Soup Or Bowl

Woman bowling, circa 1950

Image by Center for Jewish History, NYC via Flickr

Once again, I am on call during the big game.

Potato soup

Image via Wikipedia

No party for me, so I’m going to try the live blog thing I did during jury duty a couple weeks ago.

Starting at 6:30-ish (eastern) come on by and we’ll talk about whats going on with the game and the commercials….unless you’re at a party, because that wouldn’t be cool

6:30…Could it take longer to flip a coin?

6:37 – Steelers 3 and out. Good. Normally I’d pull for them, but that whole rape thing, I’m sort of against it.

6;43 – First commercials!

Bud Light Commercial…hack job, not funny…Doritos with the dog, kinda funny. Audi, you gotta love that Kenny G doesnt take himself seriously.

Steelers dont score again. Digging it

6:50 Commercials – Doritos…he sucked his finger?!?! Pepsi max…come on..nail the girl in the head with a can and run?

6;53 . This is looking like a tough game. Might be worth staying awake for the whole thing.

6:55 Packers Driving!

6:58 – Alex Rodriguez and Cameron Diaz. Its hard to care

Alex Rodriguez sharing his thoughts on a calle...

Steroids. (Image via Wikipedia)

7:01 Packers TD! Jordy Nelson missed an easier catch earlier, makes a hard one look easy. Digging it.

7:02  – No one but Doritos and Pepsi are advertising.

7;04 – Movie ad…Cowboys and Aliens. Serious?

7:07 – Interception for a TD, Packers! I am in favor of that sort of thing.

7:09 – Eminem. I like that you dont do commercials. Keep not doing them.

7:12 – 7 second delay didnt work – “get that dumb ass…”

7:14 – I wish I’d named my son Flozell. What was I thinking?

7:16 – Reply all email ad was pretty funny. Funnier than when I did it. Oh God, Joan Rivers…dry heaves.

Second Quarter starts with Green Bay up 14.

7:23 – Pittsburgh field goal….14-3 . I’ll take that.

Budweiser Tiny Dancer Commercial…nice!!

7:25 – John Travolta and Ron Howard are both there. I think my position on this is clear.

7:33 – VW, Darth Vader commercial, best one yet.

7:38 – Steelers are driving. Bleah.

7:42 – Interception by Green Bay.

7:43 – Dom Capers, Green Bay Defensive coordinator didn’t have much hair when he was coaching here in Charlotte. Now he has a lot of hair. Does he think we wont notice. Come on Dom, age like wine.

Dignity sir.

7:45..TD Green Bay!!!

7:49 – Nice Catch Randle-El for Pittsburgh.

Troy Aikman, American football quarterback.

Ha ha ha ha! That was awesome. (Image via Wikipedia)

Unfortunate line of the night – Troy Aikman refers to Ben Rothlesburger “getting it up”. Oops. That was the problem, wasnt it?

7:57 – Touchdown Pittsburgh. Auuugh. 21-10 Green Bay

8:00 – Halftime. I think The Black Eyed Peas are playing. They mentioned it once. Time to go make popcorn.

Back for the 3rd quarter.

Halftime – James Taylor and Carole King on PBS. Defund PBS? Don’t you dare.

Got a text from my son, Flozelle, at a Super Bowl Party on campus. A photo of a 5 gallon carton of Chancellor’s Choice Ice Cream from the NC State Campus Dairy. Two thoughts – glad he is happy. Times have changed since I was in school.

8:42…Pittsburgh touchdown, 21-17, Green Bay. That was too easy.

Commercial for Pirates Of The Caribbean 28. How many more can they do?

Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At Worlds End

They will be doing this when theyre all in walkers (Image by Stijn Vogels via Flickr)

8:49 – Green Bay. Have to catch the ball, right?

8:55 – Face mask…where’s the flag?!

9:00 – Steelers miss a 52 yard field goal attempt. It wasn’t even in the same time zone. Heh heh…excellent.

9:05 – Can we not hear about Glee anymore today? Please?

9:20 – not looking good

9:23 – On the plus side, I haven’t been called in to work….Steelers fumble, Packers recover!!

9:28 – Packers driving….auugh a drop!

9:31 – Touchdown!! Packers have a little cushion with 12 minutes left.

Was that a referee with glasses on in the replay? Yeah, I’ve got glasses too, but I am not a referee.

9:37 – Kevin Greene LB coach in Green Bay. Miss him in Charlotte.

9:40 – Holding penalty on Flozelle Adams. That is not the Flozelle that is my son.

9:43 – Auuugh Pittsburgh TD and 2 point conversion. They’re only three behind.

9:52 – Are the Packers hanging by a thread or burning off the clock? Or killing me?

9:55 – Packers lining up a field goal….good. Two minutes left, 6 point lead. Pittsburgh has one shot, touchdown or go home.

9:59 – Was that an Atari Bigby sighting?

No, apparently we are not allowed to stop hearing about Glee. Damn.

10:00 – Incomplete!!!!! Green Bay’s ball, fifty seconds left. Game over!!


68 Comments on “Soup Or Bowl”

  1. shoutabyss says:

    Great. Now I don’t actually have own a TV. I’ll just live vicariously through you. What a public service!

  2. Betty says:

    Do you have a favorite for the game?

  3. We found him Captain!! says:

    Did Christina hit every note in the scale??????….Cap’s wife!!!!!!!!

    • omawarisan says:

      Hey The Wife. I just missed the anthem. On purpose? Could be.

    • Greg says:

      She did and it seems she’s even invented the key of H.

    • shoutabyss says:

      Christina has true chops. She can really sing. I found it a bit odd that she flubbed the lyrics, though. How hard is it for a singer to know our national anthem? That’s their craft, isn’t it?

      • omawarisan says:

        In my adminstration, if you botch any nation’s anthem before a public event, you will never be allowed to sing again. It is amazing how many people think they know the words and clearly dont.

        As a semi-related side note, people who are throwing out the ceremonial first pitch at a baseball game should always practice before hand and be removed from that honor if they cant make the throw.

  4. I believe she should be charged with ” Felonious Assault of our national anthem”
    and banned from singing same in public forever.

  5. Betty says:

    Fergie is no Axl. Now I like Black Eyed Peas even less than I did before.

  6. I think next year’s half time entertainment will be Hugh Hefner playing with his banjo while his new girlfriend sings “Dancing in the rain” on stage.

  7. Why are they called black eyed peas? They should be called Snow White and the fava beans.

  8. Lemme Talka! I wanna Talka! There is too much pointing up to the sky even when some little progress is made. What is the significance of this? Is it ” Thank You Lord” or ” I’ll get you for this you @#!z?”because they didn’t score?…. I require a professional opinion on this because some $$$ is riding on the correct answer.

  9. Hey!!!! I can’t wait to watch “CHICAGO CODE” tomorrow night. It looks so genuine…..

  10. Queen says:

    the packers are letting the steelers back into the game. this is not good.

  11. When you a NFL coach you can afford extra hair. Now he is saving his money to buy more skin, then more hair, more skin, more hair, more skin more hair.

  12. Queen says:

    fingers crossed. toes crossed. if i were catholic, i’d have my rosary out…

  13. I second VW/Darth Vader ad as the best, thus far!

    And that Joan Rivers brings on dry heaves. She, however, can no longer afford dry heaves – not because she’s spent all of her money on plastic surgery, but because it would cause some serious cracks in her face.

    I wonder, too, was Condoleezza dressed in a business suit? If yes, why?

    Eminem is not cool, in my opinion, and quite possibly broke if he’s doing a car commercial.

    I’ll stop now. I’m just bored.

    • omawarisan says:

      Good point on Condoleeza…lighten up, youre at a football game!

      • Queen says:

        ehn. she’s gotta dress up for her husband, i mean former boss.

        and i wasn’t all that keen on eminem either, til i read an article in rolling stone, i believe it was, where he discussed his recovery from drugs and how he got clean for his kids. being a substance abuse professional, i have to admire that.

        haven’t seen the joan rivers commercial. that seems to be a good thing. (yes, i tune out the commercials at times…)

        • Your comment about Condoleezza cracked me up, Queen!

          I admire that about Eminem, too. He is totally cleaned up for the kids if he’s doing the car commercial. Hmmm. Will he clean up some lyrics for them as well? Nah, he has to stay a little controversial – it will build character in the kids.

  14. Todd Pack says:

    Groupon ad was pretty tasteless. I think it was done by the same agency that used to do Kenneth Cole’s tweets.

    • omawarisan says:

      The Tibet one? Yeah! Guess they didn’t have time to do one for Egypt. Maybe by postgame.

      • Hippie Cahier says:

        I came over post-party (sorry to have missed it) just to say that I could not believe what I was seeing. The only sense I could make of it was that they were intentionally trying for the Outrage attention. I am always getting Groupon emails. I will not be using them, nor will I be renewing my Timothy Hutton Fan Club membership. Oh, wait. Was I ever a Timothy Hutton fan? Whew. Mark that off the to-do list!

        • omawarisan says:

          Yeah, that was really odd. A lot of people had to see that before it went out into the world. Did no one think people might not think its cool to do that?

          Shoul’da been here. It was a maaad houuuse!

  15. Queen says:


    and with mr. mathers, i tell myself to listen behind the swearing. got some powerful stuff in those lyrics. not that i own an album or anything. i’m a social worker; what can i say. i’m a sucker for redemption stories.

  16. planetross says:

    Great idea for a blogpost. well done.

    I think it’s called Superbowl Monday in Japan … or Monday Morning Football which is not to be confused with Tuesday Morning Football during the regular season.
    I think that missed field goal football landed in my yard.

  17. Queen says:

    a’ight…the packers defense needs to keep doing what they did at the start of the game…that’s all i’m sayin’.

  18. omawarisan says:

    Game over!!! Very Nice!!

  19. Queen says:

    ok, dancing in my seat!

  20. omawarisan says:

    G’night muchachos, time for me to hit the hay, 4:30 am comes up fast.

    New post at 8:30 tomorrow morning.

    have a good night!

  21. Queen says:

    this was fun, omawarisan. thanks for the distraction.

  22. Laura says:

    Cool! Now I can pretend I watched the game.

    • omawarisan says:

      Remember, there was this groupon commercial that was kind of offensive. Also the Packers won even though they lost several of their best defensive players. That should get you through any conversation.

  23. What? I missed the soup?


  24. Wendi says:

    Oma, I should have gone to bed at a reasonable hour and just read your recap. Gave me all the highlight and would have kept the image of those Doritos commercials from being seared into my brain. Ick nast.

  25. I loved the Darth Vader commerical! And the Doritos finger sucking one. Mmmm…Doritos.

  26. Snoring Dog Studio says:

    Oma. Thank you. Thank you! Next year, instead of avoiding Super Bowl parties and the grocery store, I’ll just head over here. This was WAY BETTER than sitting among Dorito-smeared, beer belching football fans. Present company excepted, you all.

  27. Jane says:

    Darn! I spent the whole day looking for things to do that could get me out of doing things I had to do, and I missed all of this. Better late than never, though, and I would have lost it with the Glee fixations.

    • omawarisan says:

      Glee was inescapable. If it is that damned popular, why do they have to tell me about it the entire game. Apparently it isn’t that good if I they’ve got to beg me to watch.

  28. Jealous of all the commercials you saw. I don’t think we got to see ANY of the Superbowl commercials this year…they didn’t let a single one sneak through to the Canadian programming…well…perhaps the Eminem Brisk one…when did he decide to start using his legal name?

    We had a lovely little frozen get together up here in Iqaluit. The Jolie has made some friends, I must say. First weekend recap coming soon…

    Then we watched something called the Puppy Bowl…on Animal Planet…recap also coming soon…

  29. […] if you, like me, missed this year’s Super Bowl, you can get a hilarious run down of it on Blurts blog. Check it out. I did and I now I don’t feel like I missed all that […]

  30. […] by Blurt, I decided to do some “live blogging” on Super Bowl […]

  31. Katybeth says:

    You outdid yourself…Time to quit your day job and go forth and do “color.” Loads of possibilities…Jury duty, Superbowl, waiting in line at the grocery store.

    I know what you mean about the Steelers quarterback and then there is the Eagles Quarterback…both of them put together don’t add up to a quarter.

    My evening was spent stuffing my face with my moms avocado dip possible the best in the whole world. FYI 53.5 million: Pounds of avocados are consumed on Superbowl Sunday.

  32. […] during the game. Why blog during the game? Because it’ll keep me from barking at the TV, and I had some success with it a few years ago. Come on by during the game and keep me company since I’m (once again) not going out to […]

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