Blurt Blog Art Contest Closing Soon

The Blurt Art Contest started with a rush of entries and then sort of tailed off. I think I’ll take that as a sign that just about everyone who wanted to enter has done so.

Just in case someone is still creating a fresco or something, I’m going to wrap up entries on midnight on Thursday. If you want to be in the running for the much desired Justin Bieber toothbrush be sure to get your entry in soon via email.

Once the entries are all in, something judgmental will happen, some winning will happen as a result of the judgmentalism* and someone will get a new toothbrush. It’s going to be huge, so stay tuned art lovers!

*I like writing so much I am creating new words.


5 Comments on “Blurt Blog Art Contest Closing Soon”

  1. Jane says:

    Thank you so much for the new word. There has been a well-documented gap in my ability to communicate without this word. I have never been able to express my thoughts fully; I think that people may not relate to me well because of that gap.

    Here are a few instances where I could have used this word and avoided misunderstandings:

    “Why no, I just thought that your thoughts were a by-product of your judgmentalism; therefore, I dismissed your thoughts as being judgmentalisms–not actual judgments.”

    “Good heavens! Had I the same accute judgmentalism as you do, perhaps my decision would have differed from the one I chose.”

    “Well now, if my judgmentalism is accurate–as it usually is–I would choose Jane’s entry as the winner.”

  2. Spectra says:

    I just pulled out my art pad yesterday (first time in ages) but ended up drawing the Jersey Devil (upcoming post). I had an idea or two, and if I don’t finish by Thursday, I guess I will have to live without my berry own beiber toothbrush 😦 But you can always choose some back-up, holiday art to switch out as alternative headers. Which I may be working on…

  3. planetross says:

    I dislike the above comment that I left. If you could delete it, I would much rather have:

    “It will be a banner day for the person whose banner is picked to fly above “BLURT”

    note: I’m aloud to leave a crap comment sometimes … I just don’t like it though.

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