The Jolie Pez Project: The Jolie In Hoboken And Manhattan

Everyone’s favorite action figure returns to, well, action. The Jolie’s Hoboken and Manhattan adventure was hosted by Elly, who writes (and sings) the top notch blog Buggin’ Word.  Buggin’ Word is a fun blog every post, but especially on Fridays when Elly plays the ukulele and sings. Her ukulele playing has been mentioned in the same breath as uke virtuoso Jake Shimabukuro.


When we last saw our heroin…heroine?…er…The Jolie, she was off gallivanting on a beach with some swarthy, well-tanned types who were clearly up to no good because…

“Wh….where am I?”

“Is that Manhattan?  How the hell…”

“I must be in Jersey somewhere, right?”
“Now how the hell am I going to get over to New York without exposing myself to more of those horrendous toxins in the Hudson river?
“Yup, I can totally ride this bitch.  In the immortal words of Warren G., regulators – mount up!”

After landing in Manhattan, The Jolie braves Times Square.

Working north, she considers stopping by to see Dave and scold him for mocking Brad’s last movie.  Sadly Dave isn’t taping today.

She continues on to Columbus Circle and emulates the tourists and their cheesy photos.

Always wanting to show she’s not just a pretty face, she works in a little Ayn Rand reference to show Brad later.

But then, inside the mythical glass tower labeled One Columbus Circle, she happens upon the giants.

Fearing the Whole Foods beneath them could never satiate their savage appetites, Jolie thinks fast and distracts the male to avoid becoming dinner.

Back on the hard streets of NYC, she decides to take in a Broadway Show.
“What do you mean the show is sold out!  This thing has been running for ever!!!”
“Why I’m so mad I could just….”
Monster Jolie inflicts her mighty wrath on the citizens of New York.
…and so she ascended the Empire States Building to rain down her fire and anger and unrequited love of theater.

She should probably watch more movies though, because we all know this ends with helicopters and a distraught Faye Wray.


A little behind the scenes fact – Elly produced this Jolie adventure while in the midst of moving from the area. She also had to pry the photos out of a phone that died in the middle of the adventure and wouldn’t give up the pictures. Thanks to Elly and Buggin’ Word for having The Jolie stop by.

The Jolie’s next adventure (coming soon) will be in Boise, Idaho. Let me know if you want to get on The Jolie’s ever growing list of places to visit.

30 Comments on “The Jolie Pez Project: The Jolie In Hoboken And Manhattan”

  1. Brooke says:

    I think Elly was a great hostess despite the hiccups!
    O… I’m thinking The Jolie may have to visit the ‘Ville. We may have to put me on her dance card.

  2. I love Manhattan! The Ayn Rand pic is awesome!

  3. jacquelincangro says:

    You know, I did sense a cosmic shift here in Manhattan not too long ago when The Jolie was in town. Nothing can stop The Jolie. Not even the urban jungle. If she can make it here, she can make it to Boise, Idaho.
    Looking forward to her next stop. And now I can let my fellow NYC’ers know that it’s safe to come out again.

  4. Todd Pack says:

    I’ve missed the Jolie! (True fact: The letters in “The Jolie” can be rearranged to spell, “Hi, Jet. Ole!”)

  5. dufmanno says:

    You know that JP will always be welcome in DC but after that incident at the Washington monument there was a LOT of clean up and bad karma. I’d give it a few months to calm down before she and brad take the brood back inside the beltway.

  6. Spectra says:

    Yep. I am returning to Victorian Cape May, NJ in Early November. Can she be worked in then? Or, before that, September, back to New Hope, Pennsylvania, the site of the George Washington crossing of the Delaware into Trenton, which turned the stakes of the American Revolution. There will be fireworks. And we are dining on the famous river, near the bridge. If not next month, perhaps by Christmas? I can take her there for Christmas to reenact the crossing, perhaps with some seasoned re-enactors??? She will totally rock the Revolution!

  7. linlah says:

    I approve of the Jolie’s giant taming tactic.

  8. It looks like The Jolie gave up alcohol for this visit. Unless that’s the reason she washed ashore.

    Nice work, Elly.

  9. Snoring Dog Studio says:

    Love the strategically placed member in the statue photo. Brilliant!

  10. Pie says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this Jolie adventure, statue genitalia included. Great work, Elly.

  11. You know, The Jolie is bisexual. I’m disappointed that she didn’t “distract” Botero’s woman as well as the man. That would be one hot scene of girl-on-girl action.

  12. pattypunker says:

    hilarious! ya know elly could have handed off (not in a jolie way!) the jolie to me when i saw her last month. she was so close to doing philly. sigh.

  13. Love the photos of her washed up on the shore with the NYC skyline in the background. Elly did a great job – with so much stress of her own to deal with, she is a champ for putting up with The Jolie, too. I might have thrown her under a subway.

  14. dufmanno says:

    I’d love for her to pay me a visit. I hear she’s partial to walking the halls of congress and sneaking into the 9:30 Club to party with Rock Stars when Brad has the kids….

  15. […] You can see the whole adventure here. […]

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