The Jolie Pez Project: Iqaluit, Canada

The Jolie has been visiting Suzanne and Ian in Canada. Between them, these bloggers run three sites – that is an average of 1.5 blogs each (and they say I’m math averse). They have recently moved to Iqaluit, Nunavut and are writing about this big change in their lives at I’ll Have Nunavut. Some of you don’t know where Iqaluit is. It is waaay up there. If Canada is The Great White North, Iqaluit looks very North and very white.

The Jolie took on a little bow hunting in a lodge, with a polar bear that was already sort of…dead.

Suzanne and Ian made The Jolie a fine parka to protect her from the weather. Our heroine got out and decided to make an effort to learn Inuktitut so she could impress some of the locals. What better phrase to learn first than “speed limit 40 kilometers per hour”? That’s always a great conversation starter, right?

The Jolie came upon some tracks from what she was sure was some sort of large bird. I’m sure she wished she didn’t waste her arrows on that bearskin rug.

She kept walking…there was so much snow. She didn’t know there could be that much snow.

She finally got back inside and met a gentleman who plied her with drinks and a gift of handcrafted kamiks. She told him there was a speed limit of 40 kilometers per hour.

The man took her to do some gambling. Iqaluit was turning out to be more like The Jolie’s world than she thought. What a night she was having.

Ummm….yeah. Fade to black.

The Jolie slipped on her kamiks in the early morning and slipped out quietly. She found her way back to Suzanne and Ian’s place…

…where she encountered a judgmental stare. The Jolie said something about being her own person and able to make her own decisions. The cat was unmoved.

The Jolie gathered her stuff and slipped out of Iqaluit and headed south for her next destination, Newfoundland.

Ian and Suzanne, thank you so much for hosting The Jolie!

If you want to see more of The Jolie’s Iqaluit adventures you’ll find them here and here and here.

Big news for Jolie fans – The Jolie is on Facebook. You’ll find the link in the side bar. Be sure to add her. You know what The Jolie has to say and the fact that she will even deign to confirm your friendship request will impress the old high school friends you’ve reconnected with.

The Jolie is well on her way to her next adventure. She’s always looking for new places and friends to visit. Don’t be shy!

32 Comments on “The Jolie Pez Project: Iqaluit, Canada”

  1. I’m still recovering from the visit. It’s hard to believe she’s actually gone…

    Thanks for the great wrap up!

  2. Love it! Holy cow, there’s so much snow….

    Leave it to the cat to put The Jolie in her place.

  3. The Jolie is such a tramp! Get a few drinks in her and she gets all loosy goosy!
    Suzanne & Ian, looks like you showed her a good time. (too good of a time!)

  4. Zahara says:

    “There’s a speed limit of 40 kilometers an hour.”
    Effective pick-line. I’ll have to try it. I could use a pair of handcrafted Kamiks.

  5. pattypunker says:

    so much for the 40 kilometers per hour speed limit. i’m with the cat: what a hussy!

  6. Ya know alcohol is hard to come by up here. I recall having way more prior to her visiting. Word of advice to any and all future Jolie hosts, lock up the liquor, hide the key then flashy thing yourself with the mind wiper from Men in Black so she can’t pry the information out of you.

  7. Lucky all the alcohol was hidden at our place when she was here…


  8. Betty says:

    I have to say, this is one of my favorite Jolie adventures yet! The custom couture is awesome. She continues her slutty ways.

  9. I’m a little surprised–not like her to leave her weapons outside the tent!

  10. We found him Captain!! says:

    Hi Folks,
    I once (It was December 1961) drank a homemade Kamik full of vodka and orange juice at a bachelor party. I didn’t return to earth until two weeks after the wedding. It think it was the Kamik. I never had that problem before or since. of course I got rid of the Kamik immediately upon landing. My best to the Jolie. Tell her never to go drinking with someone from Nunavut.

  11. Thypolar says:

    Loved the recap of her visit! I can’t wait for her to visit us in Las Vegas. I hope she doesn’t get arrested while here 😉

  12. Todd Pack says:

    I was thinking earlier today, “Boy, it’s been a while since we heard from the Jolie.” Gotta say, those pictures were worth the wait.

  13. spencercourt says:

    I suspect The Jolie is looking forward to warm desert air in May…..

  14. Hippie Cahier says:

    I just love those kamiks and the parka.

    Best wishes to The Jolie on Facebook. While I do consider myself her friend, I’m afraid I can’t make it official. We’ll have to keep it on the DL.

    I considered a post about my status as conscientious objector to FB but I’m afraid of the attention it might draw, which is part of the reason I object so conscientiously.


    • omawarisan says:

      The Jolie has issued the following statement on this matter from a box, somewhere between Iqaluit and Newfoundland:

      “Some people transcend Facebook. My friend The Hipster is one of those people. I get that. She even knows what transcend means and doesn’t make me feel dumb when I ask her”.

      The Jolie’s management wishes to note that while they are certain all of the words attributed above to The Jolie are true, they only wrote the first two sentences.

  15. gmomj says:

    She downs her drink, beds the men and faces off the fiercest of beast (feline) and still looks awesome in snow gear. What polyvinyl chloride resin molding with pigment, stabilizers and lubricants is this???

  16. […] The Jolie Pez Project: Iqaluit, Canada ( […]

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