The Jolie Pez Project: The Jolie Visits Las Vegas

After three stops in Canada (the Newfoundland post is still in the works), The Jolie returns to the US  for a trip to Las Vegas. She wanted me to make sure that everyone knew she is aware that there are more than three places in Canada. She will return for more Canadian stops in the future, but she was pretty sure that she was going to see Frank Sinatra while she was in Vegas…so there you have it.

The Jolie travelled to Las Vegas with the author of The Sunday Blog At Spencer Court. The Sunday Blog is unique because its author produces one good post per week – he has something to say in all his posts, unlike, say, me.

The Jolie enjoyed a fabulous five nights in Las Vegas.  Her hotel was The Orleans, where its Mardi Gras 24/7 and she partied late into the night with Big Al’s Band.

The Jolie was thrilled to hit a Royal Straight Flush on a video poker machine. Unfortunately, it was a penny machine…

Vegas has many celebrities and The Jolie was surprised to meet Donnie and Marie while strolling  The Flamingo.

She's a little bit country, he's a little bit rock and roll... she's just a little bit

Vegas is a shopper’s paradise, and The Jolie was awed by the beauty off the Forum Shoppes at Caesar’s Palace.

Once The Jolie caught the eye of King Neptune, she enjoyed VIP treatment!

Even Caesar himself was impressed with The Jolie.

The Strip is a magnificent sight at any time but The Jolie was especially impressed with evening views.

After a few too many $1 Margaritas, The Jolie began seeing The Strip a bit differently….

After those Margaritas, The Jolie decided to stick to another drink to quench her thirst for the rest of the trip….

Living large on The Strip includes eating large, and The Jolie proved that she was up to the task one night a P.F. Chang’s.

The Joile was captivated by the Bellagio Fountain show.

With so much to do in Vegas, The Jolie didn’t have time to climb the Eiffel Tower….

On her final night, Caesar treated the Jolie to a spectacular going away party and all Vegas heard the trumpets blare in The Jolie’s honor.

The Jolie took in one final view of The Strip.  This may have been her first Vegas trip, but not her last!

The Jolie asked me to encourage you to visit the Sunday Blog weekly. There’s something new there on all days ending with Sunday! I was going to do it anyhow, but she wanted her say.

While she was talking, The Jolie asked me to remind you that she is on Facebook – you can be her friend by clicking on the button on the right of the page or finding her on Facebook as Jolie Thejolie.

The Jolie loves to travel and is ready to come visit your home town or go on vacation with you, let me know and I’ll put you on her ever growing list of destinations!


39 Comments on “The Jolie Pez Project: The Jolie Visits Las Vegas”

  1. Katybeth says:

    Welcome back Jolie! I know what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas but any luck at the poker tables?

  2. Super Big Gulp: The. Best.

  3. shoutabyss says:

    Royal Flush? Holy moly! That’s awesome, even on a penny machine. I’ve never had the pleasure. I bet she burned through a lot of her luck on that one.

    A lot of those spots look familiar. I used to spend a fair amount of time in Vegas. I always stay at the Monte Carlo. I wonder if they have a fire damage special now? And they have something like seven pools!

    The Monte Carlo is located near what I call the Nexus of Vegas. The New York is located next door. Across the street is the MGM. On the far corner is the Tropicana. (Meh.) And across from there is Excaliber. It’s a busy corner, including an arcade, indoor rock climbing, Coca-Cola and M&M stores right next to the MGM.

    But it’s been a while so things might be different now.

    Hope it was a fun trip!

  4. madtante says:

    Our sales staff are doing this now (not with Jolie). I think the first time I saw it was in Amélie? Maybe before that but the thing is: it always cracks me up!

  5. She seemed really excited in the first two pictures…you know…hands up and all. I guess that Donny and Marie just have a dulling effect on people…thank goodness for that fountain to get her excited again!

    Warn us before she’s back in Canada so that we can hide away the male action figures…

  6. Amy says:

    She sure knows how to pose for a picture. The night shot is very dramatic, but the Big Gulp one cracked me up!

  7. betty says:

    LOVE the photo with Caesar!

  8. Brooke says:

    I wish I could have been in Vegas with Jolie.

  9. Debbie says:

    She’s B-A-A-A-C-K!!! Yeah, I was beginning to wonder why she appeared to be lying low for so long. Now we know — she was resting up for a fabulous vacation in Vegas!

  10. jacquelincangro says:

    The Jolie! How I missed you! Glad that you’re back and better than ever. Vegas will never be the same.

    Maybe you should come to Brooklyn. Fuggedaboudit.

  11. Thypolar says:

    Glad she had a trouble free trip to Vegas. I can’t wait for her to come back and get a locals perspective!

  12. I love the pic of The Jolie on Caesar’s finger!

  13. That woman eats people out of house and home. XD

  14. Todd Pack says:

    I wondered whatever become of the Jolie! I really like the picture of the Jolie at dusk, with the Eiffel Tower lighted up. Nicely done. The whole thing is nicely done.

    • omawarisan says:

      that one is dramatic, but what in the world is on the lighted billboard across the street?

      • spencercourt says:

        That lighted billboard is an ad for Jubilee, a “classic” Vegas showgirl production. The last one I think. The Cirque shows (now up to 7 in Vegas I believe) and musicals have killed off the showgirl productions.

  15. Darn…the Caesar Palace shot reminds me of one I intended to get while The Jolie was visiting me in Saint John…I wanted to take her to the Saint John Arts Centre, which was one of 2500 buildings funded throughout the world by Andrew Carnegie as a free public library in 1904. Its cupola is stunning too!

    Anxiously awaiting the Newfoundland installment of The Jolie Pez Project…did she “kiss the cod”?


  16. Spectra says:

    I especially like (after the Big Gulp, that is)the last shot of the Jolie by the trumpeting angels – her knees are slightly bent, arms curled upwards, in anticipation of jumping off the ledge, folding over into a reverse-double-back-flip sky dive, probably into an open, waiting convertible limo. Or a shopping cart. Either suits her, I’m sure.

  17. Laura says:

    The Big Gulp picture is my favorite. And I’m glad to see she eats a balanced diet and doesn’t just snack on Pez all day.

  18. If I’d known Las Vegas had Super Big Gulps I would have visited earlier.

  19. […] The Jolie Pez Project: The Jolie Visits Las Vegas ( […]

  20. I love the Caesar photo, too. And, when I look at it, I hear Donnie Osmond singing, “And they call it Puppy Love.” The Jolie was clearly in her element in Vegas.

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