The Jolie Pez Project: The Jolie In Boise, Idaho

The Jolie left Hoboken and headed west to Boise, Idaho where she was the guest of Jean Calomeni. Jean is an artist whose work you’ll find and enjoy at Snoring Dog Studio. You can also see Jean meshing her art and words on her Snoring Dog Studio Blog. Jean pulled some strings and arranged for a very special representative of Idaho to escort The Jolie around and show her the sights.

The Jolie’s Trip to Boise, Idaho                      July/August 2011

The Jolie flew into Boise in mid July. Well, she didn’t fly in the sense of wings and all that. After all, she’s an Action Figure, not a bird or a plane.

Her first stop was at my favorite coffee shop downtown, The Flying M. (Apparently, M’s can fly.) The Jolie’s tour guide for this visit was none other than Mr. Potato Head, veggie ambassador for the great state of Idaho. During this first brief conversation, Mr. P. outlined the itinerary for The Jolie’s stay.

Mr. P.: “First thing I want to say, Ms. The Jolie, is how thrilled I and the rest of Idahoans are to have you here! I swear, you could have boiled and parsleyed me when I found out you were coming to Idaho.”

The J: “Thank you, Mr. Potato Head. I’ve never been to Idaho. I’ve spent lots of time in other barren, desolate places, though. And, please, call me Jolie.”

Mr. P.: “Well, Ms. The Jolie, I mean, Jolie, I’ve got so many exciting things planned for your visit! I thought we’d start with a trip to the newly renovated capitol building and then on to the Boise Train Depot and then …”

The J: “Geez, no guns, no money, no weapons of any kind. Hold on, Mr. Potato Head. I must remind you. I’m an Action Figure, which means I’m all about physical stuff. I’m no couch potato — Oh, dear, I’m so sorry! Forgive me!”

Mr. P: “Uh, it’s okay. I’ve been called worse. Well, let’s see, then … I’ll have to think on this.”

The J: “Don’t strain yourself, please. Let’s talk about it over lunch. Any place you can recommend that serves a juicy burger and some home fries? Well, oops. I did it again.”

Mr. P: “Uh, we can go to Donnie Mac’s, Ms. The Jolie. They have burgers, but I think I’ll skip the fries. It would be a bit like the Planter’s Peanut Man eating peanut butter, wouldn’t it?”


The J: “Let’s go, Mr. P!”


The Jolie works off a big lunch by scaling the ropes at Donnie Mac’s, local burger joint with unusual decor…

The Snake River Stampede

“The Snake River Stampede, the Snake River Stampede! Ride ‘em high/ let ‘er fly The Snake River Stampede. Cowboys a’comin’ and guitars a’strummin’ and under the Idaho moon. Grandpa and Mother, Sister and Brother- Everybody’s singin’ the tune! Billie’s a’ropin’/ we’re all a’hopin’ he can win a buckle…”

Mr. P and The Jolie meet the rodeo clown at the Snake River Stampede.

Mr. P takes a bad fall off a bronc…

“Help! Help! I can’t get up! Where are my feet? My glasses? Ms. The Jolie! Where are YOU?!”

The J: “I’d give Mr. P’s right arm to be out there.”


The Jolie gets some racing tips from Kenny Chandler, 8-time Pro4 Champion at Meridian Speedway and 2003 Inductee in Western Idaho Racing Association Hall of Fame. The Jolie has a wee crush…

The Jolie checks out Kenny Chandler’s ‘vette.

Seated in Kenny’s car. “Ah, the cradle of life!”

The Jolie and Mr. P check out the guts of Tyler Bailey’s car. “Like me, she’s built for speed and endurance,” The J said.

The Jolie is strapped in for the heat race at Meridian Speedway’s Pepsi Challenge. “I see, pretty much touch anything and you get your head chopped off or lose a limb. My kind of fun!”

Tyler Bailey, 2010 2nd Place Finish in Pro4 Class at Meridian Speedway, behind the wheel, gets ready to give Jolie the ride of her life. “This is where I start to have fun,” said The Jolie.

The Jolie and Tyler are neck and neck with car #84

The Jolie Experiences Some Motocross

The J: “Hmm… I was thinking about something a little faster. This will do just fine.”

The Jolie and Mr. P take in some downtown sights. Here, the Capitol building.

“I just don’t see much to raid in that tomb, though I imagine there are quite a few artifacts inside.”

The Jolie visits the famous “Boise Hole” downtown. Site of the former “Phoenix Building,” rumor has it that the hole was left there by alien invaders. The land was first developed in 1865 as the Overland House Hotel and was a rest and supply stop for people on their way to the gold rush in Idaho City. It was bought in 1904 by the Eastman family and was quickly torn down and rebuilt to match the changing pace of society. It zoomed up to a four-story tower called the Eastman Building.

The building didn’t last long. It burned to the ground, supposedly thanks to a few highschool teenagers that were having a party in the abandoned building.

Yeah, right, alien invaders, as I said.

To end her visit, Mr. P takes The Jolie to the Basque part of downtown Boise. (The Jolie is part Basque, after all.) Outside the Basque Market, the chef is making the traditional paella outdoors.

The J: “Wow, Mr. P! ! Leku Ona!”

Thank you to Jean and Mr. Potato Head for risking so much to host The Jolie’s visit to Idaho. Please be sure to stop by Jean’s Blog and her art website, you’ll be glad you did. I always am.

The Jolie is currently in Chicago and will next be visiting Louisville, Detroit, and Philadelphia.  I appreciate all who’ve already hosted The Jolie and all who’ve been waiting. If you’re still waiting, she is still coming. Don’t be shy about reminding me!

Her management team is seeking people around the world who are willing to host The Most Dangerous Action Figure Ever during her upcoming  2012 Around The World Before It Ends Tour. I’ve already got a few commitments outside the U.S. and Canada, but The Jolie wants to see and save the whole world. Let me hear from you!


21 Comments on “The Jolie Pez Project: The Jolie In Boise, Idaho”

  1. Elly Lou says:

    I always knew that Jolie was into bondage. Who knew zip ties were a girl’s best friend?

  2. I love that Mr. P showed the Jolie around!

  3. Todd Pack says:

    Ordinarily, I’d say no good comes from hanging out with a potato, but, obviously, this little spud knows how to show the Jolie a good time.

  4. What a great time! Of all of her feats of daring, hanging out with a carbohydrate larger than she is signature Jolie.

  5. madtante says:

    I’m fairly impressed with Mr. P’s gonads! We all know the Jolie is a daredevil but it’s cool she inspires others.

  6. Spectra says:

    I respect her ride. Strapped to the inside of a racecar is serious danger! Although she did rather selfishly almost get Mister P.H. drowned, the rescue was dramatic. And what is The Jolie, if not a Drama Queen?

    Hey, if she’s gonna be in Philly, I live right across the bridge in Jersey. She should spend a few days with me. I’ll even take her into Camden, statistically the worst, most impoverished and decrepit city in the Union! See how she does with genuine thugs…And take her onto the Battleship New Jersey, on the Delaware. Let her fire a few BIG GUNS at the barges.

    Have your people call my people.

  7. Betty says:

    I love the fact that the clown and the race car drivers got involved!

  8. spencercourt says:

    So the Jolie enjoyed her own private Idaho! ( I may have spent the night in Boisie on the way back from Yellowstone.)

    I like the new theme – clean and crisp.

  9. Lenore Diane says:

    She really knows how to get around, doesn’t she? Kinda makes me dislike – er, I mean – like her even more!

  10. KathiD says:

    Well, boy howdy, your action figure and my action figure nearly crossed paths. We were in Boise today.

    • Snoring Dog Studio says:

      You were? Where did you go, Kathi? It was quite a scorcher out there, wasn’t it? The Jolie only sat through the heat race at Meridian Speedway that evening. Temps in the cars get pretty high – she’d never have survived the actual race. She complained about being removed from the car, but Mr. P convinced her that she was headed on to Chi Town after the Boise gig.

      • KathiD says:

        We were really only in the airport yesterday, returning from a few days in Sun Valley. And yes, it was HOT when we rolled into town! Whew! On the way out last Thursday we had time to stop in at Java Downtown and the cool independent artist store down the street from it.

        Here’s my facebook page of our recent Idaho adventures:

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