Happy National Anti-Pumpkin Day

I believe that my position on Pumpkin is well established. I know that it is easy for an individual who takes a strong position to be mocked as an outlier. It takes more than an individual to create a movement. Today, on National Pumpkin Day, I am announcing that my Anti-Pumpkin position is now a movement.

People have flocked toward the cause. I define a flock as three. Don’t judge me.

Thank You For Your Support, Betty

As you may recall, I proposed putting Pumpkin out of a job by carving jack-o-lanterns out of other fruits and vegetables. As an example, I showed you a pineapple I carved:

Betty saw Pineapplejack-O-Lantern and let me know that there is a better way. In case you’re wondering, this is what a better way looks like –

For those of you who are not Betty and are wondering what this better way thing does, I will tell you. This takes the good stuff and the core out of a pineapple, leaving the shell intact and ready to carve. Who knew such a thing existed? Betty.

Thank You For Your Support Thoughts Appear

From the blog Thoughts Appear, comes this cantaloupe that is grimly appropriate for Halloween:

Violent? Oh yeah.

Deadly? Yeah sure, cantaloupes are rich in e-coli!

But this is absolutely a top notch decoration to have in your window on Halloween. Think about all the money you’ll save on candy. Only the bravest kids will dare knock on your door with this beauty on display.

Thank You For Your Support Omawari-son

And direct from the lovely Fountain Dining Hall on the campus of North Carolina State University comes this effort from The Omawari-son.

I can’t be sure, but I believe this was a Red Delicious Apple before it became a jack-o-lantern.

This effort was crafted with college dining hall tableware – nothing sharper than a butter knife. Sadly, this piece of art will never see Halloween. It didn’t even make it out of the dining hall because it is two things that Pumpkin will never, ever be – red and delicious.

It is a movement! How about a grape? One of you can do it, I know it.


44 Comments on “Happy National Anti-Pumpkin Day”

  1. Blond Stranger says:

    Does giggling at this whilst drinking pumpkin-spiced coffee make me a hypocrite? And, I wonder if we can find a coconut to carve on Monday?

    • omawarisan says:

      As long as you are aware that it is illegal to bring that stuff across state lines

      I bet we can find coconut. We’ll get The Bear to carve it and we’ll sit back and critique his work.

      If I’m not in when the rest of you get there, I will be at the Church Of The Holy Sandwich

  2. Todd Pack says:

    I’m with you. I’m not a fan of pumpkins (which is just a fancy way of saying “orange gourd”). I don’t like pumpkins, pumpkin pie, pumpkin muffins or, especially, pumpkin-spice coffee. That’s just wrong.

  3. I think you’ve finally found a suitable use for all of those “deadly” cantaloupes we have lying around now. And good work on the apple—that does not look easy to do at all!

    • omawarisan says:

      The apple, I keep meaning to ask my son how he did it. It looks like he even got it hollowed out. I’ve eaten in that dining hall with him. There isn’t anything sharper than a pair of kindergarten scissors in that place.

  4. I wonder how hard it would be to carve a pomegranate.

  5. How did your son manage to carve that apple without losing a finger?

  6. Betty says:

    I love thoughtsy’s canteloupe! I had hoped to carve my pineapple by now but it’s still on my counter ripening. As I just typed “carve my pineapple” it felt a little dirty.

  7. I am working on a blueberry carving to send you, I figured I would go one harder than the grape, it just seemed to easy πŸ™‚

    Found you via Thoughts Appear πŸ™‚ will be back!!

  8. Holly says:

    Awesome, I’m off to go deface some veg now….
    Umm you weren’t clear…do we have to buy the veg before defacing it? Probably not right, I mean it’s a service we’re providing, I’mma gonna go hit up my local supermarket. You’ll post bail if they want to know what I’m doing while manically laughing with a carving knife in my hand as I crouch over a strawberry bloodbath…right…RIGHT?

    • omawarisan says:

      Sure and I will serve as your defense attorney, as repulsive as I find those people to be. I will defend you and claim that the grocer was censoring your art.

      Welcome to Blurt!

  9. Lenore Diane says:

    “People have flocked toward the cause. I define a flock as three. Don’t judge me.” Oh my gosh, I snorted several times while laughing out loud. Maybe I am easily entertained, but the quote kills me. Kills me!!

    I meant to share a true story with you … I shared the original pineapple carving post with my family. My 79 yr old Mom replied, letting me know that when my family lived in Abington, MA, while my Dad was in Korea – they carved apples, because they could not afford pumpkins.

    Do I sense an Occupy Pumpkin Patch demonstration in the future?

  10. Working on a tomato–this may take a while.

  11. spencercourt says:

    Wow…a pineapple corer. Never heard of that before.

  12. Jennifer says:

    I carved my pineapple today! Had a friend carve one too! They were easy to carve and on Halloween, we will light the night with them..
    Cheers to the Anti-Pumpkin Day! I am also thrilled that I am not wasting the stuff inside..
    It’s such a good tasting snack! Does that make me a bit of a cannibal?? heeheehee

  13. Snoring Dog Studio says:

    I’m going to send you a photo of SPAMkin. You can munch on that with your pineapple innards. Bah!

  14. Pumpkins are fabulous except, after being carved, they last about 15 minutes and then they start rotting and caving in and soon they take over the enttire porch and no one wants to pick them up to throw into the trash so they just sit there spewing rot all over the porch and ruining everyone’s life.

  15. Laura says:

    I love Thoughts Appear’s first cantaloupe. And the apple is really impressive. It’s not even starting to turn brown, so he must have worked pretty quickly.

  16. Lafemmeroar says:

    But you’re not against pumpkin pies right? I mean, they’re too yummy to be taken out of commission …

  17. We Found Him Captain! says:

    When I was growing up in Hoboken New Joisey we didn’t buy pumpkins because NY/NJ Italian – Americans don’t know what a pumpkin is. We didn’t know what a jack o lantern was. We usually carved up an eggplant to make it
    look like the landlord. After the festivities we would make eggplant lasagna with what was left of our carving.

  18. pipmarks says:

    I like pumpkins and even judged the giant pumpkin competition in my region a couple of times but I still enjoyed this post. Nothing like some healthy competition to make sure pumpkins don’t get complacent and think they have a monopoly on Halloween. Cheers Pip

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