Interview with Mothman

Mothman statue, downtown Point Pleasant, West ...

Mothman statue in Point Pleasant, West Virginia (Image via Wikipedia)

Several interns were sitting around the Blurt offices last week. They were obviously lounging around, waiting to go back to school after a busy summer of vacuuming the office and making me smoothies. Their lack of initiative bothered me. No one had a smoothie ready for me.

Fortunately, a request had just come in for me to bring back the interview series. It was just what I needed to shake them up. “Get me an interview with Mothman. If I’m not talking with him by the end of the day you people will never work in this business again.” By 3:30 two of the interns, Four Eyes and No Neck, had a banana smoothie on my desk and Mothman on Skype. I thanked them, shooed them out of my office, then called them back and told them to fire all the other interns. I booted them out again and turned my attention to the interview.

Omawarisan – Mothman, thanks for agreeing to do the interview. I know that you don’t often do this sort of thing. I’ve read that you’re seven feet tall, with red eyes and folding wings. But then one person also said you “weren’t particularly moth like”. How do you explain this?

Mothman – Glad to be here, Omawarisan. I guess when you put the wings aside I am not really much like a moth. People have taken my last name and sort of run with it.

O – Your last name?

I am changing my name to Issac Your Bartender. (imagevia photobucket)

M – My full name is  Issac Michael Mothman. I was named after Issac the bartender on The Love Boat.

O – Interesting. I’ve got to ask you about some of the physical feats attributed to you. I read that one person said you flew up without flapping your wings. Someone else claimed you chased their car at speeds of over 100 miles per hour.

M – (laughing) I think 100 mph is a little exaggerated. And the flying without flapping thing, that was a jump. I was pretty quick when I was younger and I had some hops too. But that was when I was younger, before I blew my knee out.

O – How’d you hurt your knee?

M – Basketball. I played for the Bulls, way before Jordan. I was driving to the hoop and took a hard foul. I had some reconstructive surgery on my knee but it wasn’t the same. I ended up packing my bag and walking away from the game. The arena seemed so…sooo… empty that day.

O – Mothman, this is so surprising. I’ll admit not knowing what to expect from you, but hearing you were an NBA player was absolutely not a consideration. I’ll bet it was tough leaving that career behind.

M  – A little, yeah. But I had my education and I just went to work. I started teaching in an inner city high school and coaching their basketball team.

O – Oh, did you?

M – Yes. The kids were great. They were a pretty diverse bunch. A little rough around the edges. They’d get in trouble a lot, but in the end they’d typically do the right thing. You know the type, right?

O – I think I do. They sound a lot like the kids on the 1970’s TV show The White Shadow.

M – They do? Look, I’m feeling a little accused here. OK, look, my team would sing in the shower together after practice. It was awkward, but hey, they were spirited kids…right?

O – Again, The White Shadow.

M – I, umm… do you want to talk about my scary red eyes?

O – No, I think we’re done. You seem to have some weird psychological transference thing or something going on with this old TV show.

M – Wow. The kids at Carver are going to be so disappointed.

O – You may need some professional help.

M – Yeah, the principal tells me that.

My thanks to Issac Mothman for agreeing to the interview, as disturbing as that was. Special thanks to Dufmanno for suggesting the interview. Look for more posts in the interview series, ideally with legendary creatures who are a bit more stable.

The Interview Series was a regular series here on Blurt until about a year ago when I stopped it for no good reason. I’ll be bringing it back, also for no good reason. The interviews are all with legendary creatures like Chupacabra, Kongamato and Batsquatch. Alright, all except the one with The Coyote That Took Jessica Simpson’s Dog. I had to make an exception for that Coyote.  All the previous interviews are available on the Interview Page

27 Comments on “Interview with Mothman”

  1. Jason says:

    For a second, I thought I remembered Mothman playing for the Bulls. Maybe I’m just as delusional as him.

  2. Betty says:

    the statue will give me nightmares, thanks a lot

  3. The Mothman always freaked me out: the stories, the movie with Richard Gere…and now this might be the scariest of all.

  4. k8edid says:

    The video with the basketball short shorts makes up for the scary mothman statue. Thanks.

  5. Snoring Dog Studio says:

    What might one be celebrating or commemorating with a statue as heinous as that one? Was it a joke? Shouldn’t there be a huge lightbulb above it? That’s my only artistic criticism. That sculpture, juxtaposed with Ted Lance, doing the finger point, is quite a cultural comment on Americans. We are strange.

    • omawarisan says:

      Poor Ted. His entire life’s work is defined by that one two second clip.

      Love the lightbulb idea. They should have done it as a giant mobile so that the Mothman smacked into the lightbulb now and again.

  6. Todd Pack says:

    When I was a kid and Close Encounters was in theaters, a TV station in Huntington, West-by-God-Virginia (the state’s full and official name) did a series on local close encounters, they talked about the Mothman, but you’re right. It was just a former basketball player named Isaac Mothman. Point of fact: People usually pronounce his name like he’s a super hero or something. It’s actually pronounced “mothmun.” Not a lot of people know that.

    • omawarisan says:

      Exactly, people just ran away with the name and everything grew out of that.

      Ever since you let me know that Ken Howard is playing Hank Hooper on 30 Rock I keep watching him in every scene thinking they’ve got to give him a line with a White Shadow reference or have a walk on by the guy that played Coolidge….something..anything.

  7. Maxim says:

    I’ve been trying to get an interview with Mothman for months. You’re interns are quite motivated!

  8. madtante says:

    I’m not up on the Mothman superstition but I watched the White Shadow when I was at another kid’s house sometimes back-when and loved it. I loved basketball, though, so it’s possible any story about b-ball players would’ve interested me back then.

    It sounds like the 100mph claim was said to a cop as defense for why he was driving over the limit!

  9. Lenore Diane says:

    Too bad Mothman feels the need to tell tales about his life. Ironic he is shadowing the life of the coach from The White Shadow.
    One might thing someone with wings and red eyes would feel more confident about his/herself. I guess fast flying is overrated. Too bad. I hoped to change my pupa ways and become a moth.

  10. sistainsane says:

    Wow. I’m always learning something when reading your blurts – I love it! Looking forward to more interviews.

  11. Jane says:

    I obviously live in a cave: never heard of Mothman, “Mothmun,” or The White Shadow. Who are you people, anyway? You all seem strangely nice . . .

  12. Jane says:

    Or–did I mean nicely strange?

  13. Blogdramedy says:

    I come back from Montreal to see Blurt has gone over to the dark side. Now, posts about legendary characters with strange names and mental issues.

    Oma…should we readers be concerned?

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