Everybody Must Get Stoned.

In my area, a lot of the schools have a boulder on their front lawn. Schools place these big rocks in a prominent spot near the front door. Students, parents and school staff paint the rocks with announcements…

Happy 11th Birthday Blake!

Other times they’re painted with school colors and a cheer for one of the athletic teams…

Yes, my high school mascot was a boat. May the ship sail forever. (image via

Go Clippers!

Sometimes they carry a message from the administration to the students…

Get Plenty Of Rest Before The S.A.T.

I like the boulders. I think that they started as a way to discourage vandalism of the school building. I don’t know how often kids damage their schools as they try to share tips for success on the Scholastic Aptitude Test, but the idea still seems good.

It isn’t really common for folks to vent their feelings by taking a can of spray paint to the side of their employer’s building. All the same, perhaps boulders belong in business settings too.

The need for expression in the place we spend the better part of our day doesn’t go away when we are given a diploma and shake the high school principal’s hand. I spent some time thinking about this in the context of some of the things going on where I work, and I think I am on to something.

Remember when spelling counted? (image via

I could start with an appreciation to a friend who passed away last week after a long life. She worked in our HR section a long time ago and looked after a lot of us before we had the sense to do it ourselves…

Thanks Mrs. B.

I supervise a great group of people. They’ve been through quite a bit this month with one supervisor on medical leave most of that time and the other retiring. They responded like the professionals they are. When I returned, the person who filled in for me paid my folks the highest compliment – “your people are squared away.” Yes, compliments are subtle in my business…

I’m Proud Of You All.

My partner retired. This is no small achievement. He’s earned his new life, I’m going to match that in the near future…

Bob Dylan performing at St. Lawrence Universit...

Thanks for the title, Bob. Thanks for all the music too (Image via Wikipedia)

Congrats, Man. I’m Right On Your Heels.

That partner and I lost one of our people in a terrible accident last February. It was the hardest thing I’ve been through in my life. He was an old friend and we kept one another safe through a lot of different adventures. I couldn’t watch him one day…

I Miss You, But I Know You’ve Still Got My Back.

I work with, and for a lot of good people. Sadly, we all work for someone who lacks honor and wisdom. He is never short on disrespect for his staff. He isn’t bright enough to know his management style has gotten him nowhere…

Years Of Intimidation Have Not Earned Our Respect, Sir.

Boulders in front of buildings were an idea aimed at kids. Perhaps a little spray paint would do us all a lot of good. Is there space in front of your building for a big rock? I know right where the big stone(s) belong in front of our place.

Everybody must get stoned.


18 Comments on “Everybody Must Get Stoned.”

  1. We Found Him Captain! says:

    A very smart man once told me “beware of the person with authority who has a need to show his authority”. Hang in there!!

  2. Betty says:

    Not far from where I live is a rock area often painted by high school kids. One bit of graffiti says simply, “Our Names.” I’m guessing some stoners back in the 80s felt really clever coming up with that one….”hey, let’s spray paint our names on the rock!”

  3. xacrest says:

    oh yes, here at my college, the rock often gets a seasonal coat for our football, swim, basketball and baseball teams especially. Is this a common thing in America or is it just a NC thing? A friend was saying that ours has been repainted so many times, it’s probably just a pebble underneath all those coats of paint!

  4. spencercourt says:

    So what was the name of your teams..the frigates?

  5. patty punker says:

    loving the new digs here! (sorry i haven’t been out to play in awhile).

    i’m all about this stoner idea. my message on my company’s rock would be:
    “2% annual salary review budget won’t even pay for this paint.”

  6. Laura says:

    I’ve never seen one of those painted rocks. I’m pretty sure that “Get plenty of rest before the SAT” must be the most boring thing anyone’s ever painted on one, though.

  7. Spectra says:

    So, if I hear you correctly (and I think I do)-You come from the School of Hard Rocks?

    We did not have any rocks outside of our highschool, but there are three stone pillars with the names of the 3 Congressional Medal of Honor winners (the most of any town in the USA) who graduated from my alma mater. A former President referred to our little hovel as “the most patriotic small town in America” If anybody spray paints on those rocks, there will will an angry mob to hunt them down 😦 me included.

  8. Jane says:

    Thinking of getting a rock for the front of my house. Some things I might write on it include:

    “Sorry I didn’t wave; a barking dog kept me up all night.”

    “I didn’t decorate for Christmas because I’m going green.”

    “Please do not mow the weeds; they’re seeding.”

  9. Katybeth says:

    I told Cole this morning his artsy Waldorf school needed a stone to paint with announcements and such. He looked at me like I was stoned…reminded me the neighborhood the school was located in, is gang infiltrated so graffiti was frowned on and promised to bring it up at a class meeting…I sighed. I think it is such a FUN idea.

  10. planetross says:

    Oh! I sense authoritiy problems in Omawarisan country.

    note: I think one day I could be called honorable and wisdomable, but respectable could be a few years after that.

  11. I assumed (ahem) from the title of this that it was a cover song of the month entry. I’m sorry I missed reading it in a timely manner.

    It’s an interesting concept that rocks would be used in an anti-vandalism capacity. You’re onto something, as usual.

    It is customary for principals to give a motivational speech in the first faculty meeting at the beginning of each school year to set a theme for the year. It is also customary for the teachers to mock the theme because (duh) schools are a place where juvenile behavior is to be expected.

    One year — after a particularly stressful prior year wherein the teachers didn’t feel particularly supported by administration– the principal gave us the “take care of the big rocks” speech, using the metaphor of placing the big rocks (health, family, etc) in a jar first and then the little rocks (grading papers, meeting No Child Left Behind A Rock standards, etc) settle into place around them. I think his heart was in the right place.

    I wish we’d thought of painting the big rocks. He’d have liked that.

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