make sure she’s got vitamin D in her back pack. Leave her under a lamp when you can, I think she’s prone to seasonal affective disorder and needs light.

      I’m glad you and Ian are here. Stay warm-ish?

  10. Todd Pack says:

    If the Jolie enjoyed her trip to Nashville half as much as I did, then I enjoyed it twice as much as she did.

  11. 300 posts! Looking forward to reading 300 more!

  12. Oh, for the love of The Jolie! She was not “excited” to be at a MLB game in New York. She is clearly a Red Sox fan. Thatta girl!

    Snoring Dog, be warned. You may need those preventatives. I’m going to Mexico at the end of the month, and if The Jolie is free and will accompany and protect me, I would be most grateful. However, I am concerned about the trouble she might cause at the border and will anxiously await news of her Canadian adventure.

    Happy 300th, Omawarisan! Because I enjoy Blurt so much, I will continue to be a loyal fan even though my son goes to ECU, and I sense a football conflict. Arrrggghhh!

    • omawarisan says:

      Ewww, yeah ECU did a number on NC State in football this year. No penalties for not being an NC State fan here, I graduated from Maryland, a big rival of theirs.

      The Jolie just left for Canada today and has a commitment to go to Vegas at the start of next month. Shoot me a note to let me know when youre going? One way or another, she will come see you, Mexico or not!

  13. Pie says:

    Congrats on the 300, Oma. I’m looking forward to the further adventures of The Jolie in 2011. And all your other posts, of course.

  14. Brooke says:

    I love hearing about her travels. Can’t wait to see what Baltimore did for her. 🙂

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