Hey Steven Tyler. Do You Know The Difference Between You And Me?

Aerosmith - Steven_Tyler

Get off my couch. (Image via Wikipedia)

Ever had a guest who didn’t quite know when to leave? Maybe it was someone who didn’t realize that the party ended when all the other guests left. Perhaps it was that friend who needed a place to stay for a few nights who was still on your couch two months later.

Steven Tyler, it is time for you to get off my couch.

The Aerosmith Years Were Good

Your band, Aerosmith, is one of the greatest rock groups, ever. Your music lives on my iPod and in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.  Sure, one could argue that the Hall Of Fame is no measure of greatness, after all ABBA has also been inducted into the hall. But I think any serious discussion of great rock bands has to include Aerosmith.

Aerosmith had its rough spots. I remember working at a concert you performed in the early ’80’s. There weren’t many people there. It seemed that the band’s popularity was gone. That wasn’t the case. You rebounded and the hits started coming again. Aerosmith has been rocking since the 1970’s and…wait…since the 1970’s. Perhaps that is the problem.

Steven, Get Off My Couch

Ontario, California

You're welcome to this couch. It isn't mine. (Image via Wikipedia)

There comes a time when everyone must make the decision to move on. People retire when they reach the point where their abilities slip to the point that the can’t do the job like they used to.

Now, a lot of us learn to make up for fading skill with wisdom and even guile. I do that in my career, it has helped me stay effective and relevant. I’ve seen you do it too. But eventually it become time to walk away. Wisdom and guile can only get us so far. My time is coming. Yours is here.

I watched you perform the national anthem before the football play off game between the Baltimore Ravens and the New England Patriots. When you were introduced, I was excited. I anticipated a great performance by a masterful showman. I was let down.

Steven, it wasn’t good. It was pretty ugly. You’ve been wailing since the ’70’s. The voice is gone. The crowd reaction made it clear that I wasn’t the only one who thought so. I think if you asked, eighty percent of the people in that stadium would say that it is time for you to hang it up.

How Gone Is Your Voice?

Your voice is gone. Far gone. It is a remnant of what it was.

It is so far gone that my second thought, after I thought “this is brutal”, was “I could have done that”. Steven, my friends can tell you that I do not have a good singing voice. When I believe that I can out sing someone, that someone is not a good singer.

Steven, do you know the difference between you and me? One of us used to be a great singer.

You’ve made a fortune as a rock and roll singer. I’d bet you could get by without ever working again. The voice is gone. Your time is here.


25 Comments on “Hey Steven Tyler. Do You Know The Difference Between You And Me?”

  1. weid0089 says:

    This is so sad to hear. I LOVE Steven! I must go find a video to understand your claims…

  2. Snoring Dog Studio says:

    I’d be okay with his just hosting American Idol and never signing again. I’d also be okay if he wore a bag over his face.

    Yeoow! That was mean.

  3. Jackie Cangro says:

    Dude sounds like a lady.
    (I couldn’t help myself.)

  4. And yet strangely…I wish I had seen it…

  5. Jane says:

    Haven’t listened to all of Aeorsmith’s music; however, it seems that any time that Tyler had to stretch his range beyond an octave, the increased volume of the guitar and drum riffs mostly drowned him out. Actually, I wouldn’t have thought he would have done as well as he did do on the anthem. The raspy scream on “free” sounds pretty familiar.

  6. Mark says:

    actually, Tyler did a decent job of the sing. You want Pavarotti, hire an opera singer … you hire a rock singer who has been belting it out for 40 years and you get Stephen Tyler.

    • omawarisan says:

      Oh no…I’m not looking for that. But he’s gotta recognize some things that worked then, can’t work now…and that’s ok. Don’t try.

      Thanks for coming by!

  7. Walk a-way, just walk a-way, yes Oma told you walk a-way….like this…

  8. Omawarison says:

    It was a little rough. I just didn’t like how he felt the need to add “YEEEAAHHH.” There are somethings that just aren’t supposed to rock, per se, and the banner I think is one.

  9. I had a listen and it wasn’t as bad as I expected. But still rather unnecessary.

  10. Spectra says:

    You make a bold claim Oma – now lets see you rockin’ the National Anthem, in a head to head screech-off with Tyler. I never liked Tyler. I never liked Aerosmith. I will not be experiencing any loss ‘t all with his retirement. I say, bag that old geezers head up in burlap, toss him into a mosh pit somehwere, and forget about it.

  11. AiXeLsyD13 says:

    I didn’t think it was all that bad… usually he has to compete with the band for attention, and he’s never been an incredible live singer. He’s generally a damn good entertainer though.

  12. Todd Pack says:

    You know, I’m not sure Steven Tyler was ever a great singer. He sounded OK when you mixed his voice with the rest of Aerosmith, and in that context, his voice is probably still … just OK, but point your browser to YouTube and search for “bad National Anthem.” Compared to some of those performances, Steven Tyler’s was great. I mean, at least he remembered most of the words and hit several correct notes, in the right order.

  13. planetross says:

    He didn’t sound so bad.
    For your sake, just be glad it’s not the half-time Super Bowl show this year. … I’m sure they Aerosmith will be doing one in 10 years or so … if recent trends persist.

  14. Debbie says:

    How sad when people can’t give it up with grace and move on! He’s probably made a small fortune from singing; if he’d been wise, he could have invested and saved for his old age, rather than trying to make comeback after comeback. Why, most of the people at that playoff game probably weren’t even alive at the time he started his career! Ouch, did I say that? Sorry, it was kinda mean, huh?

  15. Lenore Diane says:

    Walk away! Walk .. away. Walk away! Walk .. away.

    (giggle, giggle)

    Did you see Steven and Run DMC perform during the opening of a MTV music awards? This happened years ago. I loved it. (I love Run DMC)

  16. Pie says:

    Perhaps he saw his personal Armageddon as he sang for the football play-off. As far as I’m concerned, he should’ve quit when he did the song for that dreadful film.

  17. Jenna says:

    you idiots. Steven Tyler is a fucking legend, ok? Legends don’t ‘fade away’ or go into the background. They rock on, no matter what. Hello, I don’t hear anyone complaining about Paul McCartney or Tommy Shaw. They’re all amazing musicians and have earned their place. I hope all of you feel a ton of shame for posting this or agreeing with this. Worthless sacks of $&!%.

    • omawarisan says:

      Jenna, you’re right. I am crushed under the weight of the shame you’ve delivered to my readers and I.

      Tommy Shaw and Paul McCartney are roughly equivalent as regards legendary status. I remember seeing Tommy and Styx on the Paradise Theater tour. It made me want to scream Domo Arrigato Mr. Roboto and Tommy.

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