The One That Got Away

She was everything I’m not supposed to have.

She was fast.

She was sleek.

It Starts


High Maintenance (Image via Wikipedia)

I don’t usually go for high maintenance types. As soon as I saw her sitting there I was prepared to break my rule. She had the same unapproachable look I’d seen before. The difference was that this time, something about this one made her feel different. Like maybe this time it could happen.

I saw her a lot while I was at work. I’ll even admit that sometimes I’d make a U-turn and go back for a second look. I swear I’m not that kind of guy. The truth is, that when I went back for a second look, I stared. I admit that, and I’ll tell you that I would do it again.

It Ends, Badly

One day, at the office, I mentioned her to a friend. He shook his head. “Stay away” he told me, “twelve years is a big gap.” I told him he was right, but I was back for another look the next morning. I told myself the age difference wasn’t a big deal anymore. I’m almost fifty, a twelve-year gap wasn’t really an issue at this point in life.

Over the months, it got worse. I snuck closer looks when no one was around. Once, I even called and asked a bunch of questions. I gave a fake name when asked. I knew all about her after that.


Disposable Income (Image by unloveablesteve via Flickr)

Then, a letter came in yesterday’s mail. The bank was letting me know I’d paid off the loan on my car. Disposable income! Her sort required it sometimes and now I had a tiny bit of it. Maybe just enough. Maybe.

I drove up and a man came out. He asked if he could help me. I looked around and didn’t see her. “The ’73… the Datsun 240 z…I’ve been looking at it…”. He cut me off. “I’m sorry, another guy bought it last week.” Then he asked if he could sell me a new Suzuki. I just left.

She was just what I wanted.

She was fast.

She was sleek.

She was rust free.

What could have been (image by paddyspig via wikipedia)


39 Comments on “The One That Got Away”

  1. Lenore Diane says:

    Noooooo! You were so close! I’m sorry, Oma. Another gal is around the corner. Promise.

  2. Todd Pack says:

    It’s OK, Oma. It wasn’t meant to be, but she served her purpose. She got you thinking about buying your mid-life dream car. (I blogged about mine yesterday. It’s a ’66 Batmobile.) I know this doens’t make the hurt go away, but there are probably hundreds, maybe thousands of cars out there just like her. Now, go online and go get her!

  3. gmom says:

    There are always those temptations in life.
    As we get older they get stronger, younger, the pull becomes unbearable keeping us awake at night. We whisper their names into the dark (or into our lovers shoulder) Brad Brad…oh sorry this is about a car…sorry sorry about your damn stupid car.

  4. We found him Captain!! says:

    She sure is a beauty……. I remember flipping out over the same thing!!

  5. Kim Pugliano says:

    Ahhhh, I can hear her in my mind’s ear, that specific sound of a Datsun 240 z. My great aunt had a sweet red Nova with white interior, bench seats. I can still smell her. Had I known when she died how much I would one day covet a Nova with bench seats or even a Ford Falcon (or God forbid a CHEVELLE)…I would have pounced all over that dead woman’s car. I understand your pain Oma. When we pay off our Jeep next year it won’t matter. We’ll still have the ‘car payment’ of Noah’s braces that are starting in two weeks.

    Joy. I personally think if he grows up ugly it’ll toughen him up,right?


  6. shoutabyss says:

    That’s a sweet looking ride. Not quite as cool as my pink Ford Escort (that my buddy calls “The Chick Magnet”) but close. You could have been on the road less driven! (Attempt to sound poetic fail.)

  7. Lafemmeroar says:

    When car > woman then that chickadee was not meant for you, but that big hunk of steel was. Besides how may women, regardless of age, can say they’re rust free?

    Nicely structured piece of writing 🙂

  8. Laura says:

    If she’d really been the right one for you, she would have waited.

  9. We found him Captain!! says:

    I was in love with the “Z” but bought a Datsun Honeybee B-210. It had a nice honeybee decal on each side near the front door and did 0 to 60 in 4.7 minutes.
    What fond memories!!

  10. Betty says:

    Lesson learned…seize the day?

  11. Probably the coolest interior of any car ever made–love the instrument panel (alas I’ve only experienced it as a passenger).

  12. Snoring Dog Studio says:

    I got all worked up for that? Wow. For a couple seconds I thought this was a porn site. Bummer.

  13. A Weinermobile is much cooler than a 240Z…


  14. Katybeth says:

    From the first sentence–I read COOL CAR. A man just does not talk or write about a women with the same lust, wistfulness, or planning as he does when he talks or writes about CARS.

    Great color, by the way–certainly would blend right in….

    Hope your broken heart is mending.

  15. Maxim says:

    I’ve been doing the same thing. But I took the splurge…I bought it. Those legos are still siting unbuilt next to me. I regret it 70%.

  16. Blogdramedy says:

    Nice ride. You would have worn it well.

  17. spencercourt says:

    I actually owned my “sorta” dream vehicle…a Datsun 2000 roadster. I only drove it on weekends. Can’t recall the year; about 1967 I think. Bought it in 1980 or so and sold it in 1985 or 1986. Great car!

    • omawarisan says:

      I had a friend in high school who had one of those and an old Land Rover. He was a mechanic and got them both for next to nothing and was able to make something out of them both. Love those roadsters.

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